Dude looks like a lady.

I really like answering all y'alls comments. So entertaining. But today, instead of another giveaway, I wanna show you some new stuff I finishe. I think I'll pick the necklace winner tomorrow, then have another giveaway.
No One Has Ever Been There. Soldered Collage and Kyanite Assemblage Necklace.
No One Has Ever Been There.
Now, why is no one telling me funny stories of dumb things they did?
No One Has Ever Been There. Soldered Collage and Kyanite Assemblage Necklace.
Louise: You thought I was a man once? Then got a sex change? ha. No, I know you meant 'Once, I thought you were a man.' But still that's funny.
Looking at all the other comments, you're not alone.

shipwreckdandy: When you said you thought I was a man, I assumed it was b/c of the avatar. After reading your 10 paragraph essaycomment, yeah, it still was. But I LOVED the antiearrings thing! Never ever thought of it like that, but, love it.

Carboniferous. Rustic Soldered Fossil Necklace.
Chelsea: GODDAMNIT!!! I knew I'd seen that somewhere and it wasn't just wishful thinking. DAMN! DAMN DAMN!
Kathy B: You are cracking me up too much!
Carboniferous. Rustic Soldered Fossil Necklace.
Emakesart: Welcome to the Sanitorium. I meant, what shouldnt' you go online and do- like me, who went online after having a Monster, causing me to spend 2 very wired hours doing something I could've done in 10 min, as per Chelsea's comment. But no one seems to be paying any attention to those instructions! It's not usually so wacky here. I guess giveaways make everyone giddy.
Behind the Darkness of Strange Initiations. Rustic Soldered Resin Earring.
Behind the Darkness of Strange Initioantions.
amth13: You made maybe a paragraph's worth of mental jumps in 2 sentences. After re-reading, I quite enjoyed it.
Homunculus. Rustic Victorian Tribal Assemblage Necklace.
Homunculus. Rustic Victorian Tribal Assemblage Necklace.Jackie: By day, I am actually a total spaz. There's no end to the wisecracks. But my view of reality is a bit magical and a bit morbid. I guess my art and my secret identity cancel each other out. So in truth I don't exist at all.... (Still don't know wtf a 'legal' post is.)
Homunculus. Rustic Victorian Tribal Assemblage Necklace.

Blindsight. Hardware Assemblage Bracelet with Golden Pyrite.
Aqua Junko- Only on good days you wanna have coffee with me? On bad days you're scared I'll turn out to be a man after all?
Blindsight. Hardware Assemblage Bracelet with Golden Pyrite.
So, OK, this is the piece I'm most excited about of this batch:
Poesy. Antique Soldered Assemblage Necklace.

Poesy. Antique Soldered Assemblage Necklace.I got all the bits in Uruguay, surprise surprise. Lemme tell you 'bout it. The POESIE stamping looks ancient, with 2 different metals, brass and maybe zinc. Beneath that I had the awesome idea, if I say so myself, of putting a circle of cow hide. Which I got in the same street market. But, actually, I dunno what to call cow hide with the hair still on it. There's more cows than people in Uy, so there's lotsa leather. Also, the cows are all free-range and they taste like nothing I've ever tasted here. Even milk is crazy flavorful there. Where was I? Oh, the glass is a lens meant for glasses. This guy was selling tons of them in their original adorable little paper envelopes. (I've been using those for earrings I send out.) I picked out the ones with the most magnification- 5x. I even got the box they came in. Now I'm wondering if the lower magnification ones might have had more room to put things under. ANYWAYS, the bezel: I traced the lens on a piece of thin embossing metal that is crazy easy to cut and shape. I folded the little petals to hold in the assemblage.
I soldered all over it, back and front. It holds together perfectly. Also soldered the wire to the back, blah blahh.  Can I just tell y'all- whenever I have to write 'lens', I write 'lense'.
OH! Also, I used gemstone button rondelles of green aventurine, granite, iolite and smokey quartz. But then it was waaaay too colorful. So I shmutzed it up with some gold gilt paint, then went over that with a protective layer of wax. Some will eventually wear off, but I think that's kinda cool.
So the reason I'm proud of it is it looks like an authentic antique fancy thing like the kind one might find in fancy shops like FrenchSentiments. Which turns out is the alter-ego of the Kathy that won the ring giveaway!!! Is that nuts? Not like she doesn't have enough treasures...
I guess comments left here'll get tossed into the giveaway, too.


Kathy Barrick said...

Your Poesie piece is incredible!!! Absolutely gorgeous! What work you do...man! Thank you for the shout out. It's truly appreciated. And there's no such thing as enough treasures. Not possible.

Gardanne said...

I was trying to figure out the question in the last post. Now I got it dumb things you should not do.
You should not say " Come here kitty kitty" to a fox at night in my backyard. I never say wtf on a post but that is exactly what the red fox and I thought when our eyes locked.

stregata said...

That last piece Poesie (German word = poetry) is just so totally you, as is the fact that you used a bunch of colourful gemstones and then slathered them with paint...Which is why I will never be able to make jewelry like yours; I would never think of doing something like that. So awesome.

Corvid Delights said...

That Poesie necklace is awesome, it stirs covetous feelings in my heart. Coming out of lurking to comment, dumb things I should not do. How about telling my fiance where to find the shopping carts at Home Depot when he is a professional landscaper and goes there three times a week. Yah he still makes fun of me for that one.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

That Poesie medallion made my pants explode. I thought it was some ancient thing, then you're going on about cow hide and milk and then I realise that you put it together! You're amamzing. I understand the meat/milk thing- milk in England is like liquified ice cream, I couldn't get over it. Something magical in their cows.

Jennifer Valentine said...

dumb things I should not do....hhhmmmm.....try to sell jewelry on etsy, when there is jewelry like yours there? lol you make mine look like a kindergartener put them together.
love all of the new things....seriously...I've said before that i have taken all of the necklaces i have that you made and wore them all at once...it made me high...no, seriously, wearing your work is, as I've said before, like wearing incredible art. you inspire me. I love it...and you.
ok dumb thing i should not do: if the question was "dumb things i DO, then i'd be able to write a book.
should not do: attemp to drink mcdonalds coffee without exactly 10 creams in it. Yes. 10. It is the only way to keep myself from scalding my mouth while driving.

betweenreader said...

That Poesie medallion makes me feverish. You should let up on us; we can't take much more. I believe that piece is the last, ultimate blow! Ravishing, but only the one I most desire among all of them, all ravishing. Where in the blazes do you get such vision?

amth13 said...

You're like a dervish, all this work pouring out of you. Dumb things, I say and do them mostly daily, it is my burden to bear.

Spirited Earth said...

love the posey necklace and that eye bracelet too..all fabulous..
Dumb things i should not do, but did... oh..blushing..so so many.

Aqua Junko Artworks said...

OK I'll have coffee with you anytime. It's a long haul to Chicago though. And maybe cow hide with hair is cow fur? Cowhaired skin? How do you find such cool elements to work with? As for dumb things I did there are many. One time I was using a soldering iron and dropped something
when I came up the iron burnt the side of my chin really bad - I'm not as funny as you. Poop. Lori

Emakesart said...

hhmmm... methinks people are so distracted by your amazing jewelry, that they can't see straight and therefore cannot read your posts thoroughly to figure out what the actual question is (me included). What you shouldn't you go online and do? umm... crap.. I don't know. So much for trying to be clever. Stupid, brilliant distractive jewelry! These pieces are fantastic... my fav is actually "Homonculus" even though the thought of a tiny human in a jar scares the crap out of me.


Jackie said...

First I must clear up the "legal" issue...LOL Your 1st giveaway asked WHAT'S HARD FOR YOU TO BELIEVE. Well my comment had absolutely nothing to do with that, instead I responded to the comment above me. So I tried to remedy that by giving another comment that was more appropriate and trying to be funny I called the revised comment "legal" because it addressed the original question. That was a dumb thing I shouldn't do in the future!! LOL

So here's a dumb thing I did recently...I have 3 cats that produce more dust bunnies than should be allowed. I got the bright idea to use our leaf blower to chase those bunnies out from under the couch. Bad idea, those critters took off and I had bunnies EVERYWHERE. I spent the whole day finding and cleaning them up.

Okay, I'm so loving your latest creations...every last one. I believe this is the best batch you've cooked up. The Poesie is to die for gorgeous, lucky is the lady that will snag this treasure!! I'm so inspired by your work.

Sidereal Day said...

Ahhhh, I thought I was too late to get in on this but I'm not, yippie!

Hmmm, dumb things you shouldn't do...well there are so many to choose from, but the most ridiculously dumb thing I can remember doing is putting a car cigarette lighter on the tip of my nose. I was a young teen (boy that was a long time ago), waiting in the car for one of my parents, I guess I got bored. I had to live with the stupid burn mark on my nose for at least a week. I don't know what the hell I was thinking.

Sidereal Day said...

Well, I might still be too late but the chance to embarrass myself was irresistible.
Also, I forgot to mention that I think that necklace is amazing!