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Update time! 
Y'all, I sold off all my destash lots yay! I feel light as a bird. Even though I look at my studio and it's still full of projects to work on.
Anywho, I'm going to get my taxes done today, yay. So for that I had to print out some paperwork wherein I had to confront the amount of actual dollars I'd actually made in 2015. OMG, I need therapy.
So I realize I have to charge more... but then I sell less so it's a vicious cycle... That all of us who make are stuck in together... And we've discussed this to death before ... And it's not like I need money, I'm very lucky for the support of my husband and parents on that end.... It's just that money is one measure of your success as an artist, if you're an actively selling artist... I feel like it's a score, really. Which is especially dumb of me considering I was creatively inactive for MONTHS in 2015 and I'm perfectly aware of that and OK with it... Also we all know that good art isn't necessarily sellable, nor appealing to a huge number of people... Plus lot's of folks don't have the $$ to waste on luxury items, god knows... So what's wrong with me? It's like my subconscious was looking for something to get down over, really.
And why does blathering it all out to you guys seem to help so much? It's like the more times I tell people about something the more I'm able to process it and get over it.
Blah, blah, blah, look at this necklace.
Gobi Desert Agate, JBDRusticOrganic art tile, big mop toggle, glowing amber colors.
This update's two pieces are similar in that they have a big Gobi desert agate drop plus a JBDRusticOrganic tile as the focal and they're named If I Were Freed from Caring and If I Were Freed from All Cares, so I'm very pleased with all that. However, as I explain in the listing descriptions, the meaning behind each of the names is quite different.
If I Were Freed from Caring.
Dude uses his own totally unique artwork as transfers for these tiles. Gorgeous.
Anyways, I tried not to clutter it up with too much extra.
That soldered bar chain has tiny lamp work babies by 4Ophelia, isn't it awesome?

Mom and I were remembering a time when I was little and told her not to worry I could just live in a trailer. That's not what worried her, she reminded me, it was when I added that a can of generic dog food was only 40 cents at the market, so I could just live on that. Way to reassure her, younger self!

And now, primates.
animals walking monkey bridge balance        hug monkey hugging reunion chimp

cheezburger  animals cute home video monkey


Lorelei Eurto said...

It is always such a pleasure to stop into your blog.... Always feasts for the eyes, and thoughtful phrases and sentences that always really make me think.

Tax time is a total bummer. Especially this year. Each year, I make a little more, and have to pay a little more, and although my profit numbers are fairly low (when you think about someone with a full time salary elsewhere) it's almost too high because I am dishing out a boatload to state and federal.

How does a handmade artist balance these roller coaster times. My recent job
search was eye opening to say the least. All retail and nothing feasible for a gal with a college

Lorelei Eurto said...

hmmm. nothing say about that eh?
okay then.

fanciful devices said...

Oh sorry! I don't usually answer people straight in the comments cuz I don't think people come back to check. I loved getting this note and I always love seeing your stuff on Instagram.
I didn't know you had a recent job search- my husband is still working basically in retail 10 years after graduating college. What can you do with a humanities degree?