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The Million-Crested Sun.
The Million-Crested Sun. Double Eyed Bracelet.
Four Branches of the Mabinogion. Tin Sterling and Briolette Hoops.
Four Branches of the Mabinogion.

 Brythonic Languages. a.k.a. Star Guy. I tried to fix my last teal disk and boy did it not work. Glue didn't work and soldering sure as hell didn't work. It looked like a mess and all the heat turned the glass black. Plus the copper tape didn't want to stick to the disc to begin with. How come sometimes it's disc and sometimes it's disk?
My gutulence is stuffed w/sushi right now, oof. My tattoo looks like a layer of lava grew over my arm, but its healing great and feels just fine.
Oh and I wore this necklace out and got compliments.

 I mean, it was just out to sushi but thats how rarely I get out. I worried it was too heavy when I made it but it's quite cozy.
Hope you all had a relaxing weekend.


fancylinda said...

I just purchased Cervantes. It's beautiful! It's my first piece from you. Yay!

stregata said...

Beautiful new work, fanci! Does that last necklace have carved tagua nut beads?

Spirited Earth said...

i'm crazy for what you are doing with color..beautiful

~Debi said...

Fantabulous stuffs as always. You may be using more color now, but every piece still has "fanci" written all over it. Awesome work girlie :)

Pascaline Loricourt said...

Your creation are fabulous! I particularly like Cervantes. It is a mix of glamour, antique and tribal. Perfect association !!!!

fancylinda said...

I just made a little blog post about Cervantes here: http://www.fancylinda.com/2010/11/recent-purchase.html

fanciful devices said...

aw! thanks so much everyone!
actually, no stregata, i dont think it has a nut... tho im not sure if you mean the star guy or the one i wore. but i dont think either of them have nuts. i have nuts, but they're in my brain.
imna go look fancylinda....