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This is the first sentence in the body of this post. The following are the photos in the post.
Here is the first picture. It is of a necklace.
The second is of the very same necklace. Perhaps this bores the viewer. The viewer clicks away to another location on (in?) the world wide web. Bye!

Aaahhh..... alone at last.

Allow me to slip into something a little more comfortable.

Enough silliness! These are grungy quartz Sparrow sent me. I set them in some cut tin and cones Corvid sent me.

Ugh. The only good picture of this was the size picture which is sort of the back side.... OK, there's the front:
Look at the giant moose tooth! That's from readbetween!

Wait. There's more.
Look at this primordial baby! All crusty and medieval primitive goodness. With a burst of amethyst crystals which are rimmed around the edges with silver... wait. You can't see it. Crud. 
And a bracelet.
OK.  Das it.


All long and complicated.

So I put this guy up.Eschatology.
OK, I really the meaning of the name of the piece, but the sound of the word 'eschatology' makes me think of poo.

Anywhosures, as you can see by the title of this post... and all these pictures you are looking at right now... all these have turned into unwieldy monsters with the dangles and the strands and the linking and the wrapping.
Heavenly.I was looking for something downright primordial after all the color I've been searing my optical nerves with, so I got a buttload of ancient-looking beads from RareEarthBeads and went to town.
But look closer and you can see some bling- rhinestone trim and even a section of golden puffy sequins like so:
Vintage French Celluloid Sequin Beads. Antique Puffed Golden Rondelle Donuts 7mm vcb0001 (50)I should elaborate on them in the listings. I hate having to remember each dang think I threw in to a piece for listings. I just want the visual to speak for themselves. Though I know people like to know if they're getting special bits. Especially when I also often mix in plastic stuff. I dunno.

Like, if it looks good, I feel like it shouldn't matter what the blog it's made of. That's right. I said it! I don't care if it's plated or plastic or made in a factory yesterday or 50 years ago, in Hong Kong or in Gay Pareee. 
A Holy Place.
Usually that stuff matters because it speaks to quality and style- which is why I do use gemstones and vintage bits- but if you can make it look just as good?
A Holy Place.A Holy Place.I'm just babbling mostly. Just look at the new necklaces, that's all. If you can look past the formatting Blogger is tormenting me with.To Them Who Have Never Been. To Them Who Have Never Been.To Them Who Have Never Been.


I Actually Joined a Challenge.

Oh My Blog! I totally don't ever join in on anything (cuz I'm a rebel like that) but after seeing this post I had to have me one of these:

C Koop Beads
How cool are they? Way, that's how.

And in a fit of insanity, I actually wrote to ask Lorelei for the pink one. I know. But I assumed someone else would get it cuz in a room full of girls, pink gets grabbed up pretty fast. Then I took a closer look and realized the other, subtler colors were awesome. And for those new to this blag- here's the last thing I listed on etsy:
Days of Ill Omen.
So when the package arrived, like, 2 days later, it was all:

(Well, almost...)

Eek! what was I thinking? Pink? Me? I'm all tough and boyish and stuff (I mean, for a jewelry maker) (OK, just in my own mind)... Then I literally turn around and see all the elements pre-laid-out for (dum-da-da):



And it was done!!! Fate. The gods of bling smiled on me.
Also amazement cuz I was having trouble with the squareness of the pyramid- which I got in Uruguay with the rhinestone button. (Also, beads right over and under the clasp by ChelleV2 and the rounds are Gaea . If you can see the little purples they're Radiantmind. And there's some beach stones and Indian yummies and labradorite and rose quartz and wire and chain and fabric and dog hair and yeah.)
So now we do a triumphant dance of triumph.

Go look at all the others:
1. Lucid Moon Studio
2. Ann Rishell
11. Grubbi


So these guys are up:
Land of the Lords of Brightness.Land of the Lords of Brightness.The Omega Point.The Omega Point.
Days of Ill Omen.Days of Ill Omen.
Remember I showed you a sneak peek of this one? It's done and up.

Days of Ill Omen.
Look at all that primordial stuff! I needed it after those bracelets seared the surface of my eyeballs off with the phosphorescence.
And because I still like it, you have to look at another picture of it:
Days of Ill Omen.
Oh. Also, my friend/buyer Susan M has offered her services in pricing after being a dealer in high-end art for 93 years or something. OK, she didn't tell me how many.  So but then if you think the bracelets are too expensive you can blame her. I'm still nice and want you to have all my stuff for free.

Also, I put up this one partially in exchange for a plug and sidebar ad. Check it out.CUSTOM for  AdoredBefore.What else? I'm sleepy and grumpy so I think it's time for the pims. That's my new cool slang for PMS. You think it'll catch on?


Goings on about the shtujio.

Here's some bracelets with gleaming cosmic brights.

Not sure what happened with my usual color restraint.

Here you see one thing I did with the eyes I got from TeapotsandTelephones.

I'm pretty sure the tiny dangle you see on the left and the gold piece on the right of the focal are real rubies. There's no way to know.
 OK, I'm too lazy to find out if there's any way to know. Happy?

Here's a piece made by special request a version of this original, seen below.Lovers Disgrace. Cuff.
As you can see, it's not a strict interpretation. Hope that's Ok. 
Like the closure button on the original was:

Lovers Disgrace. Cuff.I had nothing remotely like it at the time so I sort of invented one. I took some clear no-hole microbeads with no iridescence or AB nothin', some E6000 and soma these:

Antique Pot Metal Buttons

And got:

 Well, it's an experiment. I think it needs to be darker. Maybe.

You know, when I'm making stuff, I'm all enraptured by how amazingly everything's coming together. Then taking pictures is never fun, but editing them is when I start to really have doubts. Then comes listing, usually, which includes deciding how much they're worth in cold hard cash. By the time I'm blogging, I'm a mess and everything looks like crap. So.

Wow, that sounds like fishing for compliments. It's not. In fact, any compliments or mollifying, any reassuring comments and you're blacklisted! Yup. Put you right on a ... a black list. Oh, but any constructive criticism and you're goldlisted! With glittery stars.
What else?
Things in the making:
Here's a spoon and a whatchamacallit. A chandelier crystal. Soldered along the edges. Except the one right in front of my nose broke off and I never noticed til now, when I'm sharing with the world. Of course.

Here's a tooth in a soldered copper pipe between mica pieces. I'd so love to say it was real, but it's a vintage porcelain tooth from a dentist's estate.

Here's whatever the hell this is.

OMG, I'm still excited about this one. Proly cuz it's nowhere near done. The base is the reverse side of some kind of backplate for a small knob or handle. Then I glued in one of the eye cabs and over that I put in an eyepiece from some antique binoculars. As you move it around you get different glimpses and colors.

And my most recent bead binge should take care of the rest. I hope. When they arrive. Maybe.
Oh, I lowered all the prices on crap that's been sitting around the store too long, so... go buy something! And use FREESHIP for- you guessed it- free shipping. If you try typing FREESHIT, you're total actually goes up by 15%. I know, etsy's weird. 



My father in law's up for the weekend, so I couldn't work too much. Oh, and he brought me buffalo teeth- squeeee!
All the beads in this piece were just sent to me for my birthday by CorvidDelights. (I mention my b-day so as not to feel guilty telling folks about the awesome things people send me.)
<-- Coin from TeapotsandTelephones (previously fancylinda).

Actually, the wingish drop was sent to me by SacredCake ages ago and even ageser ago, Sparrow sent me the military Vs (official term).
So the only things I got myself are the chain and clasp from etsy and the little brown guy from Uruguay. Wow. That's kind of awesome.
Here's a piece starring a coin from Uruguay glued on to one of those faux Chinese coin charms that Sparrow sent. And the filigree I cut down/ reshaped /sanded /oxidized is from Teapots. The white drop in the focal and the gorgeous stick bead, as well as the black and white bone beads and the white tulip in the  end dangle are from Corvid. Man, nothing like new beads to give you a rush of inspiration.
Under this woman's portrait it says Sara S.... something. Should proly find out who she is. She looks grandmotherly and benevolent.
So, here I mounted an Argentinian bill behind a grungy plastic watch lens. The chunky beads, SpiritedEarth, the glass drop, Corvid, the flower drop OpulentOddities, the pearlized drops from etsy (here, she has these for $6 for 40! But you gotta convo her.) The white cord readbetween, the red cord Sparrow. And the tribal hook, etsy. Phew! That was a lotta links.
Hmmm... y'all noticing a theme here?
Focal = Uruguay.
Everything else = gifts.

Plastic doily (from Urg.) hoop/blade earrings. I'm actually using memory wire for the hooks b/c it's the only stuff hard enough to keep its shape in such a large arc.

Now this was actually a small picture frame from Opulent. How neat is that. As you can see in the smaller picture, it has a good amount of width and some holes in there already. So the question is- should I dangle things from them? And if so, what things? Clearly these are blingy/girly as is, so it would have to be something crusty/tribal. Dark or light? I guess light, since the rhinestones look light. But then wouldn't it be too much? But isn't it too simple as is? Or not? What does the jewelry committee think?
Oh, here's a piece from a noisemaker from Urg. I hammered it into wrist shape and added a ring of beads above, reminiscent of juggling balls. Now, the red beaded bead and big blue bead were also uruguay, but the rose yellows and Egyptian revival button were gifts. Everything else I actually purchased. It's gonna be a bitch to photograph, of course.
So yeah. That's me w/o getting too much time in the studio. !?!