Dear Lord

I spent every minute of today editing and posting these. It is a day I will never get back. Damn you, Dad's computer!
Behind the Veil of All.
Plus I can hardly see a thing on this labtop screen so I have no idea if these images are any good.
Fatima. Ceramic pendant from IndianCreekStudios.
Specimen. A real vintage slide I snagged off ebay for almost nothing. No idea what it says. I'm assuming it's German because it reads 'Stuttgart' on the one edge. German gals, I think they're 3 of you, can you make it out? (Note: Stregata, you're amazing. Now that I've read your note, of course I see English and French as well as German. But before that all I could read was Stuttgart. Which, why so many 't's?)
Comprehend the Cosmos.
First Intellect.
In the Realm Between Gods and Mortals.
A Light from Within. (I forgot to list this one yesterday.)
The Demiurge.
I may have used an entire roll of solder on this damned bezel. Maybe I'll stick to my simple soldering without bothering with bezels. They're a pain. Does look pretty cute, though, hu? 
I'm too exhausted to include links to anything.
Imna go de-numb my butt.



Listed stuff in the shop!

Yeah, sorry I took so long. Computer issues has led me to an etsy vacation.

The Why of Being Born.
As I write I'm chowing on re-heated mash potatoes and sweet potatoes. I love me some carbs.

A Trade in Souls.
I hope you all had a good turkeyday, and hopefully got to see some family.

A Living Snow.
This piece and the 2 above all include bits sent to me by sacredcake.

Sorrow that would offer you its precious blood.

I've made more but these are the ones that I've managed to put up. It took me soooooo long to edit these on my dad's labtop today. And this is as good as they got. Took me forever to make this blog entry, too. On the other hand, it made it seem like I was happily spending all day at my parents' house, so mom's happy.

In the Mystic Night.
Yeah, you've seen these already here and there. The point is that they're up. Big whup.
When Stars Explode.
In writing to someone from another country, I described today, black friday, as the day when shoppers riot in the streets. Hope you're all staying safely inside, girlfriends.



i haz it.
I can't believe how much stuff I've gotten done since my 'puter crapped out! Guys! It's like all the hours we feel are missing when we say "there just aren't enough hours in the day," suddenly revealed themselves to me!
 I soldered a gagillion things after work the night before last, for example. I get home at 10pm, so I usually don't think of after work as even possible studio time. So, I just spend hours upon hours clicking through thousands of pictures of beads, mostly.
I have to limit my computer time from now on. Cuz Apple is giving us all new 'puter innards for like $250, plus installing back whatever was on the old one. And maybe by as soon as tomorrow. I know, right? Apple rocks.
Added some text here. "My heart, a dark and living snow."
Here's what these look like on.
"Sorrow that would offer you its precious blood." Could also be translated as "sorrow whose precious blood I would offer you." Could also be slightly mistranslated as "Too bad I'd offer you your pretty blood." Lols!
 Here's some stuff.
Ok, so excuse the crap photo but I arranged an assortment of postcards and prints from Sparrow on my wall and it looks awe-friggin-some.
Anyhow, this is why she's the photographer and I'm not.


Crisis in the fancifuldevices world

(1st pic- a button and cab I assembled with antique French jet stones)
Um. My computer died. Completely died. Since ours is/was a Mac, we have no experience with it breaking down on us and therefore we have no idea what to do. Hubs gots a friend who maybe can kinda help, so if that doesn't work, I think we're gonna get a new one on Tues. Meanwhile. I made a buncha stuff and took crappy pix last night under artificial light and edited them on my dad's computer which has an old version of photoshop that makes no sense to me. No unsharp mask! wtf? Anyways...

Here you see the continuation of my dirty whites obsession...
Ok, you cant tell but that's a Virgin Mary on the worn fabric stuck to a piece of rusty tin w/the curved frame simply layered over it.
A piece of hyper-oxidized hardware into which i've fitted a little bulb. Made an awesome pinky ring, but it'll break w/the slightest bump, so I'm using it as a focal.
Now, am I actually gonna take decent pictures of these and try to list them on my dad's computer from my parents' house? Ugh...



I've gotten into the awful habit of waking up at 2am and reading til 6am or 7. Meanwhile the studio sits empty. While my students take tests, I doodle, see image. Take a wild guess what's on my mind?

Meanwhile I was driving the other day and a radio station played R Kelly Trapped in the Closet, which I'd never heard on the radio, just seen the videos. It was so flippin' hilarious that I was laughing to myself all day.

Then he walks by the clo-set!
I'm like, please don't let him open the clo-set!
But he walks right up to the clo-set!
He reaches for the door of the clo-set!
But I'm stuck there in the clo-set!
And he opens the clo-set!



Mid-week makings

It was finally revealed to me how to create pictures w/darker borders, so I've been messing with that. Maybe overly so. But I'm new to this so I beg your forbearance.
Prize Law. Cobalt and Azure Victorian Tribal Neckpiece.(Yeah, I've just been reading admirality law, so yeah, I just wrote "beg your forbearance." Means chill you mo'fo's.)
Prize Law. Cobalt and Azure Victorian Tribal Neckpiece.God, looking at these images now they look redonkulous. Not subtle at all. Oh, well. I'll get there. Lots of people mentioned picasa as a source of easy filters but I couldn't figure out where to go to get these filters to apply to my images. Anyone?
Also, I need to do a big ol' batch of soldering this weekend, so my next few days will be prep work and stuff, so you might not get any eye-candy for a bit (though the above isn't really eye candy, more like eye just-learning-how-to-cook-and-horrible-at-it meal). So, I beg your forbearance, you mo'fo's.


4 newbies


The Million-Crested Sun.
The Million-Crested Sun. Double Eyed Bracelet.
Four Branches of the Mabinogion. Tin Sterling and Briolette Hoops.
Four Branches of the Mabinogion.

 Brythonic Languages. a.k.a. Star Guy. I tried to fix my last teal disk and boy did it not work. Glue didn't work and soldering sure as hell didn't work. It looked like a mess and all the heat turned the glass black. Plus the copper tape didn't want to stick to the disc to begin with. How come sometimes it's disc and sometimes it's disk?
My gutulence is stuffed w/sushi right now, oof. My tattoo looks like a layer of lava grew over my arm, but its healing great and feels just fine.
Oh and I wore this necklace out and got compliments.

 I mean, it was just out to sushi but thats how rarely I get out. I worried it was too heavy when I made it but it's quite cozy.
Hope you all had a relaxing weekend.

front page

So an etsian I didn't know, GardanneBeads, just convoed me to say my earrings had been on the front page, in a sweet collection called Shredded and torn; and birds did sing by hippopotamejewelry.
The Curve from Reach to Loss. Victorian Tribal Earrings.


3 things

Feels like years since I posted new things. TGIF, yo.
Winter Absence. Grungy White Assemblage Bracelet.
Winter Absence. Grungy White Assemblage Bracelet.Winter Absence.
You Spread the Nighttime. Sterling and Tin Slice Earrings.
You Spread the Nighttime. Sterling and Tin Slice Earrings.Thaumaturge- A Worker of Marvels.