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Home. Rustic handmade necklace in pale ivory off white with cluster focal- vintage recycled artisan jewelry
So for the last two weeks I’ve been dealing with a breast cancer scare which luckily turned out not to be the big C. I have a lump and I’m still waiting on biopsy numbers 2 through 4 to tell us exactly what it is. But biopsy number 1 came out free of cancer cells so that is at least off the table.
I have to say, I took the possible diagnosis suspiciously well, despite the fact that the Devices family was so obviously devastated. But when I received the call to say it wasn’t cancer, I found myself wandering around Target quietly crying. I never cry. I realized that while I thought I had cancer, I felt like I had an excuse for the vaguely shitty way I always seem to feel, and I’d feel a lot worse for a year or so, but then I’d feel better. And if I died oh well.
Plum bouquet earrings -rustic handmade artisan assemblage jewelry by fancifuldevices
Remember when you had a fever and your mom let you stay home from school? And despite the fever you felt a sense of elation that for the next however many hours nothing would be expected of you? That’s how I felt when I thought I had it.
I had been joking so much with the biopsy number 1 doctor that she thought I was just super sure I didn’t have it. But the ultrasound doctor had as much as said it had to be cancer. So when she called to say it wasn’t and my answers were all mono-syllabic mumbles she finally exclaimed, “This is great news!” And I was like, “Oh yeah. Yeah.”
Otiose -Rustic statement necklace with measuring tape- artisan jewelry by fancifuldevices
One thing I enjoyed, for example, was Mr. Devices’ conviction that I was unbelievably strong and had such a great attitude. That made me laugh because in fact I’m just unbelievably nihilistic and function much better in a crisis than in regular daily life. Tell me I have cancer I’m like, “Cool.” Tell me I have to brush and floss every day for the rest of my life and I go fetal. 
Well, I’m much better now. Part of it all was that having to wake up before my usual 1pm for all the various appointments had me sleep deprived and nothing gets me suicidal faster than lack of sleep oh my god. Babies who cry when they’re sleepy? Like, I’ve done that. As an adult. Multiple times. (Back before I was medicated- now I never cry, see above.)
And I’ve been getting back into the studio a bit which is essential for my psychological wellbeing. Making is one accomplishment I can claim. 
Panglossian- rustic assemblage art lariat necklace- handmade mixed media artisan jewelry
God this all sounds so awful, re-reading it. Like, I’m fine I don’t need any particular sympathy. I’m just always kind of fine and kind of awful and kind of great all mixed up together. We all are. 
And if anyone comments telling me about some herbs I should try or about keeping a positive attitude I swear to god I’m gonna… OK, I’m too lazy to really do anything but I’ll aim so much virtual bile and vitriol your way. Gold Gulch Days. Rustic bracelet with souvenir penny- mixed media art jewelry by fancifuldevices
Mr. Devices’ jiu jitsu teacher (who is 99% an amazing awesome guy) already has him buying distilled water, switching it to glass containers then setting it in the sun to absorb good energy. Fuck’s sake. 
While I've spent 90% of my time laying around with my ipad, I'm looking at this post and there's a lot of stuff here. I guess I'm super efficient with my productive 10%.
Look at this souvenir penny pressed in 1935. It's from inheritance haul.
Syzygy. Rustic Victorian tribal earrings in silver grey with kuchi. 
I made a lot of earrings with kuchi charms. (Stop autocorrecting kuchi to cute! Stupid computer. We already know they're cute.)
Grungy Glam. Rustic artisan handmade earrings with kuchi in grey. Mixed media assemblage jewelry.
They serve as a great background for something sweet and a bit sparkly.
A Quiet Afternoon. Simple dangle earrings with art beads by fanciful devices
Teapotsandtelephones gave me these bone drops with inlay, and I made the polybeads with shipwreckdandy. Who by the way has been doing some really cool experiments with liquid polymer clay beads you can see in her supply shop
Rustic crackle polymer clay cube art bead pair (2)- handmade artisan beads- colorful rainbow
Speaking of which. The way she does stuff has given me a lot of bravery in my own poly. Specifically pricing. And not sweating things not selling. Although I did just go through and cut down prices on a bunch of necklaces that've been sitting in the shop a while.
Glowing Stone- chunky polymer clay bracelet connector- rustic artisan handmade jewelry element
Oh and I fixed this guy. Not bad. It's re-enforced with thick steel wire within. I'm thinking if I get some screen mesh I can get the re-enforcement without the bulk.

Now look at these ridiculous horses. They're bred to walk like that.
Here's some random stuff I see on tumblr and then text to my mom and hubs.
Today the theme is horses. 
I just happened to have horse gifs.
That reminds me, have you heard of Frederick the Great, that everyone's saying is the world's sexiest horse?
Oh yeah. Because the internet.
I'll leave you with that thought, and you're welcome.


More bead making

I used much of what's left of my dark beads here:Soil and Sacrament. Dark rustic choker with polymer clay art beads and tourmaline gemstones. Handmade artisan necklace
Soil and Sacrament.
Those Chunky garnet tourmalines were part of Kathystash. Also a long Gobi Desert Agate and an awesome tassel from TeapotandTelephones' shop.

I even show three ways to wear it. That side one works because the stones are heavier than the polymer.
Nephefliad- Sterling silver and turquoise artisan earrings with art beads- rustic assemblage jewelry by fancifuldevices
I made these with two of the special sterling bits from Inheritance Haul, as well as lampwork and my own polies.
Citrus polymer clay art beads- three (3) large wheel handmade artisan crackle beads in bright yellow and orange by fancifuldevices
I put more of these up, which I now call my Citrus series.Citrus polymer clay art beads- three (3) large cubic handmade artisan crackle beads in bright yellow and orange by fancifuldevices
I'll proly never sell any since I had to make them pretty expensive because of the time they took to make.
Crushed Bouquets- rustic polymer clay connectors. Earring pair. Two (2) handmade artisan art beads
Crushed Bouquets
I was actually able to sell a few of these, mostly to the same lovely lady who gave me the idea to put them up for sale in the first place. It literally hadn't occurred to me. I thought I'd just make like a million different things with these. Then this gal convoed me about them and I was like, with the time it took to make I'd have to charge about $15/pair and I can't see anyone paying that. And she was like "I would!"
Broken Rainbows- rustic crackle polymer clay art bead set (6)- handmade artisan beads- dusty blues
Broken Rainbows
All the different bits have a series name now. Like these are broken rainbows.

I put glass paint in the cuts.
Broken Rainbows- rustic polymer clay art beads set (4) handmade artisan crackle beads by fancifuldevices
Broken Rainbows
The wheel above has been back-painted with black.
Broken Rainbows- rustic crackle polymer clay art bead pair (2) in rectangular cubes- handmade artisan beads- lavender, violet, plum, purple
Broken Rainbows
Back-painting is what I call painting then spending five hours removing the paint in all but the crevices.
Broken Rainbows- rustic polymer clay art beads- pair (2) cubic handmade artisan crackle beads in periwinkle blue by fancifuldevices
Broken Rainbows
If anyone knows a real actual term for that, please let me know.
Broken Rainbows- rustic crackle polymer clay art bead set (6)- handmade artisan beads
Broken Rainbows
Here, all these were back painted.
Fractured Stones- rustic crackle polymer clay art bead earring pairs (4)- handmade artisan beads- grey and pink
Fractured Stones
It's an amazing technique, brings out ten times more detail than you could see before.
Fractured Stones- rustic crackle polymer clay art bead earring pairs (4)- handmade artisan beads- grey and pink
Fractured Stones
If I ever manage to sell anything in this Fractured Stones series I'll have to make extra sure I'm packing and sending off the right ones.
Fractured Stones- rustic crackle polymer clay art bead earring set (5)- handmade artisan beads- grey and pink
Fractured Stones
Small beads are harder to make in polymer, since your hands are your main tool and fingers are clumsy, lumpy logs. So yeah, no lower price for smaller beads like in Czech glass.
Fractured Stones- rustic crackle polymer clay art bead earring pairs (4)- handmade artisan beads- grey and pink
Fractured Stones
But I find smaller beads more useful, more in keeping with regular sized jewelry, so I make the effort to make them.
Crackling Embers- rustic polymer clay art bead set (6)- handmade artisan beads in mustard
Crackling Embers
Ok, these, are quite different. They take much of their color from glass paint.

There are so many things to try! I came up with all the above by blending together several different techniques from several different tutes. Polymer clay rewards experimenting rather a lot.

I still haven't listed these.

I was going to make Them into earrings like this doodle but then I realized I could just sell them as-is as a set of earring pairs or earrings almost ready to go or something... Like, I already put a bunch of work in, you do the rest. That could appeal to crafty etsy types? I'm just way backed up in my regular studio stuff.

Here's a bracelet connector that was a conglomeration of failures.
It has a wire base within and was baked in two stages...

But if you're wondering why it has a weird yellowish edge happening, yeah. I'm wondering too. So I either get rid of that or add it to the center. Good thing I went through the trouble of taking and editing all these pictures for no reason!
I kept some babies to make something finished myself. Here's what I have so far:

I figured out how to make a four-strand flat braid:

This is before treating it to my technique of tightening it up by getting it wet then running it over an open flame. But I did add a bunch of alcohol inks to even out the color. Here's the back without that, see?

I was about to list these:

But then I decided to make something with them instead.
And I never showed y'all these:

Which I haven't listed because I've been needing beads to go with a bunch of brownish things lately so I'm hoarding. The two lone beads in the middle I totally forgot to pierce before cooking.
Anyway, that's what I've been up to.
Thank you guys for your sweet comments about my beads. It was a real moral booster when the price makes a lot of sales unlikely. Especially Fade and Remain who wrote, "Those beads are everything. Forever and ever amen." I love you! She also asked for a tute. Sigh... OK... if you're talking about the brown ones, they came about because I failed miserably at this--when I did the one thing she clearly stated not to do, which was to use translucent pardo clay, cuz it'll turn your colors to mud. So then I back-painted with pale gold paint after those were a terrible failure. So there's your tute?
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So much for my plans for shorter blog posts with more updates. I don't have the patience or wherewithal to plan that much.
Give it back, you little jerk. [video]

When your short friend tries to start a fight. (via blakebb)4gifs:
“Did you know you can get free drinks at this bar? Well, toucan. [video]
“ No ball for you. [video]
“ Dogs have fun with play tunnel. [video]