Guess what I did?

Got me 1st tattoo! And it's a big 'un.
Here's some pictures I took of me right after w/the bandages still on. 
Big ol' goofy ol' smile. I literally just went in and whitened my teeth in that picture. My hand has all this black paint splatter on it still. I was such a spaz after I got it I'm surprised I didn't get run over crossing the street.
Tomorrow I'll take actual photos of it. But I realized I've never put a picture of myself up here, so here you go. Feast your eyes! The guy who did it was really lovely, his name is Mario Desa, and the shop, Chicago Tattoo, is really fun to be in, full of odd little knick knacks and things. It hurt some but mostly I'm in shock that I actually did it. They have a sign hanging over the door that says 'artists will be charged double' and it was literally meant for me.


stregata said...

Love your smile. And can't wait to see what you had tattooed.

Malin de Koning said...

Mmm exciting. Black plastic as bandage? No, I guess it is to keep light away. You look absolutely fantastic. AND you make the most gorgeaus jewellery. Did I tell you I've been to Uruguay. Mate all day long, loads of old beautiful cars, lovely food, being pushed under the water by waves in Punta del Este rolling around like a ball on the sandy bottom managed to get up and get a sip of air only to be pushed down again, a near death experience that was. Saw the Whitbread boats there too. Oh the houses of Montevideo and the furnitures and antiques, and an amazing graveyard we just stumbled upon while walking around, found out later it is really famous. Wonderful friendly people.

carol said...

well fanci
bout time we got a geek at you.

i so wish i had the courage to get a tat.
did it hurt a lot?
best i've done is stick a tat sticker on my foot. but. its wearing off. thats the trouble with taking showers.
can't wait to see what you've chosen to be your trade 'mark'... something exotic??

you do realise that your probably starting a tat explosion now...
good one


lorelei said...

well you are the cutest thing I ever saw! And now what I had envisioned in my head at all!
Can't wait to see your new Tat- i bet it's fabulous!

Spirited Earth said...

can't believe you got a BIG one.
congrats. cant' wait to see it.
did they charge you double haha.

Read Between The Lines said...

Great to see your happy face! I got my first in 95 after first rope lead and never looked back; it's a deep process and I love that "artists must pay double" -- did you provide your own image?

~Debi said...

Ok, you read someone's blog for a while and just get this picture of them in your head. Where's the long hair? For some reason I thought you had long hair. lol

I have one tat, which I got hmmm... about 14 years ago. Can't wait to see what cha got! You designed it, right?

missficklemedia.com said...

Look at that dimple! You are adorable, love the short hair, too!

Pretty Things said...

How cool! I have two!