Mid-week makings

It was finally revealed to me how to create pictures w/darker borders, so I've been messing with that. Maybe overly so. But I'm new to this so I beg your forbearance.
Prize Law. Cobalt and Azure Victorian Tribal Neckpiece.(Yeah, I've just been reading admirality law, so yeah, I just wrote "beg your forbearance." Means chill you mo'fo's.)
Prize Law. Cobalt and Azure Victorian Tribal Neckpiece.God, looking at these images now they look redonkulous. Not subtle at all. Oh, well. I'll get there. Lots of people mentioned picasa as a source of easy filters but I couldn't figure out where to go to get these filters to apply to my images. Anyone?
Also, I need to do a big ol' batch of soldering this weekend, so my next few days will be prep work and stuff, so you might not get any eye-candy for a bit (though the above isn't really eye candy, more like eye just-learning-how-to-cook-and-horrible-at-it meal). So, I beg your forbearance, you mo'fo's.


Chelsea said...

I beg your forbearance for the fact that I am adopting "beg your forbearance" as my new phrase of the week. Yo. :p

fanciful devices said...

you will so get your ass kicked!
I mean, er, you'll sound real high-class. Is what I meant to say.