Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

-- Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five

As I emerge from my post-surgery fugue I am starting to feel soooo much better. Turns out that my body was fighting an infection, I had an abscess- ewwwwwwwwww- and those can cause flu-like symptoms.

!!!!!!! So my vaguely-shitty feeling, which lets be honest, was actually really shitty I just didn't wanna be a big whiner, had a totally real cause and is totally really going away!!!!!!!!

The heavens are parting and angelic choirs sing jubilation!

And making things is nice to do again, and even just sitting around is nice to do too...
And I haven't listed any of this stuff yet but I was too eager to wait. Wanted to share my good news and my makies.

I should name this something about friends- Sparrow gave me the focal, 4Ophelia/NearlyLost gave me that amazing fancy bead I've turned into a hook, TeapostandTelephones gave me the oval stones (which I soldered together all cutely, check it) and the decals I put on the focal. Even the tiny pearls were a gift! Cidne of Inheritance Haul fame.

Fancy trinket box lid from Uruguay- I used the hinge for a connector.

Fishbone chain and waxed cord macrame.
What- another tassel-y lariat? No way. This one in glowing ambers with a touch of apple green.

The tiny myrrh beads were also Inheritance haul. I made the amber-ish looking beads, my faux-ancients. Yum.

Oh and I had to keep a bunch of these to make a choker out of. Gosh I love the things I make. Oh yeah, it's that feeling of enjoyment again. I'd forgotten about you!

Like look at that one bright magenta stripe in the middle-ish round bead. What is that? I don't know but it makes me so happy.

I twirled vintage silk cord then waxed the crap out of it, heating to allow it to sink into the fibers. Sterling hook from Inheritance haul.

Beautiful old tin with beautiful old text graphics. Paired with my tiniest beads and some of that fishbone chain.

Chain which had been sitting in front of me for ever, me thinking I'd never find a use for it. And pow, one batch uses it all up. And it's perfect.

I believe these are the very last of the Kathyhaul druzy. And the rose gold thingy is from Patroness, used to house the birdie that went on to become this:
 Nocturne- delicate assemblage bracelet in black with mixed metals 
More little strands of myrrh, with tiny seeds between each nug.

Some of my connectors I didn't sell because I wanted to play with them myself.

Do you see, Miss Linda of TeapotsandTelephones, just how much I've enjoyed these goddamn decals? I mean, where'd they come from? They are so superior to all others I've seen anywhere. Though it also turns out you can make your own decals- there's decal printer paper out there, mm-hmm.
OK, ok, ok. Can we stop and squee over these teeeny tiny earrings here? Can we just? Go ahead, I'll give you a moment.
Look how tiny they are:
OK, now I have to measure everything, describe it in glowing terms, come up with some fancy names.... arg. So if any of you want any of the above and want to tell me right quick, you'll be saving me a heap of work.
Or not, that's cool. I'm just not sweating it anymore.

Oh also another thing that happened - since I mentioned my surgery on Instagram, two dear friends from college and from my 20s contacted me to check in. It was amazing. My college girl, she still regularly pops up in my dreams. Which always makes me kinda sad cuz it's like my subconscious still doesn't get that I'm not in contact with her anymore. But now I am.

Today we will visit the regal feline, whom the ancient Egyptians believed... no I can't, they're just too ridiculous.

I want to give a special thanks to all you lovely commenters. It really means a lot, especially when you're feeling shitty.

Fade and Remain wrote, "I heard that you should apply the herbs directly to your boobs, in the sun, with a few magnets stuffed up your nose while standing in a large glass punch bowl. At least, that's what I do and the neighbors seem to enjoy it."

So many of you have had boob scares/actual problems! So many of you understood my wanting-it-to-be-cancer-cuz-then-at-least-it-would-explain-it thing, it made me feel so normal. You guize! 


Stupid Health Stuff

Home. Rustic handmade necklace in pale ivory off white with cluster focal- vintage recycled artisan jewelry
So for the last two weeks I’ve been dealing with a breast cancer scare which luckily turned out not to be the big C. I have a lump and I’m still waiting on biopsy numbers 2 through 4 to tell us exactly what it is. But biopsy number 1 came out free of cancer cells so that is at least off the table.
I have to say, I took the possible diagnosis suspiciously well, despite the fact that the Devices family was so obviously devastated. But when I received the call to say it wasn’t cancer, I found myself wandering around Target quietly crying. I never cry. I realized that while I thought I had cancer, I felt like I had an excuse for the vaguely shitty way I always seem to feel, and I’d feel a lot worse for a year or so, but then I’d feel better. And if I died oh well.
Plum bouquet earrings -rustic handmade artisan assemblage jewelry by fancifuldevices
Remember when you had a fever and your mom let you stay home from school? And despite the fever you felt a sense of elation that for the next however many hours nothing would be expected of you? That’s how I felt when I thought I had it.
I had been joking so much with the biopsy number 1 doctor that she thought I was just super sure I didn’t have it. But the ultrasound doctor had as much as said it had to be cancer. So when she called to say it wasn’t and my answers were all mono-syllabic mumbles she finally exclaimed, “This is great news!” And I was like, “Oh yeah. Yeah.”
Otiose -Rustic statement necklace with measuring tape- artisan jewelry by fancifuldevices
One thing I enjoyed, for example, was Mr. Devices’ conviction that I was unbelievably strong and had such a great attitude. That made me laugh because in fact I’m just unbelievably nihilistic and function much better in a crisis than in regular daily life. Tell me I have cancer I’m like, “Cool.” Tell me I have to brush and floss every day for the rest of my life and I go fetal. 
Well, I’m much better now. Part of it all was that having to wake up before my usual 1pm for all the various appointments had me sleep deprived and nothing gets me suicidal faster than lack of sleep oh my god. Babies who cry when they’re sleepy? Like, I’ve done that. As an adult. Multiple times. (Back before I was medicated- now I never cry, see above.)
And I’ve been getting back into the studio a bit which is essential for my psychological wellbeing. Making is one accomplishment I can claim. 
Panglossian- rustic assemblage art lariat necklace- handmade mixed media artisan jewelry
God this all sounds so awful, re-reading it. Like, I’m fine I don’t need any particular sympathy. I’m just always kind of fine and kind of awful and kind of great all mixed up together. We all are. 
And if anyone comments telling me about some herbs I should try or about keeping a positive attitude I swear to god I’m gonna… OK, I’m too lazy to really do anything but I’ll aim so much virtual bile and vitriol your way. Gold Gulch Days. Rustic bracelet with souvenir penny- mixed media art jewelry by fancifuldevices
Mr. Devices’ jiu jitsu teacher (who is 99% an amazing awesome guy) already has him buying distilled water, switching it to glass containers then setting it in the sun to absorb good energy. Fuck’s sake. 
While I've spent 90% of my time laying around with my ipad, I'm looking at this post and there's a lot of stuff here. I guess I'm super efficient with my productive 10%.
Look at this souvenir penny pressed in 1935. It's from inheritance haul.
Syzygy. Rustic Victorian tribal earrings in silver grey with kuchi. 
I made a lot of earrings with kuchi charms. (Stop autocorrecting kuchi to cute! Stupid computer. We already know they're cute.)
Grungy Glam. Rustic artisan handmade earrings with kuchi in grey. Mixed media assemblage jewelry.
They serve as a great background for something sweet and a bit sparkly.
A Quiet Afternoon. Simple dangle earrings with art beads by fanciful devices
Teapotsandtelephones gave me these bone drops with inlay, and I made the polybeads with shipwreckdandy. Who by the way has been doing some really cool experiments with liquid polymer clay beads you can see in her supply shop
Rustic crackle polymer clay cube art bead pair (2)- handmade artisan beads- colorful rainbow
Speaking of which. The way she does stuff has given me a lot of bravery in my own poly. Specifically pricing. And not sweating things not selling. Although I did just go through and cut down prices on a bunch of necklaces that've been sitting in the shop a while.
Glowing Stone- chunky polymer clay bracelet connector- rustic artisan handmade jewelry element
Oh and I fixed this guy. Not bad. It's re-enforced with thick steel wire within. I'm thinking if I get some screen mesh I can get the re-enforcement without the bulk.

Now look at these ridiculous horses. They're bred to walk like that.
Here's some random stuff I see on tumblr and then text to my mom and hubs.
Today the theme is horses. 
I just happened to have horse gifs.
That reminds me, have you heard of Frederick the Great, that everyone's saying is the world's sexiest horse?
Oh yeah. Because the internet.
I'll leave you with that thought, and you're welcome.