More amber and dusty purple

The Owl that Calls upon the Night.The Owl that Calls upon the Night.The Owl that Calls upon the Night.The Owl that Calls upon the Night.
Imna be in Wisconsin, celebrating my niece's 2nd bday tomorrow. Awwwww.
Imna reprint this here in case you didn't get a chance:

Also, I wanted to tell you guys, because I don't think I say it enough, thank you from the deepest depths of my entity.I respond to your comments w/my comments but some people don't re-read them after posting one, so I should say it here. It is so so so encouraging to get your sweet little comments w/all the unnecessary exclamation marks, the way we all seem to write on the internet for some reason.
The internet/handmade world is totally female dominated and you can see that clearly in how much we encourage each other and prop each other up. It seems like the 'fine art' gallery world is totally male dominated and people are secretive about their techniques and cliquish, snobby and competitive. Totally male, in many ways. Some galleries you can only get in by appointment or they make you ring to get in, not very welcoming. We, on the other hand, are like, "look at these pictures of my messy studio, let me tell you exactly how I made this..." We rock.
I don't know what I'd do w/o my gals. And one of us succeeding sure doesn't mean the rest of us can't also- we don't consider it a race w/only one or two winners. I don't think I'd even be doing this if it weren't for other blogger-crafters that set the example. I might never have tried art in my adult life. Or surely wouldn't have gotten this far w/o all the internet inspirations. I'd proly still be f*cking around w/my horrible paper collages I used to try to make.
Yesterday, I made my husband sit and listen while I read Jennifer/
's comment about holding her breath when she first saw that recent black necklace. I was all, "Robert!!! Did you hear that!!??!!! She was holding her breath! Isn't that amazing?" And he was laughing and agreeing that it was amazing.Every so often I tell a family member something like that, since they can't appreciate what I do on they're own, God love 'em, and it makes them happy and feel that whatever it is I'm up to, I must be doing well. And then I jump up and down, wiggle my rump and do a happy dance. Which makes them laugh.


TesoriTrovati said...

There is something so raw and wonder-filled to everything you make, Miss Marina. I love it. You invent the necklace anew when you create and that makes me smile. You are very generous and open to possibilities which is what I love. And you are right... this is not a race to the finish, unless we are all gunnysackin' it together! We are the wind in each others' sails...

Enjoy the day!

stregata said...

This community is a most wondrous, precious, supportive thing. And full of !!!!! - which I think are the internet way of expressing jumping up and down and wiggling our rumps... :)