Visiting Lecturer, Professor Fanci of Shimmery Ballsacks University

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Presentation by Chicago artist, blogger and Etsian, Fanciful Devices 
Oh and underneath this pic, where I guess an artist bio would go, is my friggin' about from here on my right sidebar. So very important information about how I enjoy sitting and lying down, and forcing Mr. Devices to laugh at my jokes. 


thingedy thang thangs

As my uni visit gets closer, my procrastination gets even fancier.

Here's ten million caps.
Plus I'm trying out interference powders, instead of paints. Dunno if there's any difference.
 So I've learned beads don't get re-pinned as much as finished jewelry does on pinterest. Proly doesn't matter. Or I haven't been discovered by bead pinners yet. Or no one loves me I guess would be the other option.

Someone asked about this wire. Its actually a buncha bangles from ebay. Looked like this sorta: 

As you can see I got a real ladyboner for twirly wire on this batch. I might have to chill with that.
Showed y'all these a while ago but they were so crazy thin. So I thickened them with a layer of translucent liquid polymer within to strengthen them up a bit.

Look at these big mamajamas.
And do you see how the one in the bottom is different? Like not as sharp on the details? Its encased in a layer of liquid polymer as well. Cuz reasons.

Here's a different big momma set. Marmoset.

These rings have wire in the core, then polymer. Then I grabbed a bunch of headpins and used them to poke a texture. This is translucent clay, which gives it that grey milky look. I then dry brushed some black acrylic for texture then brushed on some interference blue powder and sealed. And then added a random tiny gold leaf tag cuz reasons.

So lots of the texture in this set was also individually poked with wire or a pen.

Texture porn. Don't know why I went with so many hand shots. Thought it might help with size reference but actually my hands seem to make the beads look tiny. And I have smallish hands. Something about macro, idk.
The wheel is certainly one of my go-to shapes.
And the set below I decided to throw in this lucite flower. I seem to like including one misfit item into each set.
 So my Mom was reading news on her phone and it said they caught the teen that defaced 12 statues. And mom read 'defaced' as 'defecated,' cuz that's my mom. Then she was watching the news and saw they mentioned that same arrest but in this case they said he graffitied 12 statues. Mom thought to herself that they were just too delicate to mention the poo. When she looked back at her phone and realized her mistake she laughed so hard she scared the cat. So she's telling me this and I reminded her of the time when I was little when I explained to her what it meant to moon someone. She was sorta traumatized by this cuz it stayed with her. That summer when we rented a houseboat we were going by a sign that said "No mooring on this pier" and she goes, "Does that mean you can't poo here?"
Ok, catching up on comment questions I forgot to address: no, Mom doesn't have a new kitty yet because we have to wait til the spring batch is in. The spring kitty harvest. Cuz apparently cats don't reproduce in the dead of winter, they're clever that way. And we can't get a grown cat or Chiquita will attack it. But we've been to the shelter and ... don't wanna talk about it.
Also someone asked if this is a cap or an imprint. It's an imprint directly on the polymer.
Das all, bai.


Beads beads beads

I've been busy preparing my stupid presentation on my stupid creative trajectory for my stupid University visit where I'm gonna be all stupid.  I didn't realize just how much procrastination would be involved in putting this together. But I might be done so I snuck away to play with polymer.
OK, so now I have to come up with listings for these things as well as ... prices (*thunder sounds in the distance). Fuck. You guys! How what how? Like these I had to cook them, color them, sand them, seal them, that's not too bad.
But these for example are stuffed full of inclusions I had to slice and incorporate into the raw poly. OK, lemme tell you cuz it was fun. I found you could buy these finished canes on etsy for a buck a pop or less from, well I got mine from Malaysia but you know, land of cheap things produced en masse.
C012(4) Pack of 4 - Velvet Rose (Brown, Beige, Pink, Plum) - Polymer Clay Cane for Miniature Food Deco artC017(3) Fruit Combo - Citrus Blast (Orange, Lemon, Lime) - Polymer Clay Cane for Miniature Food DecoC025(3) Fruit Combo - Star Fruit 3 in 1 - Polymer Clay Cane for Miniature Food Deco and Nail Art
So I picked some who's colors I liked, sliced them in flakes lengthwise instead of perpendic like you're supposed to, chopped them a bit and mixed them up with some translucent clay that isn't that translucent, it's just sculpey. Anyways, when I faceted and painted them, now you can see all these neat bits that give it a whole extra layer of complexity.
And really the price is not about how much work I put in, it was all fun anyways. Prices, as we should all know by now, are about perceived value. Also there's a big random hole in the bead above right. Cuz I'm still new at this and well. That one bead has a big random hole. Should I remove it? The bead from the lot not the not the hole from the bead. I could remove the hole from the bead I guess.
 I think these big ol' gnome caps have to be my faves. I found this decade-old clay that worked great for this, held its shape real strong but wasnt' that impossible to condition. But yeah so I impressed this crackle texture with several stamps, then painted it this graduated color that lightened near the top.
But that's just cuz of the paint I happened to have on hand, I never have a plan. Then when they were done I remembered my plan was to facet. (Did I just say I didn't have a plan?) Oh well, all that painting and texture for nothing, but who cares, I'm experimenting. But then as I started faceting I saw that when the previous treatment was just left between the facets it looked 10x awesomer. When you experiment, and really any time, you have to let go of your previous work. It's part of letting go of that "I don't want to ruin it" instinct I'm always railing against. "I don't want to ruin it" will keep you in the ranks of the amateurs. But it will also keep you from doing this---
"Wait, what do you mean, Marina?..."

"These look fi-
OHMYGOD Penis Heads!"
I thought I was being clever coming up with a sort of split top thing. Next thing I know, wieners! Wieners everywhere! But hey, every mistake is a learning opportunity and here I learned not to make wienercaps. Maybe I should call them wienercaps. Cuz we all know how much we ladies like to have shlongs adorning our necks and lobes... ringing like bells, ding-dong. Shlong-a-dongs.
 You've seen these, I added another little mis-matched bead to this collection just cuz.
And you've seen these. Is it weird all these beads are already wired? Cuz I'm so used to, you know, wiring beads I ended up doing so in the making process, just to have something to hold on to.
Now for some you haven't seen-
 ZOMG Crackledrops! And yeah that one middle one has no crackles. I'm an artist I defy expectations!
Or maybe I'm just random. But also don't worry the super strong sealant keeps any cracks from just plopping off. What else?

OK so check it if I sell these with the tin you the buyer could make them into this. Ohmaigosh lookit my shmillustration how am I such an arteeeest?
Oh but plus I also have to destash in bead soups, inspiration kits and something I am marinating on which I'll call Stack Starters. Cuz the bangle stacks. Eh? Eeeeeh? Why hasn't anyone told me I'm clever yet?
I'm thinking of this one as an 'inspiration kit' because it has some very singular items that might cause you to make something you wouldn't normally. It includes a bead I made and this amazing antique rose carved bone from Kathystash as well as a gold-leafed shell and a bone cab with a leetle flower bud. So it's not destash in the sense it's not just a buncha things I'd just as well toss. Plus how it's united in color and mood. So how much should this cost?
Oh plus I gave those rose some pink glowy highlights. I need to crowd-source my prices, y'all. Or are you guys gonna be too polite to actually chime in with price points? How about you can say, "I imagine you could find that on etsy for $5 to $98" except you know, less of a range.
OK, the final inspiration kit might be too big. Cuz really there are really nice things here and it ... might end up being too expensive for a bead soup.
 I call this Stormy Skies. Cuz I can. Click for bigs.
I think this raku fleur-de-lis focal is from wondrousstrange. I backed it with a tin thats been sanded, oxidized and hole-punched then connected with wire links. To make something both protected and also just prettier. But you know, the original alone was probly $18, comparing whats in her shop now), so with the added work and all the rest of it? Anyone? 

So yeah guys help a sister out.
Bird Hat(I went to look for a relevant gif and instead spent an hour chortling on tumblr.) (I gotcher relevant gif right here.)


My Babies, my baby's babies.

Look at what one tute buyer, BellaLili, sent me!!!!
This is what she did with the Cosmic Rocks, completely foregoing the gold leaf and making it 200% her own. Lookit those crazy findings! Lookit the darkness of the putty! The chunky chunk of the stones! Way to go, I am bursting with pride. You can buy these beauties here.

Gail Taylor asked all about my Roman glass makes.- See, this is what they look like pre-solder. Well, that's one style, with thin wire. I also do thick wire and the latest ones have the wire around the edge to protect the thinner glass. I solder to keep it all together and to make it look interesting and organic. The oxidizer over that is what gives it the old look.
Gail also said, "you brighten my LIFE, not just my day."

OK so but Gail has become a regular etsybud and she shared this most amazing site you all have to run to right now- Fotofuze. It links directly to your etsy, downloads pix from your listings, and makes them AMAZING. You literally just highlight the item and it turns the image into a professional grade product photo and then updates your listing with it. To think of the YEARS of my life I suffered trying to do what this does in seconds! *tears out hair*

Fade and Remain wrote me the most moving comment and I just had to share it. "Sometimes I click over to your blog then get overwhelmed by what I'm sure I'm about to see and have to click away real fast because I just won't be able to stand all the pretty and fantastical and make-y-ness. After several days away, I took a deep breath and looked and I'm overwhelmed by all the pretty and just want to go to bed now. How do you live with all this!! So pretty it hurts. on"
I kept trying to picture her actually doing this, reacting this way to my makies. I kept thinking about it and trying to picture it... sigh. I love you guys.