All long and complicated.

So I put this guy up.Eschatology.
OK, I really the meaning of the name of the piece, but the sound of the word 'eschatology' makes me think of poo.

Anywhosures, as you can see by the title of this post... and all these pictures you are looking at right now... all these have turned into unwieldy monsters with the dangles and the strands and the linking and the wrapping.
Heavenly.I was looking for something downright primordial after all the color I've been searing my optical nerves with, so I got a buttload of ancient-looking beads from RareEarthBeads and went to town.
But look closer and you can see some bling- rhinestone trim and even a section of golden puffy sequins like so:
Vintage French Celluloid Sequin Beads. Antique Puffed Golden Rondelle Donuts 7mm vcb0001 (50)I should elaborate on them in the listings. I hate having to remember each dang think I threw in to a piece for listings. I just want the visual to speak for themselves. Though I know people like to know if they're getting special bits. Especially when I also often mix in plastic stuff. I dunno.

Like, if it looks good, I feel like it shouldn't matter what the blog it's made of. That's right. I said it! I don't care if it's plated or plastic or made in a factory yesterday or 50 years ago, in Hong Kong or in Gay Pareee. 
A Holy Place.
Usually that stuff matters because it speaks to quality and style- which is why I do use gemstones and vintage bits- but if you can make it look just as good?
A Holy Place.A Holy Place.I'm just babbling mostly. Just look at the new necklaces, that's all. If you can look past the formatting Blogger is tormenting me with.To Them Who Have Never Been. To Them Who Have Never Been.To Them Who Have Never Been.


Corvid Delights said...

The title of this blog post could very well describe the ruminations of my brain... all long and complicated. I really like the multiple strands, dangles, wrapping and linking... these necklaces don't seem unwieldy to me at all. What you make is tremendous art! Really nice fanci

betweenreader said...

Scatology? As in whose scat is that? Oh this piece is more eschatology -- isn't that the study of last and final things? Anyhow, you are going from glory to glory here. These are wonderful pieces, truly art that transcends the fact that it is jewelry -- each could be displayed as an ancient artifact or a fine bit of modern sculpture! Fantastic, and I love all of them.

Michelle York said...


Aqua Junko Artworks said...

Love your work and agree with your view of materials you use. Thanks for the info on Rare Earth Beads -- I just now purchased some -- cool. Keep making your wonderful pieces!!! Lori B.