Oh boy, lots to share!Modern primitive labradorite necklace - "The Key to the Universe"
The Key to the Universe
This is a yerba mate gourd rim decoration made of sterling with 18k gold accents from Uruguay. I set a crazy nice labradorite cab in there and mounted it all fancy. There's two spikes by JBDRusticOrganic and a super-finely etched antique button hook which might also be sterling. Three beads by 4Ophelia/nearlylost and electrical cloth-covered cording.

And if you don't think dis speshul right here then idk what to tell you.
Long layering necklace with sterling silver Hand Mirror pendant - "The Importance of the Self"
The Importance of the Self
Another super fancy one with lots of sterling and a precious hand from inheritance haul.

I left the non-focal part very plain. It sold.
Chunky brown beaded choker - earthy artisan and antique beads - "Geolatry" 
This one sold too and I'm so glad cuz I made almost all the beads. Sixteen! From six different series I've done. So I'm glad someone valued it as much as I did.

I even wove the cord in the back.Primitive chunky bead choker necklace - "Geolwe"
This ones got an ancient roman ring, a clay pipe found in the Themes and seven of my polybabies. And like the last one, it's deceptively light weight.
Statement totem bead stack pendant necklace - sculptural jewelry - wearable art - "Passage from the Other World"
Passage from the Other World
Another chunky sold necklace!

They actually all sold to the same lady.
This one's also very light.Ancient Roman blue glass earrings - "Light is in Both"  
Light is in Both
Look at these! They're actually from back in my Patroness days but someone returned them to me cuz she said they were heavy. They are. But I was glad at how much I still liked them.
Rustic assemblage earrings in earthy orange - "When you Appear" 
When you Appear
Here's me in the description trying to come up with a reason why I put two such different art styles together with this mismatched set of bezels: "Two contrary depictions of femininity to question our beauty ideals." They're inviciti bezels from the huge lot they sent me, more coming soon. Note my Faux Ancients and a little Gobi Desert Agate.
Ornate antique textile cuff bracelet with recycled Afghan jewelry - "Eternity at Night"  
Holy moley textile cuffs!!! I got such an itch when I saw this gorgeous antique sari trim on eBay.

I only meant to embellish it a little, thinking the trim could carry the day but next thing I knew...
Textile wrist cuff bracelet with resin angel focal - “We are Visitors”
We are Visitors
Oh jeez look at this baby! More sari trim and a big square resin piece that would've sucked if I had to cut into pendant-sized bits. I found this old staple bezel I've had forever and curved it, perfect.

Also hammered me the edge bars for the trim.  Also coated the trim in paste wax and polyurethane cuz the silk fibers seemed to want to fly up from the leaves and petals. Now its nice and flatResin artist necklace with wire-wrapped pendant and woven chain - "As Long As We Have Voices"
As Long As We Have Voices
Speaking of resin.

Check out that wound-wire frame oh yeah.

Check out the three ancient beads all dangling on slightly different pins.
Feminine rustic necklace with resin pendant and abalone in sterling silver - "Everyone has Lost Something"  
Everyone has Lost Something
AKA "Abalone Mahoney." Not really.
 But I was extra proud here when Sparrow who was helping with listings couldn't recognize that three of the beads here were my polybabies.
Pink and green layered necklace with resin pendant - "Truest Victory"
Truest Victory
Can I be honest for a mo? I really love everything I make.

I like that lately everything is either way delicate or way chunky.Wearable art necklace with pastel chunky beaded chain and antique cameo pendant - Cronos  
Maybe this guy's a bit in between. Look at that halo I gave him! Gorgeous bi-cones by JBDRusticOrganic and some turbans from shipwreckdandy and also three of my own.

All of these have some snippet of matte gold chain.💛
A Mind Stretched
Look at this! I found a stillpointworks disk- - - swoon.

It's so organic and abstract next to the fancy rhinestones.
Reserved for Anita. Do not purchase.
Old Ways
Three rough slab amethysts from Uruguay I've set in tin with a bit of metal leaf.

A section of a fancy sterling and amethyst bracelet, a ghost quartz.
Rustic feminine choker necklace with vintage beads - “Hesychastic”
I think I'm obsessed with focal-less chokers. Even did a delicate one.

You guys I'm just getting over a cold that had me in bed for a week cuz my niece and nephew germed me. It feels so good when you finally get better and breathing is a thing again.

I'm thinking of getting a cloth dress form. They're much more plentiful and economic now and I hate the way this mannequin's collar bones and boobs stick out, warping the hang on everything.
Polymer clay bracelet connectors with crackle. Rustic jewelry elements, your choice.
Polymer connectors
But I also hate making big bulky purchases that will take up room in the house.
But look a these cute connectors.
Black jewelry inspiration kit  
And this black creativity lot that I stupidly undercharged for cuz I was just listing so much stuff so fast.

Here's what's coming on our next episode:

Lots of inviciti bezels on delicate guys.

Do you all go on little obsession-journeys? Personal fixation trends? I recently discovered these very rough ancient cameos and they're just doing it for me:

I was thinking if I could reproduce them in polymer but they'd just look plastic-y and lame.

I was looking through etsy trying to remind myself I don't have to be a cheapskate re supplies anymore and I found these guys:

Imna start adding them to everything I make. Y'all are gonna be like, "Are... are you ok?" And Imma be like, "If you can't support me on my journey then get out my way!" Oh man those cracked me up.

Now turn up the volume guys this is really important:

He falls asleep when she says so!



First, thank you all so so much for your sincere words about my little doggie passing. It was actually a big comfort for me- like a swell of love from the internet.
Second... we're not gonna talk about it. There is no world beyond my door and my beads. I'm avoid the news like it's fire and through very aggressive denial, maintain my sanity.

Omg I finally finished this guy after five years just sitting on my table while I let myself get distracted by other things.

The Maiden
←So I had this bracelet no one wanted because there was a soccer player on it... And I had ↑that bracelet link that didn't go with anything because the sides were too square... I painted a couple details to combine with the red theme... Don't you love it when shit comes together? And it sold right quick too.
You know when things just fit together so perfectly? Idk I feel like these elements were born to be together somehow.

Look at this cutie. Glass cab was a gift from TeapotsandTelephones. And my new obsession- matte gold chain!

Here's another little bit of matte gold goodness. I am not Christian guys, but since I have these old art books... they're all about Jeebus so here's Jeebus. Which my writing this isn't going to encourage the type of person who would wear Jesus around their neck, is it?

Earthen. Brown handmade earrings with polymer art beads
I haven't been making earrings lately.  Maybe I'll make a bunch of simple ones with my polybabies, like this cute little pair.

One lovely lady sent me this huge druzy to make something with and make something I have. There was this oval bezel that was just a curved metal thing from my inheritance lot and I messed with it until it fit around the druzy. Then I... wait not first I made holes and added headpins for loops... but there were already holes on either side so i just put ball pins in those... after ruining like three rosey copper ones that... it was a whole thing... anyway....

I even used my own polybabies. Hope she likes.
Earring Pair.
Phew, a non-religious resin thing! Aren't they adorable? I actually ordered a coffee table book called 100 of the Most Beautiful Women in Painting just to have pretty non-religious pictures to resin.
Rustic crackle polymer clay art bead sets- handmade artisan beads in apple green
bead sets
So many beads!
Rustic crackle polymer clay art bead sets- handmade artisan beads by fancifuldevices
bead sets
I even have two listings of four sets each that I haven't listed cuz I have so many of these.
Rustic crackle polymer clay art bead sets- handmade artisan beads in smaller sizes
bead sets
Instead of listing them I might just use them to make earrings for my Uruguay cousins. Cuz I think we're going after the holidays at some point.
So yeah I've been obsessively making beads- what other way is there to make them, right?

I've been working on some super chunky pieces- look at that corncob pipe piece! With the copal barrel bead coming out of it? stuck into a giant ancient ring?

So for my chunky pieces I thought I'd make some giant beads to go with. And make them I did. Look at that clever use of a big filigree for a bead cap.
Here's a whole village of them.
I used bunched up aluminum foil for the base of the really big ones. But when I made them I didn't roll them smooth enough so I ended up polishing them and then going in with translucent clay/liquid clay paste and sort of filling in any really bad crevices. But then I decided I still didn't like them for whatever reason and that they'd look better with a bunch of cracks played over the top of everything. Because I'm insane and wanted to spend twelve more hours on these.

I'm also experimenting with this sort of wood-grain look.

I made the Faux Ancients using light brown and clear instead of white and clear but I still had to alcohol ink over them because once you sand them they look powdery no matter how much you wash them. But also I like that the powder from the sanding got into the little depressions- doesn't that look even more like natural somethings?

OK, that's all I got for now.