Let Loose the Hounds of Hell.

The damn hath broke- a deluge of blood shall soon overtake the land.Divinipotent.
That's right. Got my period.

But it's all good cuz I got new theeengs up.

Here I used my glittery UTEE headpins I showed y'all last time.

 I'm noticing more and more folks on etsy using tin as their sheet metal. About time. I mean, why wouldn't you? It's so redonklessly pretty. It's easier to cut and oxidize, too.

I fixed these up some. Instead of a solid wire wrapped column, I included these teal babies from radiantmind. Sure do like that shop.

I was making an effort not to do my usual "Ok, I wanna use pink, so let me throw anything pink at them that I can find within a 12 mile radius." There's a lotta pink, but at least the teals break it up a bit.

Here I go crazy girlie with the pastels!

Made palatable by the grunge.

Some bezel cheats. Or 'work-arounds' as readbetween much more elegantly calls them. There was a time when I thought this kind of thing wasn't allowed. Then I forgot to remember about that. Seems to me if a cab is flat backed, you can pretty much stick it on to anything.

Here I've stuck them on to embossing metal, which is super thin and easily cut with scissors. The one is then glued on to a piece of tin cuz I was sick of making connectors with head pins. I punch a hole with this can't-live-without-it tool:

Then thread a flat, short head pin through. Loop and you got you a link! That's what you got you.

A Trade in Souls.
A Trade in Souls.
So I've completely abandoned my 2-hole screw-punch for the punch pliers. They're quite a bit stronger than they look and next to them the screw-punch looks like a slide rule next to a calculator. I'm guessing, I have no idea what a slide rule even is or how it works.  Does it slide? ... Does it rule? (Sorry, had to.)

I also have this serious cuff action here. I started this ages ago- it was an escutcheon that arrived in Opulent's box of madness. I sorta left it by the wayside when my hands started hurting so bad.

 But now I see all my pictures I took today are super close-ups. I've gotten so used to the macro pictures, I didn't realize that this being much bigger, I needed to back up.

And when I went to the park today, my first thought upon seeing the brilliant green grass was, "Turn down the saturation, that's way too bright."
So I chatted with my dad and it turns out that, well according to him, I'm making an average of 2 sales a day. Which is insane, I know. One sale a day is insane. I should go check that. (But I proly won't.) Anyway, no more fretting after a couple days with no sales, I promise.


Gardanne said...

I can't live without that punch tool either, I have to make a hole in almost everything I enamel.
As a fellow glass bead maker, I agree, Radiant Mind has great eye for color and design. Those teeny beads are perfect for earrings.

amth13 said...

Lol thought that first line was refering to riots here in the uk. All seems to have calmed down now. Great post love the tin, looks amazing and must get my sticky paws on that hole punch.

Michelle York said...

Love this new work..although they are all favorites. Congratulations on your sales..well-deserved. At Home Depot there is a picture framing wire which is galvanized..26g..100' for $3.95. It's a gray metal (matte) but when it's oxidized it turns a brown color, almost rusted. So interesting. I'll send you a pic of it on Etsy.

Gabri said...

Espectacular!!! Realmente, eres una artista!!! Saludos madrileƱos!!

Shibui said...

That is so neat that your Dad is keeping track of your sales! I love your work.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Do you want to see an exciting number? Go to your shop stats and tell it to show you stats from 'all time'. And LOOOOOOK at that cha-ching! I was shocked. Calmed down a bit when I realised it was over 3 years but yeah.

I try to Photoshop life all the time- one time my room looked a bit too low-lit and I thought 'ugh- duplicate the layer and set it to screen, someone!' Then I realised reality is not so helpful.

Louise said...

Love the cuff and the first creation with the wee bell, just beautiful! Wonderful work you make. :)

In the Light of the Moon said...

I really love that teal with the pink..thats my problem,,I think Im afraid of color..I love black and rust and black and rust..see what I mean...but Im always inspired after i visit you so I may be using more color!!Hugs,Cat