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Hey all. What a pleasure got some new commenters in the last 2 posts. Welcome, ladies.
The bracelet stacks are your average bracelet bangles you see anywhere, carol with a little 'c'. If you can fit into bangles you'd buy at Target or Walmart, they fit. I make the beaded and wrapped ones by holding them up to the 'filler' ones that I get off etsy or ebay.
The last lot I got were:
For $3.49 a pop plus shipping for 20 or so.
Novacan Black Patina For Zinc 8oz
<--And I paint-brushed them with Jax Pewter Black.
And that's how I get things old and crusty, Carol with a big 'C'. (There's a total of 59 Carols reading this blog. I counted.) Also, non-plated metal is best. Gold plated is OK, but silver plated in horrible. Bare copper is kinda hard, brass is easy but steel is by far the easiest to oxidize. Steel is such a slut. Though if you're new to oxidizing, Novacan is cheaper and less intense-->
I gotta put a FAQs page link on my sidebar. I get asked this every other post! What else should I put? A disclaimer saying I'm not a male Chinese peasant from the 1800s? Ummm... for the question of where I get my stuff a link to etsy 'vintage' and 'supplies' and a tourist site for Uruguay? No, really. I'm asking.

Oh, I also never toss away any remaining oxidizer in the cap. I look around for absolutely anything to slap it on. This stuff is pure gold to me, gold I tell ya! So, this means there's rust dust all over everything in the studio. So when I mess around with fabrics and stuff, inevitably they get grunged up, too. See how that works out? Also, I'm fast and I make my sloppiness work for me. Of course, I'm going back and correcting a lot. I obsess over details. But the fast-n-sloppy produces that spontaneous je-ne-sais-what. Anywho, it gives me time to obsess over details, undo everything and do it all over again if need be, that kind of thing.
So I reworked these:
 into these:
(Insert usual crap night photo disclaimer.)
Props to stillpointworks, of course.
Because I'm so massively frustrated with night-time photos in artificial light, nighttime being my prime awake time, I was experimenting in 'going with it' and came up with:

What did I learn? That I'll have to get up before 3 now that winter's coming to Chicago and it starts getting dark at 4pm. Dagnabit.

Below is another peek.
Imna have to seriously wash these. The rust slime got all over the moonstones til they no longer look like moonstones. So there's a downside to my methods. I even removed the muddy cast on the image, it's much worse in reality. But that's why there's Lava soap!
Anywho, as you can see I'm trying out some gem rondelle wrapping. It may be altogether too tidy for me, I dunno.
To sum up... Who wants to make me a FAQs page? I'm tired and its bedtime.

In an unrelated note- these have been un-reserved:

Did you seller gals know you can search for a username on etsy to see how many reserves a person is holding? Hmmmm?

Carlos at age 1, perusing the wine selection.
My sister has the lil' goblins up for the weekend. I sang them the song about the old lady who swallowed the fly and right in the middle, 5-yr-old Carlos turns to his mom (my little sister who I still remember making up songs about boogers with her best friend) and whispers, "That song's kinda inappropriate," making my brain explode from the lols.

Then later, at a sushi restaurant, the 2-yr-old turns to the waitress from her usual position standing on her chain and yells,
                    "I need POON!"
 Meaning a spoon. So bits of my brain go flying everywhere. And now I fall to my knees to thank the god(ess[es]) of ovaries for never granting me fecundity. Phew.


Kathy Barrick said...

I'd love to see a FAQ side bar/page/whatever!

On an unrelated note, I had to go look up the word fecundity. I kid you not. But don't tell any body. lolol

Spirited Earth said...

those moonstone earrings have acheived fabulousness..

donna said...

I wonder about my last tetanus when working with sharp rusty things. Do you ever wonder about it? Just wonderin... ;) lol

Chelsea said...

You know you're getting important when you need an FAQ section. ;)

You really probably do. If I come up with questions, you'll know.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, I am one of the "welcomed new commenters" Sorry, about the
"I hate the video" post, it didn't really come out as planned. We aren't even aloud to say "hate" in my house (if you are ever have fecundity you will know why). Anyway--I enjoy the blog you and your commenters crack me up!

richelle said...

It's fecund central around here and we hate stuff right out loud constantly.
How do you search customer reserves on Etsy? The only way I can think of would be a keyword search that would bring up reserved items if the seller used it in the title. Something else?

Gardanne said...

Sorry for the belated thank you's for your giveaway,I just had my last big show this weekend. I love my prizes and the ring fits perfectly.
I seem to have a run on customers named Debbie, I have to pay extra close attention while packing those orders.

Subconscious Dad said...

What? No comments about Carlitos? He's the cutest thing in the whole post! (Almost as cute as the "no wai" cat in the previous one). And I HATE that he's no longer age 1...

Jenny said...

I love the way you write! Your blog is the highlight of my day. I work for an attorney, and spend my day trying not to say irreverent stuff to the clients. I come home, fire up the device, and there you are, saying exactly what's on your mind. (If that's not true and you're actually employing a good bit of restraint, please don't tell me.). It's like I can breathe again!