Ok, so first, I fixed the pictures from last time. Second:
All of these were made by Rosie of EclecticTea.  What I love is that she had a bunch of these thick bangles (the 1st bunch) and just improvised with what she had.
So here's a heads up. The tutorial is coming out in two or three days. As usual, I'm going to offer a special coupon to you guys on this here blog for 2 days. So... the last one was  21 pages or so, right? So far, we have one 7 page sub-tute all about oxidizing. Then I have a 33 page main tute. That's 33 pages so far. Cuz I have a little bitty project that I could add to it as another source of possibilities cuz the elements are dimensional. . . or I could say fuckit and done.
So y'all kidding with the video tute, right? Like, I'd have to figure out how to work a video camera and the only one we have is hubs professional-grade huge... and then edit!?!?! are you trying to kill me!?!?!

So look at this sweet thing. I got it for my little sister as a housewarming present. Well, really it was just a way to get her to get rid of this hideous thing she and husband got in Dominican Republic once. Which is so crazy cuz I just remembered that's stuck on to Haiti, where this is from! Anyway, it's this workshop of artisans called HaitianMetal who make these  out of old oil drums. So really it was just an excuse to support them and get some cheap gorgeous art.
This one is 24" across, and I think even more tall and it was $85!

Metal Sun Wall Hanging - Hand Hammered Haitian Recycled Steel Drum Art - 9003
Haitian Carnival Rara Band Wall Hanging - 30" Haitian Recycled Steel Drum Metal Art - 8013-30Metal Sun Wall Hanging - Hand Hammered Haitian Recycled Steel Drum Art - 9003Metal Sun Wall Hanging - Hand Hammered Haitian Recycled Steel Drum Art - 9003
Haitian Peasant Picking Apples Metal Wall Hanging - Haitian Steel Oil Drum Wall Decor - 486<-While I was at it I also got her this one. They also make switchplates and house numbers and mermaids with dreads and angels and Mommas on bicycles.
Christmas Nativity Scene Metal Wall Art in Hand Cut Recycled Steel Drum - 361 Has anyone been having any sales lately? I'm not complaining cuz my tute sales have more than made up for it, but... Is it tax season or because I'm not constantly posting new things cuz I'm working on the next tute? I don't mind. And I actually sold something today, it's just been really weird... 

Sparrowsalvage is having a sale and you can get the coupon code on her blogspring gypsy - bohemian double hoop earrings - hammered metal - eco chicThese.milk thistle - antique lace wrist cuff - artisan bead - vintage buttons - shabby cottageThis.hydrotherapy - rustic assemblage earrings - quartz crystal - metal patina charmsThese
And her photography shop's also having a sale.
Trophy - 5X7 photograph - still life collection - unmatted<-Like this one.

Keep Calm - found object photograph - single postcard - vintage styleDeath takes a lover - 8X10 photograph - found object arrangement - curated collectionYou get the idea. I gotta eat something.3 sisters - 5X7 unmatted photographic print - antique thimbles
Oh so Numinositybeads convoed me to thank me for putting up pictures of what I got from her and said that it had given her her first sales bump on etsy. She mentioned something about selling things as fast as she got them up. So I got curious. Next thing I know, I was purchasing the following even though I haven't used what I already got from her and haven't been making any jewelry and haven't been selling and am going to Uruguay to buy stuff and and and:
Found Object Rusty Nail Lampwork Altered Art  Pendant Piece Mustard Yellow and Crusty MetallicsThis is on a flippin rusty nail for Chrissakes.Found Object Rusty Nail Lampwork Altered Art  Pendant Piece Sedimentary  and Oceanic Turquoise Ivory and Shiny Metallics
Lampwork Amphora Crusty Relic Modern Day Artifact Turquoise Ivory and LavenderLike, I actually couldn't stand the thought of anyone but me owning these things. Which is insane in an if-I-can't-have-you-no-one-will kind of way. And I'm not like that. I'm a sharer. I'm a lover not a fighter.  I'm a maker not a breaker! ...
I don't know what I saying again.



(Note: Sorry guys, I think I fixed the pix. See, this is how out of it I was. But the red gates have opened and its all uphill from here.)

I'm done w/the oxidation sub-tute part of the tute. Now the project and aesthetic guidance part...

Here are some grandchildren from AnvilArtifacts.You can totally tell it's her from the frantic energy and the awesome bits. Notice below, the soldered domino- I know, right?

Also these sweeties from 13Alternatives. I love the amber stack.
She has lots of lovely things in her shop to check out like these jellyfish:
Steampunk Earrings Pastel Colours - Whirligig Earrings

And from BeesOnPie (lol, that name):
This sea-inspired stack.
This being the same lovely lady who sent the horse hair- which I still haven't had a chance to use, busy as I am with tutes.

I've also received more mail goodies-->Found metal from beatnheart and  chunks of beehive (looks just like beeswax), paste paper and torch-fired copper from juliette of artintheredwoods.  Wait, no. Mystery metal was from her too, cuz I see some in her earrings in her shop...  So what came out of the beatnheart envelope? I'm all confused cuz I ended up with a pile of envelopes and this pile of goodies... Goddamnit, I knew this would happen. Thank you to whoever sends me stuff. The end.
Lampwork Amphora Crusty Relic Modern Day Artifact Blues and GreensANYWAYS. I also treated myself to this insanely glorious amphora from Numinositybeads as well as some of her ancienty beads made by rolling the molten glass in baking soda, of all things! Here I always thought it involved sand-blasting or something... It was my present to myself for selling about 8 thousand tutorials. I sure sold exponentially more of them than the head pins, hu? I'm thinking people like pictures of a finished project when they get them a tute.
GODDAMNIT- when im pimsing, I am not funny or at all entertaining. I feel like I'm dragging udders around. Like I need milking! Gross! Exclamation point motherfookers! 
Look at them from this angle and tremble w/jealousy:
Seafoam Green Crusty Chunky Blue Speckled Big Hole Round Matte Lampwork Beads -Set of FourThis one:Earthalia Lampwork Amphora Crusty Relic Modern Day Artifact Orange Sherbet and Caramel Raku Frit Spots


Busy as I am w/the next tute, I have no pictures of my own to show. I do however, have some more grandkids:

These from the lovely enollah who seems to be without any linkage. How retro!
Happyfallout also

Both of you ladies did excellent work. But I will be  getting you addicted to the ways of oxidation in the upcoming tutorial. Y'all asked for it, I am but your humble servant.

And once again it might be getting all long and unwieldy. I'm thinking I'm going to stick to the 25MB or less thing. Maybe. Well, I'm going to try to keep it contained. It's just that same thing of "oh this is a synch" until it comes time to actually explain a thing. Suddenly the history of astro-dynamics, the stock market crash of 1893 and the mythology of the pre-Olympians comes into play. Except that I have no idea what I'm saying. I edited a thousand photos today, is what.

Iridescence -- ceramic raku beads destash set of 11 -- shiny carbon black beads with copper and silver
Oh but before moving on, I wanna share a bead collection in Happyfallout's shop right now:
She uses raku techniques to get results quite unlike anything I've ever seen. So the shiny ones and the charcoal ones are both raku! ok?

From lana guerra...

Hippie Bangle Bracelets Free Spirit Stack awesome for Tribal Gypsy Belly Dance Summer festivals, Bohemian, patina, beads rainbow colorsCarnival Bangle Bracelets awesome for Tribal Gypsy Belly Dance Summer festivals, Bohemian, stack, patina, beads rainbow colors Hippy
These are all in her shop, BlackLodgeJewelry.
Gypsy Traveler Bangle Bracelets awesome for Tribal Belly Dance Summer festivals, Bohemian, aged looking, stack, patina, beads black creamGypsy Bangle Bracelets awesome for Tribal Belly Dance Summer festivals, Bohemian, aged looking, stack, patina, beads black cream pearls

Except for these which she tells me sold within 30 minutes of listing:
Girl ain't shy with the color!

Then TuscanRose who'se been making these since before she bought the tute, so I don't know if they count:
Bangle Stack 62 - set of 10 Bangles - urban gypsy braceletsLolita - Bangle Bracelet Stack - urban mermaid jewelry
And in her sold section:
Bangle Stack 94 - set of 10 Bangles - urban gypsy braceletsNumbers and Buttons wrap Bracelet set - wrapped Gypsy Bangle Bracelets or NecklaceNumbers Talisman Bracelet set - wrapped and stack Gypsy BraceletsThe Navigator - wrapped and stack Gypsy BraceletsI love her incorporation of the measuring tape.

OK, so here's a vid because my tits are the size of watermelons. And if that sentence made no sense... See, a while ago I used to put up cute animal videos every time I was PMSing... cuz it somehow made me feel better... . Whatever. You need to turn the sound up or it makes no sense. I mean, it'll still make no sense...