So these guys are up:
Land of the Lords of Brightness.Land of the Lords of Brightness.The Omega Point.The Omega Point.
Days of Ill Omen.Days of Ill Omen.
Remember I showed you a sneak peek of this one? It's done and up.

Days of Ill Omen.
Look at all that primordial stuff! I needed it after those bracelets seared the surface of my eyeballs off with the phosphorescence.
And because I still like it, you have to look at another picture of it:
Days of Ill Omen.
Oh. Also, my friend/buyer Susan M has offered her services in pricing after being a dealer in high-end art for 93 years or something. OK, she didn't tell me how many.  So but then if you think the bracelets are too expensive you can blame her. I'm still nice and want you to have all my stuff for free.

Also, I put up this one partially in exchange for a plug and sidebar ad. Check it out.CUSTOM for  AdoredBefore.What else? I'm sleepy and grumpy so I think it's time for the pims. That's my new cool slang for PMS. You think it'll catch on?


Michelle York said...

You are such an artist! This is the first site I go on to get my daily inspiration. I could never do what you do but I admire you so much..I wish you well! (I know about wanting to give away for free..)

In the Light of the Moon said...

Dont be grumpy..well then again if you create like this when your grumpy..by all means.Hugs,Cat

Opulent Oddities said...

I love how grungy and earthy and native and primitive (but not in the f'ed up americana way) 'Ill Omen is. Its awesome.

pims will catch on. deff.

betweenreader said...

Does this mean you are pimmy?

Cillaw said...

Wow, You got the perfect color. Now I want to check out your store!

Dale said...

This is so very fantastic. Just discovered your blog through the shadow box challenge, and am quickly becoming obsessed with your wire wrapping style. LOVE IT! Great stuff here.