OK, OK, maybe I was wrong. Maybe you did guess my deepdark secret. Turns out Perfect Pearls is mica powder. And that's what I used. Yeah, available at any Michael's and touted by all fine stamping artisans and card makers.

BUT! I wanted to share more of it because I'm so excited about how sheeeeemery glowy glow cosmic unicorn glitters everything is turning out. Except without the unicorns. In fact, my whole yardstick for knowing what to make is asking myself "Is this too unicorny?'
 So like here for ie, this badass lionface. he was a gift from SacredCake eons ago. He's a bigun and I just couldn't figure out what to do with him. He was originally in a big ol' frame too... anywhoozits, a little coloring and voila. Or as they say on etsy, "wa-laa!" I mean... Ok, now I'm doing that thing I do after my excitement has worn away and I'm looking at it on the blog and it's starting to look ... unicorny. Shit.
 Whatev, look at all the crap I done been making.
This one I rubbed most of it off to let the gold glow through. 

This one is all about the links! You know, to connect it to stuff.

 And this one! It was just another variously broken antique bronze escutcheon bracelet and now it's a big gay rainbow! And since y'all's comments put ideas in my head, the clasp is colored light blue with some eyeshadow I never did manage to rock. No I didn't mean to break it, it's just hard to hammer bronze without breaking it and to heat it up enough to bend I think you have to make it molten or something... I've already discussed my torch issues so no fucking foundry of molten bronze in my little condo...
 Now, the only reason my hand looks that clean is because I took the picture 1st thing this morning before it was covered with grime and blood and the guts of sacrificed innocents.

Even some finished babies!
And also some rezy-rez!
I found a book I got ages ago called... whatsitcalled... alchemy mysticism blah blah imagery blah...  I got it for the pix, forgot it, found it, and anyways, here's some resin:

By now there's already metal backings going on with most of these. I got a gold foil background I'm working on with these on the left. And some black against which the powders will look sorta star-cluster-y. Nebulish.

With galactic backgrounds...

(The royals here are all the same couple- the  
male/female duality of existence, siblings that did the
 horizontal mambo to create the universe. I know, ew.)
With this crazy fusible film imbedded.
Two pix to show how the color with the  movement and the changing.

Embedded with wrinkles to look like rays. Rays!

I've always had a thing for rays. They're like, lines of energy going out toward infinity. *tosses glitter up, looks at you mysteriously*

And when you move the piece around you can give yourself a seizure. Awwwyeahhhh. (Any clue how hoard it is for me to keep dog hairs out of these? Hm?)

And also some just regular pendants.
Lol. This is my 'just regular'.
And! An actual necklace:
Open it aaaaand:
And then I found this cool video. Now you look at it.

Earth from Michael K├Ânig on Vimeo.

Oh, and thanks for the feedback on kits. I've been gathering some up and it's already completely relieved my oversupply panic. You know what that means, right?


I made some jewelry, how rare.

 OK, nobody guessed exactly right, so I'm going to give coupon codes to all guessers because I'm craaaaaazy like that.
 LaFileuse, neshuma, alteredarcheology, Venus Soberanes and AnvilArtifacts y'all convo me for your coupon codes. I'm not gonna chase y'all down. They'll be good for, I dunno, a month?
 The theme of this necklace is allthetinyjunkwithinhandsreach.
 Another little tin with a cute scene within, both covers coated in red stamps.
Stamps and tin provided by etsy's waterhand of the huge haul I mentioned.
 Another resined slide. This slide is OLD though, so it's actual glass. Yeah.
 There's this tiny ephemera bits that I got off the packaging of some 7gypsies stuff I used for wrapping  ages ago.
Here you can see the gold foil sorta.

And here you can see the odd sorta clasp I wrangled for my moon cuff.
Pink madness. Might be the last batch of pink stuff I got.
Earrings. Decided it was time to use up some of the zillions of medals I got.
I dunno about this new blogger interface. It keeps telling me an error occurred while trying to save/publish my post, neither of which I was trying to do.
I'm having a dizzy day. If my fairy godmother wanted to appear with a hot fudge sundae I wouldn't complain.
These really are exceptional medals and didn't need too much fussing by me to accompany them.
Look, color.
Did I say the earrings above were my last pinks?
Here's my last pinks.
 I'm thinking of maybe destashing by offering diy kits. I dunno tho. They'd maybe be like - "Here's some things that would make for good mis-matched earrings if I had more time...." Yay/nay?
I'd include a bunch of findings and extra bits that I'd consider if I were gonna do the do. Doobidy do.
I think I need some chocolate.
Finally, I just don't know about this thing. What's it even supposed to be? And the wax didn't make the cords leathery, it just made them stiff. Maybe I'll just sell it for cheap... Imna go steal some chocolate from mom's house now.



A while ago I made a pair of necklaces of graduated rings, taking inspiration from the precious metal clay work of Kathy VanKleek. They were wonderfully received and so yeah, here's two more. Ceremonial Magic. Rings and Hoops Rustic Neckwear.
Ceremonial Magic.
You can see I used a good bit of hammered Indian bangles, which are aluminum and super fun to hammer. I needed more to fill out the thing so in both pieces I used rings I made myself with metal, solder and pewter.Ceremonial Magic. Rings and Hoops Rustic Neckwear.
One is a looped piece of copper finding, one is a circular base metal finding, one is a wrappy hoop of steel wire which isn't the best thing to solder, and one is a piece of thin brass sheet for embossing like you do by rubbing a stylus on it that I folded a lot for thickness then curved into a ring. (In case you wanted to know all that.)
Ceremonial Magic II. Rings and Hoops Rustic Neckwear.
Ceremonial Magic II.
What I learned from the process is I hate working with a torch. It just freaks me out too much. I feel like I'm holding my breath the whole time it's on and I can't handle all the damned black goop that the flux and impurities create. Or maybe I was just doing it half-assedly and if I'd brought my pickle pot outside with me it would have come off easily and been less stressful. I dunno how those lampwork folks do it.Ceremonial Magic II. Rings and Hoops Rustic Neckwear.
Plus just about any torch thing I've been able to do with a very hot iron, so... Or the embozzling which is like fake enamel which I do with just a heat gun. Speaking of which:As a Sta IIr. Cosmic Tribal Talisman Earrings with Rainbow Titanium Iridescent Stones and Faux Raku..
The dangling disc bits have the embozzling. (Just remembered the dangle on the 1st necklace does too.) I used a black powder that came with bits of glitter mixed in and a chunky silver on the very tip. I actually blew off a lot of the glitter before starting. Glitter can get fugly fast.
As a Sta IIr. Cosmic Tribal Talisman Earrings with Rainbow Titanium Iridescent Stones and Faux Raku..
Well, you proly noticed a colorful metal treatment too. Hint- last time with the faux verdigris? That. Coupon for 25% off to whomsoever guesses what it is. Good for anything except tutes.As a Star. Cosmic Tribal Talisman  Earrings with Rainbow Titanium Iridescent Stones and Faux Raku..
Here's another example. Oh such fun!As a Star. Cosmic Tribal Talisman  Earrings with Rainbow Titanium Iridescent Stones and Faux Raku..See these globby babies? They're glass with a coating of UTEE.  They were cool but too regularly shaped. I did use them here Queen of Heaven. Cosmic Gold Leaf Rustic  Soldered Stone Raw Citrine Queen Coin Pendant. and here:The Human Night. Cosmic Rustic Dark Assemblage Bracelet with Sterling Crucifix, Iridescents and Raku Art Beads. though. So anyways you can see the cosmic thang's still going strong.
Among Empty Eternities. Glass Eye in Natural Pod with Hammered Choker.
Among Empty Eternities.
Sorry Sparrow, but this eye is less freaky since the pod gives it eyelids, right? Filled it with many layers of resin. Had to wait til each dried before I could add more or it would just spill right out.Among Empty Eternities. Glass Eye in Natural Pod with Hammered Choker.
Simple hammered choker I'm digging.
Praise. White Rustic Tribal Choker.
Here this was a dark leather cord but I whitened it with rub-n-buff. Why not? And the giant bead caps on the beaded bead have gold emboz.Praise. White Rustic Tribal Choker.
Oh, all the pieces from last post are up, of course. Also felt like showing some WIP.
Maybe just cuz taking shots is less stressful ever since I got a decent battery charger. All the little things you do to make the process easier really add up.
Look at the maddest thing I've ever done! 
That's T-shirt yarn. I might wax it for a more leathery look. The tin wraps there are from the huge haul I was given right after returning from Uruguay. Finally got my lazy ass to chop up one of the tins. I'll maybe rust it up a bit but the colors are gorgeous. 
I also used that metal here. See the tiny orange bits? (Oh and the dangle is from readbetween, that kind of 70s style that always reminds me so much of Uruguay. It was you, right?)
And from that SAME haul (etsy's waterhand, the paper collector) these chandelier crystals. Behind just the lower sections with the ladies I've added gold leaf. Can't see it too well here but it adds this crazy brightness. Both the images were from my little art book Urufind and I only used resin to stick the surfaces on. That way when the resin cured I could wet and rub off the rest of the paper, apply more resin and have clear transfers. Which is why the gold works. Ehhh? Eehhh? See what I did thr? It's kinda crazy hard to just apply enough resin to stick the paper without seeping into said paper and it was a total mess and I loved it.
Some pendants:
I've had these tiny jet cabs forever and finally decided to do something with them. God knows what. I need more resin at the base but I ran out of mixing cups and I find they really are essential... Well, unless you are supernaturally good at eyeballing. Eyeballing is like free-balling but with less testicles.
There was surely something I meant to say... Well, don't forget about the coupon for correctly guessing my metal treatment(s). 
Aaaaand scene!