Nonsense since my camera batteries aren't charged....

Large Narwhal Brooch
From my faves. Here.
Sale was a rousing success. (Have you noticed how many times in writing we use expressions that we read somewhere that we'd never actually say? Like 'rousing success.' What the hell is 'rousing?')
A particularly sunny spot was that 5 of the purchases were coupon-less. Which means A- people still lurve me even without the coupon. And B- blog readers are mostly fellow starving artists, somewhat separate from my pool of buyers, as you can see in my jewelry maker graphic.

lost in thought
lost in thought
Forged Bottle Openers
Forged Bottle Openers 
Yesterday I had fun making pretty packages and then less fun with printing labels and such. Which reminds me! There is no reason you should ever buy packaging supplies. For example, the packages I made today were priority mail boxes stuffed with ripped up styrofoam egg cases, cardboard boxes, the plastic my toilet paper 24-pack came in and you know those little baggies us jewerly makers are always swimming in? (Us and drug dealers, doncha know.) Well I'm stuffing those with my paper scraps and making little padded bags o' padding-->
Open your pantry, you have a zillion boxes you'll just toss. those make awesome stuffing, but they also make awesome packages in and of themselves, if you don't do priority, which most don't.
Ceramic dominoes, little lightbulb and moonstone earrings

On hold for anne fredericks Personal Coral Reef Necklace do not buy

Another bit I keep forgetting to tell y'all! Go see shipwreckdandy's dos and don'ts for polymer beginners. She posted a link in the forums a while ago. I'm a polymer non-starter but even I could see how much sense they made.

**P.S.- If etsy doesn't bring me back my rollover text I'ma loose it.

Scrappy doll-Red Heart

Recycled metal art Assemblage of a House with Monkeys Looking Out


shibui said...

The other thing I like to use. If you have a priority box but aren't sending your package priority. Just pull the seam apart and retape it inside out! Or cover it with brown paper like the old days.

Beatnheart said...

Thanks for putting it out there that you also use up old bits to do your packages. I felt a bit Fred Sanfordish using all old bags and such to do my packages and now that you made it cool I don’t have to worry about that one.
I felt a pang of guilt yesterday about being one of those that don’t buy from you...of course I want to...I want something from everyone. Mind you, it was just for a second and then I got over it.

stregata said...

Jewelry maker graphics????
Could somebody help an obviously blind old lady over to where they are, please?

alek said...

i thought of doing that ironing 6 plastic bags to make packaging as its tragic how many are in circulation - especially here, but the time consumption on thats a bit prohibitive.
thanks for the link, i'm stuck with polymer clay on not trusting my oven to be on 30 c when i set it there - stupid i know

Skye said...

more diy packaging ideas - I just made some my own bubble envelopes :) Pretty paper, card stock, glue and bubble paper. I cheated one step more and used pretty card stock :D hehehe .. it even had sparkles on it to irritate the crap out of the postal carriers;) they'll be wondering where the sparkles came from *insert evil laugh here*

I get my bubble wrap for free, and you probably can too.. or for really cheap at any rate. Stop by your local candy store and speak to the manager. When they get their shipments in, they get buried in bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts and small boxes! Just ask if you stop by on delivery day if you could take some of that 'garbage' off his hands :)

Another money saving idea, reuse those bubble envelopes! Everyone has pretty wrapping paper that they picked up some where on sale years ago, jammed in a door and forgot about it. Recover the envelope in the decorative paper with the aid of a glue stick. A plain white sticker, or a piece of plain white recipe card taped on place for the address and you're good to go :D

A lot of the shipments we get where I work have the larger areas packed with airfilled bags a bit smaller than a sandwich baggie... so you don't even really need to stuff those little baggies.. just blow them up ;)

richelle said...

Thanks for the mention for the dos and don'ts, Marina. Also, a few people have inquired about the technique I use to make the faceted poly beads, and I was recently commissioned by Sculpey (I know--I couldn't believe it either) to do a tutorial for their site, so I will be posting a link to that when it's up.

Flotsam Tide said...

Yay I am glad you are back, and thanks for posting the similarity between us jewelry makers and drug dealers lol. That personal coral reef necklace from dolldisasterdesign just kills me, and the scrappy doll is adorable in a robotic shabby way.

happyfallout said...

re: drugs -- me and a chemist friend of mine are making chemicals for darkening metal ourselves. It involves heating sulphur and alkaline sodium in a spoon above a candle.
a) it stinks like rotten eggs
b) it looks like some hot action in a drug den.

Alice said...

Oooooh wonderful stuff here! I love that coral reef necklace!!!!! I see it is on hold for some lucky person.

I've been wanting to try Esty, but each time I think about actually doing it I come across a bit of negativity which makes me have second thoughts. Besides, there's a bazillion jewelry sellers on there already.

Good idea on using those little baggies for packing. I've got a boat load of them! And I got them from a sweet little old lady--not a drug dealer, just so you know. But then again, I didn't know this lady so maybe she was a former drug dealer...