Bye bye

They're off to Norway.  I was showing a student the one w/the skull, and saying that I sold it.  When he saw the price, he just about fell out of his shoes.  I was laughing and going "I know, I know, it's crazy," all embarrassed.  Saying I'd never buy a necklace over 14 bucks, myself.  Oh, it was ridiculous.   The juxtaposition of the economic level of an illegal immigrant with that of the world of white folks...

A really nice one


Another lovely treasury.

Although it took me a while to find my piece.  Here.


more slides in shop

I have all kinds of deep thoughts.  They never feel a need to be expressed in these posts, it seems.  I'm very secular and atheistic day to day, but then in my making, I tap right back into my wacky buddhist on acid college days for the ... aesthetic aura, I think is the term I might be looking for.  Weird.  Also weird, I've been spelling weird wrong all my life.  I before E and all...

Bye bye bought

Hoorah for subdued packaging.  Bye to these just posteds:

And some other little guys:

whuddayawant- i'm 35 after all

Yeah, i only heard of them cuz of the palm pixi commercial.  Still don't know what a palm pixi is, I mean other than another kind of one of those things that hold no interest for me.  But good for them for getting the bills paid.  I wish I liked the other songs on their CD this much- the dolphin-voiced hindi singer, the voot-voot synth, the dude going several octaves higher than testeecules should allow, the magical lyrics.  Makes me almost cry.


New stuff burnout

Too much new stuff... totally uninspired to come up w/cool posts.  The last few were literally, like "I got this little house... put it on a chain..."

Then I made a guhgillion of these slide pendants:

Let me show you the backs and fronts in pairs:

I've got a bunch more to post but ugh.  I had the brilliant idea of getting this new translation of Rilke's Duino Elegies by Edward Snow- and yes, the translation is amazing, huge improvement on all previous attempts.  However.  Since it's not, ya know, on the internet ... I can't just cut and paste it into a post, but have to actually type it in.  Wow that sounds lazy.  But after a long day of taking pictures, and after a long menstrual week of dealing w/my OCD/autistic boss, I'm just burnt.  None of the verses even make sense after a while.  Or I just start to pair them w/jewelry pieces for no good reason and it thus becomes gibberish. Gibberish. I like that word.


Inspired by Sparrow

Inspired by sparrowsalvage's earrings, tried my hand and they all ended up very autumnal.

(and she posted my victorian tribal piece here.)

Recently Departed

... from my shop, that is.