It's time for another update.


Red is the color of extremes. It’s the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure. Our prehistoric ancestors saw red as the color of fire and blood – energy and primal life forces – and most of red’s symbolism today arises from its powerful associations in the past.
- colormatters.com

This here is high drama. The ring was a gift from RomAntiqueSoul. The long coral seeds were in an earring from Inheritance hauled there's goodies in there from Kathyhaul and even Patroness- the giant trade bead. Wow.

OK, that gorgeous faux pottery shard is by JBDRusticOrgainc. And you know I gotta stick in one of my Gobi Desert babies.

There's tiny lamp work babies by 4Ophelia which I've soldered right into the bar chain, how cool is that?

I feel like I should have more to report about my life. I'm boring.
I haven't been making julz lately though, I've been focusing on polybabies.

I've also taught myself the simplest of crocheting to make some interesting necklace cords, but I don't know, they're pretty wonky.

And now for some more mainstream cute for anonymous and any other monsters out there who can actually stand there and tell me primates aren't cute. Or any other mammals for that matter.
Cuz really? You don't thing this is ridiculously cute?



I got a hilarious comment by one anonymous lady who, after very helpfully telling me that medal on the previous post was not Jesus but St. Jude, went on to say, "And will you stop with those ugly primates".
Mentioning over two more comments some recollections about Chimpanzees ripping off people's faces and testicles...

I don't know where to start guys. The fact that you're talking about chimpanzees after I posted gorillas, the fact that if you don't like animals that harm people- you must HATE humans...
The fact that I'm sure those chimps in China were being treated like crap... Or like, I've posted tigers and lions- they've probably hurt a hundred times more people than any primates.

Hippos! Hippos kill more people in Africa than all other animals put together, are you against them too? Wolves? Even pet dogs killed between 20 to 30 people last year in the US alone.

But now lets talk about the millions and millions of primates human being have killed and, yes, even tortured throughout the years... Like gorillas which are still hunted and sold as "bush meat" in parts of Africa. Where people are super poor and hungry so you can't blame them, just like you can't blame some chimp when confronted with people who want to keep them as pets when they're, you know, wild animals.
I certainly didn't mean to rant about this at all. And I wasn't kidding when I said the comments made me chuckle. In celebration cuz I love nutty comments, lets look at some chimpanzees! Who share 98% of their DNA with humans and are more similar to us than they are to gorillas or any other animal!
 dog friends meme running animal friendshipcheezburger  sports animals jumping monkey

Look at this guy counting to 9 by taping numbers faster than any human can manage (this is not sped up):
monkey research chimp chimpanzee chimpanzees
And this is how one group of chimps reacted as they were led into their new, larger enclosure.
And one more just for you:

--end rant--


Three new guys.

From the Past.
After obsessing about tassels I saw popping up all over etsy, I made my own out of little clay beads from Mali and a matte gold cap from Turkey.

Also the tin I used to back up this carved piece really added to it. And there's a couple beads by JBDRusticOrganic, are you sick of hearing me mention him yet? Dude he uses transfers of his own art to decorate his beads though.

So I listed this guy and it sold right away which makes me super happy. Since it's gone I thought instead of listing and blogging just two more pieces, I'd do three.

The Mystery.
This one uses a Jesus and a tribal earring with chasing and repousse which I've turned into a ring. Both of these of course from my recent lovely inheritance haul. 
This is a fun soldered chain section because it uses different kinds of links so it looks very cobbled-together.

Now that I know the wonder of lariats, I just can't seem to go back to regular necklaces.
Here's something different for me- thin and delicate, what?

Like an extreme in my minimalism trend or something. Soon they'll all be invisible. Oh yeah I've been making lots of invisible stuff this year. It's all I'm motivated to do lately.

The gorgeous sterling ... tea pot? ... is also from my inheritance haul.
I already have my next update of 9 pieces photographed and edited.... And I'm still not done listing these! Two more bracelets to go. I'm getting really fast at picture taking and editing.
What's up with you guys? Is anyone out there super motivated and inspired lately? Write me and describe what that's like...
And now, gorillas.
animals excited monkey exciting gorilla
I guess they really like break dancing.

And being goofy and freaking people out.

But mostly they just really like break dancing.
afvpets  animals dance dancing spinning


Two babies, tax refund, actual baby.

How're my ladies today?Mitosis.
Boy do I like a wide-sitting choker. Do you know what I mean by "wide-sitting"? Like it's not tight but it doesn't hang down rather sits in a big circle along where your neck and shoulders meet.
I feel like you can't really see how cool these beads are here. Each one is a little work of art.

So guess what I got? A $6,000 tax refund!!! Yeah. So I'm not as grumpy as I was that's for damn sure. Why'd I pay that much in the first place that I'd need such a refund? Might as well ask why the earth goes round the sun (gravity) or why the sky is blue (scattered light wave lengths) as to ask why I paid that much (stupidity).

The Truth
Here's a wide-sitting bracelet. Yeah I'm doubling down on that phrase! I'm wide-sitting on my chair right now. So there?

Tonight Imma wiggle my buns in my BollyX class. I really missed my classes when I was bleh a week ago.

Oh jeez I keep forgetting I have a new nephew to show off.

Look at that little curl, like he's still in the womb. And that giant foot! He looks just like his brother did as an infant, but has his sister's personality so far. His name is Marco. Squee!

Next up, baboons. Oh you think they're creepy? Look in the mirror and honestly tell yourself to stuff it.love hug monkey friendship 

cheezburger  animals cute snow winter