Thanks, all. I changed my passwords. Hadn't changed my email password since I 1st got email, what? 16 years ago? Whoa, I'm old.
Oh! I keep forgetting, my birthday is tomorrow- the medium-sized Three Seven. For my birthday I want days to last longer than 24 hours...

Poseidon. RESERVED for kimhafey       Funiculus.
Poseidon.                                           Funiculus.
I Hooked a Berry to a Thread.         How We Came to Be.
I Hooked a Berry to a Thread.             How We Came to Be.

Got these guys up. Didn't get new pictures of the necklace with the frozen charlotte from yesterday. Why do I keep thinking I can do so much so fast? Why do I put this pressure on myself? But we all feel it- the websicles is like a crazy treadmill that makes us try to go faster and faster. I don't know why.

Oh, I realized sometimes I put up pictures of amazing things people send me unbidden but then other times I don't. It mostly has to do with how many supplies I happen to be drowning in at the time, and how busy I am. So don't be offended. Here's some more recent gifts.

I went over to TeapotsandTelephones to get these crazy awesome eyes and little stars but fancylinda went and included all this other goodness. Square coins! Glass headpins, shank button gorgeousness, bullion applique, coin bracelet, heavy filigree, MOP buttons...
And even this wonderful domino. I was arranging it here with these bad-ass spike nails which were given to me by readbetweenlines, considering a little doll... And yes, I know I was just going on about not doing stuff that's been done, and this has been done. But I dunno. I might have more to add to the topic. And dolls/effigies are too cute. Anything miniature just does it for me...

She also sent this square shank button and these gorgeous leaf links.

Here's a bunch of goodies sent to me by Denise Herrera from... Egypt? I popped out the original cabs and am trying out different things.

What else?
I think I fixed this but I can't tell if it's any good. I'm thinking it's just 'meh'. I guess I need to give it a couple days to decide.

And I'm almost done with this:
The idea of a cluster focal was totally stolen from Sparrow. And here's another shot just cuz I luuuuv it.


stregata said...

That domino is fantastic - I love the idea of a doll...

Little Brown Sparrow said...

I hate when you steal ideas from me, cause you make them better.

Lorelei Eurto said...

i hope you have a wonderful birthday!! Welcome to the 37 club! :)

Spirited Earth said...

HappY BirThdAy!!!!!
what a lovely load of loot you've gotten..
on that horseshoe necklace..my eye keeps going first to the lovely assorted colored back beads..not the focal..it's not Meh though.
and i bet when it's being worn it all falls into place.

NuminosityBeads said...

I can see why everyone wants to send you stuff. It's your genius way of combining the components that is astounding.

A Happy Birthday to you... wishing you supply overload or something like it.

I would just love to have a peek at your stash. Then again it probably disappears so quickly at the pace you are producing!

xoxo Kim

Michelle York said...

Happy Birthday..May you live long & prosper! Keep the creativity coming..

shibui said...

Happy Birthday To You!

I think that maybe what you are missing in the horseshoe necklace is that the focal leaf on the bottom is too lightweight for the rest of the piece. Do you have a metal disk or something you could add to that part to make it look heavier?

Just saying ... just a thought.

Have a good day.


fancylinda said...

Happy Birthday to You!!!

Corvid Delights said...

Happy Birthday fanci!!!!

My world became so much more interesting and enriched because you are here.

Much love now and always,

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday to ya! Wishing you the very best!! Love your new pieces!

Desiree Malan said...

First visit to your blog - luv it! Happy Birthday.
Desiree Malan
Earthbutter Studio
South Africa