Thesaurus Time!

Redivivus. Icon Cuff.Redivivus.
I got the buckle which I've used as a bezel from jan's jewels, of course.
Redivivus. Icon Cuff.
I should give credit where it's due. I got most of my funky words here, though I've discovered a couple more good sources I might use.
I've been selling quite well. I might have an all-day make-fest tomorrow since they're calling for a 'life-threatening blizzard' tomorrow, so school may be cancelled.
Lucubratio. French Beaded Flower Earrings.Lucubratio.
Lucubratio. French Beaded Flower Earrings.
I was particularly pleased with how these pictures turned out. I've been using Sparrow's trick of blurring the background to make the foreground look sharper. I had done it before but sorta forgot about that. I think they look so cute! And the post-before-last that horrible thing was happening w/the pixelation, God knows why....
If My Spirit Be Bound. Jade Prayer and Buttons.If My Spirit Be Bound.
OK, this one I'm kinda excited about. Slab-cut jade, a bunch of mop buttons from my recent gift box, some old this and that, (including a Uruguayan game piece of bone to which I glued the etched stone piece and 3 leaf cabs)... But look at the focal. It was a spoon Sparrow sent me aaaaages ago which she's surely forgotten about. I can't figure out if it's some kinda stone or if it's shell.
If My Spirit Be Bound. Jade Prayer and Buttons.
 In any case, I cut it down and pierced it, filled it w/UTEE to get a flat surface on which to place 2 carefully cut out transparencies from the ones my dad printed out for me ages ago....  Images I found free on the webz of course.
If My Spirit Be Bound. Jade Prayer and Buttons.
And all these Vintage French beaded flowers and leaves are from the box that Opulent Oddities sent me a while ago. See - it might take a long time before I use something, but eventually I do...
Sigh. I can't believe all the lovely stuff folks have sent me over the ... 2 years? Only 2? Feels like a glorious lifetime of making... So when customers get all grateful over extra little ephemera and such I might add (like, if I know it's a fellow seller)- I should just let them know I'm simply paying it forward.

Well, that sounded cheesy.



OKOK, 1st lemme get some bidness out the way. I made this:

And these are filigree with antique bandages sealed on them:

Ok. But most importantly, yesterday I received a huge box from Jennifer Valentine aka SacredCake. So lets get right to it.
I've already started oxidizing everything. There's tons! Look at that tiny pocket watch. It's on a scrap pf leather she sent. And she made me those ear wires herself- look at those paddles!!!! I just wanna look at them for a while... They are little works of art as is. 

The bigger doll is held together by this ancient cellophane tape. It has this gorgeous black 'cap' that makes it look Asian. Look at the tiny curved brass piece- looks like a purse handle. And copper cross? And ball locket?

I've already started bending this big square into a cuff.

Theeeengs! And little crystals for earrings.

An extremely crusty tintype and some rusty mesh.

Perfect little bee specimen which I've been needing.

I've started oxidizing this huge wing, the sweetheart brooch piece- a twin of whom is already in the above necklace.

Even that little bowl came in the box. 

Can you see the tiny doll arm? The half-earth?

Can you even stand it?

This is a clip- for curtains? And all kinds of goodies.

Check out the little brass flower. She sent tons and I've already used them all on a set of 7 necklaces I'm making for my cousins and cousin's girlfriends for when we go to Uruguay. 

Is this the maddest thing you've ever seen? It's a necklace! 

Also, it all came in a gorgeous box with glittered letters FD for fancifuldevices on front and red velvet on the inner top. With really too many bits to show them all. 

Among it all were also this lovely zine and old encyclopedia volume.

Is it me or are all these pictures begging to be used in pendants?

The book is in lovely shape and some might say it's a shame to take it apart.

But if the god of antiques didn't want me to mess with it, s/he wouldn't have let it end up in my hands!

You can click on the pictures to see them big.

And you should, they're gorgeous.

Look up! The planet Mercury and a Slow Loris, one of the cutest, strangest creatures on earth. 

I actually took a lot more pictures, but I was trying to edit it down.

See the Kingfisher eating a fish below? I thought it was a bird with husks and a trunk!

The planet Jupiter!

Am I the luckiest girl in the world?