Listed stuff in the shop!

Yeah, sorry I took so long. Computer issues has led me to an etsy vacation.

The Why of Being Born.
As I write I'm chowing on re-heated mash potatoes and sweet potatoes. I love me some carbs.

A Trade in Souls.
I hope you all had a good turkeyday, and hopefully got to see some family.

A Living Snow.
This piece and the 2 above all include bits sent to me by sacredcake.

Sorrow that would offer you its precious blood.

I've made more but these are the ones that I've managed to put up. It took me soooooo long to edit these on my dad's labtop today. And this is as good as they got. Took me forever to make this blog entry, too. On the other hand, it made it seem like I was happily spending all day at my parents' house, so mom's happy.

In the Mystic Night.
Yeah, you've seen these already here and there. The point is that they're up. Big whup.
When Stars Explode.
In writing to someone from another country, I described today, black friday, as the day when shoppers riot in the streets. Hope you're all staying safely inside, girlfriends.


Jennifer Valentine said...

I swear girl you are seriously killing me!
I knew that when I sent you those things, they were perfect...but now I want them back!...but here's the catch...I have to have THE WHOLE THING THEY ARE ATTACHED TO!
These pieces, take my breath away, no surprise there eh?
love you Fanci!

Riv said...

Oh my goodness, the Echo Bazaar themed piece!!! I love your work and I love Echo Bazaar! :D

Spirited Earth said...

these are gorgeous.
i love the whites.

stregata said...

That little piece of chain above the cross - drool, how gorgeous.
I also love the white pieces.
Hope you are staying safely inside - no shopper rioting here. But this is the first weekend of Advent - so, the Christmas craziness is underway too.