Janet- Automatron? LOL. Imna assume you meant automaton and not auto-matron. OK, today, as an example, I woke up at 3 pm. OK? And didn't even consider showering. That's how much of an automanomanon I am! As I've said before, I just do absolutely nothing else other than make. That includes not cooking, cleaning, having a normal job, leaving the house, procreating, paying any attention to my poor, attention-starved husband... and often I will be in pain from hunger before I can tear myself away to eat something. Or my bladder will be seconds from exploding.
Mmmmkay? Let all be disabused of any belief in my efficiency.
It's all because I'm so terribly obsessed with making and coming up with fun new ideas for how to put things together.

OK, Dad, I should have said "that's why I allowed myself the trip to Uruguay so soon after the previous trip." Cuz I was due for more goodies.

ensourdine- 1. I'd like it to be 'primordial.'  2. I can't count that high.

Emakersart- I'm so glad you liked it! Yeah, if I weren't so obsessed with making stuff every minute of every day, I would focus more on that idea. There are only so many hours in the day! Especially when your sleep schedule seems to have become 5am to 8am, then take a break to read a while, then sleep from 10am to 3pm.

lucia- I've talked about this before somewhat but I guess I focus on balancing between rustic/refined, masculine/feminine, high-end design/spontaneity, European/"tribal", bling/grungy, etc.

OK, enough questions! Forget the questions! I think most of these are answered in previous posts in any case. Sure you'll have to go back through thousands of posts....

So I started making some bangle stacks after folks basically DEMANDED I do so via convos and such. Turns out they're beyond easy and before I knew it I'd used up almost ever single light colored item in my stash. Know what that means? Shooo- Piiiing!!!

And I finally finished these necklaces:

As for the giveaway: the winner is Louise!  She won the necklace by asking a simple question: 'What's the first thing you do in the morning?' First, I was like "Oh, I know the answer to that one!" Then I had to analyze why I liked that question so much. I think when someone says something as over-the-top flattering as Jodi's "How can one person be so brilliant and amazing and all hail the mighty you!" (I'm teasing, It was a lovely thing for you to say.) When you get something like that your down-to-earth defenses know to come up right away. With Louise's kind it sneaks in- soon you're thinking you're important enough that it matters what you do first thing in the morning. The fact that you pee as soon as you wake up is significant. Ooooh, you got me good! 

Anywhoo, I think I got one last giveaway in me:

It's a simple choker. There's a vintage cab on a velvet leaf and some dangles, some floof and some wrapped black fabric.
To enter, leave a comment telling me something interesting you know. Ummm, something that I can use as a narrative in a listing description. A quote or a historical or scientific tidbit perhaps? 
Ghostly Rustic Specter Chic. Custom Necklace for sharjah.I made one last thing. A necklace with no focal. Weird. But it works.                 Hopefully I'll be listing the bangles and necklaces tomorrow.
Ghostly Rustic Specter Chic. Custom Necklace for sharjah. 


Chelsea said...

Ohboyohboy! I think I can win this. I'm a vet student; I basically LIVE scientific factoids!
1) The amphibian heart only has three chambers (unlike the mammalian heart, which has four). Amphibians have a shared ventricle.

2) Unlike the normal, disc-shaped red blood cells that people have, birds have larger, elliptical-shaped red blood cells with a honkin' big nucleus in the center (people RBCs do NOT have nuclei).

3) Lillies are toxic to cats. Grapes are toxic to dogs. Birds are allergic to milk products.

If you don't like those, you let me know. I am learning a lot of things.

You wanna know about the disease that fleas can spread to people? The extra heart sounds that cows have? I've got you covered.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Your sleep schedule sounds similar to mine lately, but unfortunately I don't have heaps of hand created items to show for it! Here's a sleep related fact - Lions are only awake for 4 hours a day.

Janet said...

Nope, I totally meant anamatron, you know like the fake people at Disney that are always perky and totally functional. But 3:00... I might have to rethink that, eh? Lemme see. Ok maybe not extraordinarily superhuman in all aspects of life, but I still hold my ground that your output is pretty stinkin impressive. And the stinkin is merely for emphasis and in no way a reference to your unshowered state. (wait, I don't know you well enuf to make jokes of a personal nature. No offense intended and hopefully none taken). Have a fab afternoon, it is still afternoon for you, right? Yeah my husband and one of my kids absolutely dreams of living by your schedule. So you are factually "living the dream!"

stregata said...

But I do have a question for you - about the asmat dowry gift pictured on your sidebar. Does he give it to her or she to him? It is a pretty awesome gift - I wonder if it means: you treat me right or I'll chew you up and spit you out... ?

Unknown said...

Great artwork. Love all of your jewelry.
Greetings from Germany

La Fileuse said...

You made a very lovely "no focal" necklace. Really! Wow! :3
I could tell you a lot of things about Alzheimer (the sickness, not the guy)... Well, but in French. Sorry!

alek said...

Saharan mnemonic

In caves

quiescent bathers,

dream water

wrenched into tiny

particles of dust.

Penelope said...

ZOMG BANGLES! SO many pretties. I know they're so easy, right? I think I've not made many bangles because it's so damn easy- I have this 'prohibition' against making things that are easy, it's like I'm cheating or something. I must grind that out of my brain.

Here's a factoid that blows my mind (though I don't need to enter) - the atoms that make up the living material in our body are directly traceable to the atoms that make up the planets and stars. We are made of stuff from exploded stars.

Sidereal Day said...

I'm glad to see you were pressured into making more bangles, they are awesome, so is that no focal necklace.

How about a sweet factoid? The first chocolate chip cookie was made by accident by a lady named Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1930. She owned the Toll House Inn. She sold the recipe to Nestle in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate chips.
That's one version anyway.

Brittany said...

Ohh, love that choker!

Here are some interesting things I know -

* A fossilized rose over 35 million years old was found in Colorado

* In Greek mythology, Philomela was a princess who was raped by her sister Procne's husband. To keep her from telling anyone about it, the husband cut out her tongue. Philomela got a message to her sister by weaving a tapestry that told the story. Procne was so horrified that she killed their son and fed him to her husband. When he realized what he had done, the husband tries to kill the sisters but they are all turned into birds by the Gods before he can get them - in most versions Philomela is turned into a nightingale, Procne into a swallow, and the husband into a hawk.

* The term "defenestration" (the act of throwing someone or something out a window) was coined because of a specific event in Prague now known as "The Defenestrations of Prague."

* A study by anthropologists recently argued that the fairy tale of Red Riding Hood can be traced back 2,600 years.

* Star formation occurs when hot gas compresses cooler gas into "knots dense enough to gravitationally contract into stars." This process creates what appear to be pillars in space known as "Pillars of Star Creation."


Louise said...

Oooooh boy am I one happy won-winner today! Thank you so very much! Your work is amazing and I will treasure this always! :D xxx Yes what we do in the morning is vital. It's the maker or breaker of our day. We got to start right. And if you delay peeing, well you are gonna get scratchy sooner or later and maybe stuff up your coffee making somehow and well then it's all down the drain. Me? I get up and move it as soon as possible. No idleness! Can't wait for my necklace. Mmmmwah. xx

E Makes Art said...

Hey, what happened to your 9 hours of sleep a night? It hurts me when i hear ppl talk about not sleeping ;-)