OK, I never thought I'd hear anyone say I don't blog enough, but Sparrow said just that last night! Or convoed it. She said I didn't blog enough for her! I was all:
Even though she blogs, like, on the equinox exclusively.
 So here I am, as ordered.
Now that there's no giveaways, it'll proly be all slow and useless around here.

Well, I finally put up these mofos:

Behind the Seal of Sacred Writings. Tea Tin Cuff with Antique Kuchi and KeyBehind the Seal of Sacred Writings.

Do not leave anything that breathes.
Do not leave anything that breathes. Gypsy Tribal White Assemblage Lariat.I decided to just up and slap a bible quote on this baby. One of those scary ones.

Phantom Limb.
Phantom Limb. Tea Tin Cuff Bracelet.Why do I name all my cuffs Phantom Limb, you ask? Cuz I'm lazy, I answer.

I got like 20 people asking about this guy:RESERVED for Usurper.
Which makes me ask- what's the magical formula these guys hit upon that other things don't? Cuz I need to exploit it!
I made some more bangle stacks.
These are earthy in an amber/brown color range.

(My usual disclaimer, pictures were taken under crappy artificial light at night.)

Next is a more fancified black and grey set:
These are very big stacks, but to only descent images are close ups of some details.

There's a velvet wrapped piece on the upper right...

Finally, a slightly more colorful stack:

This has some rusty and some blingy.

Next, some earrings. Keeping in mind how much the populace loved the pearly dangles:

 I've been hoarding these pieces of bone (ivory from a piano key?) forever. M'kay, these photos are crap but I'm really in love with those little pieces. Even though ivory-which I'm not sure thesee are- is beyond bad. It's just that they're so teeny and amazingly old looking... aw, screw you! I didn't kill no elephants. And no one's going to see these and be all- 'Let's go elephant hunting!' I also don't believe in Jesus but I use crucifixes all the time. It's more about taking the past as is (as was?) and using it all as fodder for whatever I'm doing. What the hell am I doing?

 And another thing! Anyone out there- you have my permission to copy whatever you see here. Artists are all inspired by the work of other artists. It's all a churning ocean of inspiration and theft. It's all good. Hell, we all say 'bling' and that started as a rap thing. Are we stealing, or does culture just disseminate itself like a living organism?
Rant over. As you were.

These are also things. Look at them. Look at them!
OK. Work's over. Time to gather the family around and share some entertainment.
Call the kids in.


Anonymous said...

Amen Sista on the copy thing! I agree... too many people obsessed with that there is enough art to go around. I love your work but really hate the video....sorry.

Vintage Green said...

Well, it's hard not to be inspired by you, that's for sure!!

amth13 said...

Loving those bangles, especially the black ones. The earrings are insane. I really wish I could have recorded the sound track of my eldest daughter as she watched the vid...noooo, nooooooo, NOOOOOOOO...priceless.

carol said...

hi fanci..

what size wrist do those great bangle stacks fit?

they are soo coool...


Kathy Van Kleeck said...

Probably won't be bootlegging any of your work, but I will be borrowing this, "Are we stealing, or does culture just disseminate itself like a living organism?" ... well said.

Janet said...

Dibs dibs dibs on the black and grey bangle set!!! But since my stupid wifi wasn't working last night or this a.m. Till now, they are probably sold already!!! Grrrrrrr. But if not I am totally calling dibs. Thank you for the heads up

Chelsea said...

That's how you know an artist is secure in her own art; she gives you permission to borrow her ideas!

Gosh, Fanci, I've *tried* to make stuff evocative of yours, but if your style is a black-and-white photograph that perfectly shows off shades and angles and shadow, my style is like the drawing of a small child - very colorful and almost haphazard.

Even when I sit down and say, "Now I will make something like Fanci!" I end up with something entirely different.

richelle said...

The earrings: It's the silhouette--but more. They are immediately striking with the fluidity of the top circle dropping gracefully into the barrel, which gives a feeling of containment, then the crazy, almost violent, dramatic birth-sense of the pointed jutting pearlshells. The earring is "one" thing, very melded, but after the first glance of its initial form, you notice the parts, but the idea of singularity still holds. It all fits together, seems organic. These earrings are appealing because they are 'feminine' but in a deep sense, the sense of the feminine that contains darkness and loss and yielding. I suspect these earrings will be what I call "mantrap" jewelry. Men will comment on them and follow you around Home Depot and Price Chopper. Under no circumstances should these be worn in the Science Fiction section of Barnes and Noble.

Louise said...

Beautiful earrings!

Carol said...

Hi, I'm new to this blog thing. I've never known such a thing existed! I'll be sticking around for a while, hope you don't get sick of me.
OMG Loved the Video! Had to share with a few select friends

Carol said...
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Carol said...

Fanci,I love love your work! Could you give me some direction as to how to mess up the nasty shiny gold or silver chain and do dads I've collected this summer? Is it homeless?

Little Brown Sparrow said...

MOAR BLOGGING I just like seeing your stuff, is all. More pictures of studio things please.

Hallelujah on the stealin' thing- I know we've been talking about it but I want to say it in public (yes the mass-media forum that is your blog) everyone's allowed to copy my ideas too! Personally I don't think I could point to any one thing of mine and say 'I invented that' because I probably didn't. At the time I might not have seen anyone else do it but there's nothing new under the sun.

And them's alotta bangles, m'bitch. You inspire me so!

Corvid Delights said...

I was going to comment on the video and how funny it was, (I needed a bit of hilarity in my day yesterday after my five year old bruised my ribs while roughhousing), but then I got distracted by richelle's comment which is really awesome.

"Under no circumstances should these be worn in the Science Fiction section of Barnes and Noble." Can't stop chuckling about this, and I totally agree.