Re-emerging from under my rock.

Why howdy ladies, remember me?

These past two silent weeks I've been sick with the flu.

As always happens when I get sick, my meds sort of blinked out and stopped working. It's the strangest phenomenon.

And you know how when you drink coffee everyday and then one day you don't, it's much worse than if you'd never had any coffee to begin with? Yeah it's like that except for instead of caffeine it's the hormones that keep your brain working in a non-schitzo way.

So it feels like a really bad acid trip overlaid with the joys of the flu. Oh, and add to that the lack of inspiration I'd been feeling lately and, well, shit got dark.

I of course decided that I was stuck that way and that this past decade of stability and functioning was just a temporary island in a stream of despair. I remembered what it was like for reality to take on a creepy atmosphere of utter strangeness. Like different moods could color existence itself.

Granted, right now that last sentence sounds like gibberish to me, but I was experiencing that quite distinctly...

Aaaand, then I got all better and went on a bracelet kick, the results of which you can see here. So that was weird.

Every time I get sick and this happens I have a renewed appreciation for sanity, home, family and whatever limited productivity/functioning I am able to achieve when I'm stable.

And I remind myself that I don't have to be the best most successful artist in the world and that my pieces don't all have to make me tear my hair out with amazement. Rather I should just do what I know how to do simply and with enjoyment for the pleasure of of the work.

And if something doesn't sell, it doesn't necessarily mean it was a failure, as art is not always wearable per se.

The piece below is a perfect example of that. Like, maybe no woman out there wants Napoleon around their neck. I tried adding dangly beads to pretty it up, but they didn't work. This piece wants to be minimal and masculine and I like it so there.

Anyways, all the meds I kept lowering in hopes of clearing the fog in my head? Turns out I needed those and that's where my drive to do anything at all had gone to.

Not very romantic to think inspiration is some kind of hormone you can directly consume, but all the stuff that happens in our brains, even our emotions, are all made up of hormones. It's all chemical reactions.

But like technology that is advanced enough will always seem indistinguishable from magic to the lay observer, this chemistry takes place at a level of complexity so beyond our comprehension that taking meds for mental and emotional harmony seems sometimes like ...

Throwing aspirin into a thunderstorm? Doing a rain dance and hoping it pays off? Playing the lottery? I don't have a metaphor, it's that far beyond me.
In other news, this necklace was inspired by the idea of making something super simple and after re-arranging each element several hundred times for the perfect balance I've decided once again I'm incapable of simple.
Literally, I was inspired by this type of thing I saw originally on pinterest:

My only guiding thought being "grey bits!" and I end up with this unholy mess. OK, actually I really love it and it's not unholy. It was just a pain to get it all to hang just so. And I did make that simple Napoleon choker above, so... I don't have a point.
Let me distract you with cuddling cats.
The 40 Cutest GIFs In The History Of The Internet

The 40 Cutest GIFs In The History Of The Internet

The 40 Cutest GIFs In The History Of The Internet
P.S. My dear Emmanuelle at CreationsAsh is having a huge 50% off sale, you should check it out. 


Final Giveaway, etc.

I've been in a zone these last few days, achieving very little and completely unmotivated. I guess that's ok, I've been such a making machine in the past. I'm actually trying to gently tweak my meds to get back a bit of drive though, no one can feel good about themselves after three days straight of just ipad fan fiction bingeing, right?

So anyways, final givaway necklace goes to my dear friend Beatnheart! No I'm not cheating, it's just that my friends were the ones that contributed, ya know?
 I also wanted to mention that when I posted my little video mini tute, beatnheart commented, "My darling girl speaks!!! And she has messed up hands and nails just like me... And it looks like she uses Ace hardware pliers with a broken spring too! So neat to see that you are a mere mortal..."
Oh my god, how can you not fall in love with her? By the way, those broken Ace hardware pliers are my all time favorites, so yeah. Also, I thought we all agreed to pretend I have perfectly manicured fingertips and never mention it again?

Here's some very random stuff on my work table:

I just thought I should share a photo cuz that's what you come here for and all.

Had fun the other day making a bunch of chain that still needs oxing. Practically broke my hands on that 14 gauge steel though. That was not as fun. Though it's also the results I liked the most, dagnabit.
Here's a bracelet I'm working on. I need to ox everything for the colors to blend and also that one double ring doo-hickey by the hook clasp, I have some glass balls I can fill those indents with, though they got covered in oil lubricant that spilled so I need to wash them but they're tiny clear glass which yeah not fun to wash but so I got a mesh strainer just for that and so but now I can't find it anywhere so but could I actually have thrown it away just as soon as I purchased it for some friggin reason?
Am I proud of that run-on sentence? Yes. Yes I am.
Look at this lovely little loveliness that one of you guys sent me a while ago. Now I forget who, damnit. She said these beads were inspired by my Starry Shards tute- the blue green iridescence, see? Though actually it's lampwork and that shit is waaaay above my paygrade so I certainly can't take any credit.
I'm also helping an etsy bud whose first language isn't English to write her very first tute! I'm really enjoying it, it's reminding me of my ol' ESL days, correcting essays back in San Francisco when I taught more advanced students.
Couple new listings:
Order and Harmony. Rustic assemblage art earrings with white enameled plaques. 36/23Order and Harmony. Rustic assemblage art earrings with white enameled plaques. 40/41
                 36/23                                       40/41            
What else? Oh yeah, Black/Cyber Friday/Monday ridiculousness coming up. So yeah I'm getting in on that mess I guess. Starting Friday, click "Apply coupon code" under "How you'll pay" in your cart for and enter SALE20 for 20% off any item including items already on sale! (But excluding tutorials you gaiz!)
I'm gonna have to add "BLACK FRIDAY 20% SALE" to all my stupid listings, dagnabit. 
Have a good you-know-what.


Listing, my Zumba hero, xkcd, babble

So yesterday as I was taking these pictures you see here, I found myself under my new table, pushing it around because reasons.Light travels. Rustic Victorian tribal lariat in golden amber yellow.
Light travels.
I somehow managed to slam it into something and next thing I know one of the folding legs was folding in on itself and I hear this long protracted crash as all the things that have already found their way on to Table II went sliding to the floor, including an open (terrible, I know) bottle of Jax, which nevertheless landed upright.

I'm so traumatized by it, I haven't been back in the studio. Really, now I have no excuse not to do a thorough cleaning/organizing so instead I'm just staying away.
What We Try to Say. Chunky rustic asymmetrical assemblage necklace in shades of golden amber.
What We Try to Say.
Look at all these amber-y things! Those little czech drops sort of woven through the bottom chain was inspired by a technique from Lorelei Eurto. And the first necklace above has a gorgeous little functioning lighter from Uruguay and what was once a Pipnmolly earring.

I'm starting to use some of my real Uru-haul treasure.Apostasy. Rustic assemblage found object choker necklace with geode sterling gold.
These here are rim pieces for gourds we use to drink yerba mate out of. They're all sterling and real gold. Yeah!

I've matched them up with geodes, the bottom of which I had to sand down the back of so it would lay without flopping over. Yay new flex shaft!
Beacon of tranquility.  Rustic assemblage found object choker necklace with geode sterling gold.
Beacon of tranquility.
You guys. I just had my head in my hand for several minutes having totally blanked out on the term "flex shaft." All I could come up with "spinny grinder."

I've also repurposed these knotted cord and brass bracelets and anklets as parts of these necklaces, after treating them to plenty oxidation. I kinda love them.
The Favors of the Moon. Long statement pendant necklace with finial and archaeological find.
The Favors of the Moon.
Look, here's the chain I showed y'all in my mini video tute. Jiorji of nearlylost has been making some of this chain on a series of gorgeous, free-form necklaces she's been making I highly recommend you check out.

Weird finial from Uruguay, hebron bead and archeological section from Patroness, big hook from Kathy haul. I've just been wanting to use up some big honking stuff, I have so much of it.

Revolving Galaxies.
And of course, I'm just not over larats at all.

Even though this bell is ancient and this key antique, I've used these very inexpensive glass beads with them in a rosary chain I made. Idk, I just like them. And I sodered all the jump ring on those brass discs there to make sure they stayed in place. I've also been sealing my oxidized metals much more than usual- and doing so with Varathane, the polymer-worker's favorite. It does lend an un-antique gleam to everything but damn the stuff is brilliant.
Praise Emptiness. Oversized rustic assemblage statement necklace with druzy.
Praise Emptiness.
Check out this huge bead! It's by etsian gabriel and needed very little else to make a drama piece.

But OMG look at all this other stuff I listed:

Pūjā . Rustic assemblage graduated bead pendant drop lariat necklace.     Redivivus. Double focal lariat necklace with ancient and found artifacts.     Shards of Stars. Rustic cosmic assemblage art choker necklace in iridescent blue greens.
                  Pūjā.                                                   Redivivus.                                           Shards of Stars.
Behind the Veil. Textured teal polymer earrings with rainbow titanium quartz points and enameled rosary connectors.    The Million-Crested Sun. Gold texture faceted polymer art beads with chunky pyrite. Rustic earrings.     Aubade. Textured golden polymer earrings with agate and pyrite.
             Behind the Veil.                          The Million-Crested Sun.                               Aubade.
Aureate. Textured lavender polymer earrings with agate and moonstone.    Acosmist. Textured iridescent polymer earrings with rainbow titanium pyrite.Sabaism. Textured iridescent polymer earrings with rainbow titanium pyrite.
                      Aureate.                                            Acosmist.                                          Sabaism.
Sylph. Texture experiment crackle and shards polymer earrings with labradorite.    The Old Ones and the New. Texture experiment crackle and shards polymer earrings with labradorite.    Many Moons. Rustic victorian tribal vintage baroque pearl cage earrings.
                 Sylph.                                  The Old Ones and the New.                             Many Moons.
Djenné. Ancient glass in caged rustic assemblage art earrings.    Djenné 2. Ancient glass in cage rustic assemblage art earrings with apatite.
                 Djenné.                                 Djenné 2.
Couple other items from last post already sold, yay.
You guys I have a Zumba teacher on Monday night who is like my hero. She could be as old as 60- she's black and in insanely good shape so it's hard to tell. She just teaches class after class, boot camp, ultimate abs, Zumba, like, how does she not die? She has crazy arm muscles and I want to be her when I grow up. Also she talks the entire time and even if she's wearing those headphone microphone thingies, you can only catch like 20% of it. She keeps it up as people come and go for other classes. I just hope she stops when she's walking down the street. She's like, "We used to go like this but the guys could go like this but we were in heels so we could only do this..." and I'm wondering, was she a professional salsa dancer at some point? Even though she doesn't speak a word of Spanish? If I ask her will she talk my ear off til the rest of forever? Is it rude to ask her age? Am I shy to ask or was I just too distracted because I think last class I dislocated a boob from jumping around without adequate support? She sambas like no Brazilian I've ever seen- it's physically impossible to go that fast. So she's cast a spell of some sort? (Santeria?) I'm from Uruguay, we're right under those samba-ing bastards, we have our own sort of samba, I know samba! I'm telling you, it's not possible to go that fast. All the girls just flail around doing like one step to each of her three. She's like, "This is how they samba in Bahia, this is how they do it in Rio. This is cumbia from Columbia, this step is slicing the sugar cane with the sickle, this is were you'd be ruffling your skirt, you know the big skirts they wear? Now mambo!" It's like a vaguely confusing and extremely rushed cultural trip through all of Latin America.

Random gif intermission:

My recent obsession is Bigelow vanilla chai tea. It's the yummiest thing I've ever tasted and I usually hate tea.
Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)

Have you guys seen xkcd yet? Here's just two from the most recent ones that I loved.
Language Nerd
"Not to go all sentence fragment on you."

"Anyway, that's a common misconception. Geese live for a long time; all the ones we can see will probably keep flying around for billions of years before they explode."

(Then there's explain xkcd for all the ones that are too science-y or softwareprogrammer-y to understand. )
I know I still have a necklace to give away. I'm gonna do that later though. If you wanna win it, just donate to my fundraiser.

Because of the $ we raised, Kim has been able to go to a doctor's appointment she wouldn't have otherwise. She's still in a lot of pain and unable to work freely though so please send your healing vibes.
Now I must spread my wings and fly away: