So I was juuuust this side of oversupplypanic when what should come in the mail but:
The biggest box of anything ever. And addressed to "Marina Rios, The Smut Queen w/Unusual Sheen."
My husband was concerned.
But inside- look at all that color!

 Hello sexy.

 Teeeeniest little hook clasps ever! Which I luv b/c they look like fish hooks.

 And tiny pointy fingers, and roses made of some kind of... paper? clay? dough? And awesome matte orange rings.

 And this miniscule bottle of little pills. It's the size of a thimble.

AND! And these! And the birdies are about the size of a grain of sugar.

And fifty pounds of gorgeous ephemera, each piece individually wrapped. Or just about each. I certainly have enough baggies and bubble wrap to last a lifetime. Thank you waterhand you crazyperson!
*Runs and hides under her bed from all the too-glorious stuff she is now responsible for*

Just put these up, from before I left.
The Peasant. Rustic Gypsy Tribal Assemblage Earring Dangles.
The Peasant.
The Peasant. Rustic Gypsy Tribal Assemblage Earring Dangles.

The Crone. Rustic Gypsy Tribal Assemblage Earring Dangles.
The Crone.
The Crone. Rustic Gypsy Tribal Assemblage Earring Dangles.


Jackie said...

More goodies, I love the beads and the fish hooks, the pen nubs and EVERYTHING else too. Nice haul there Marina.

Did Bingo miss ya? Did he do the happy dance when you got home?

...Jackie xo

Juliette Williams said...

Wow, nice haul!!! I love those pen nibs. And 'The Peasant' earrings are gorgeous.
xoxo Juliette

Kimberly said...

The Peasant and the Crone....there's just so nicely graduated in the most random way. Superb!

Great haul in the box too.

You're going through supply panic overload and I'm going thru Fanci blog panic, I haven't blogged in too many days and now i'm freaking out!

No, really keep 'em coming. I love it all. So nice to have your energy back on my screen. Or should I call it my SQEEEeen now?

neshuma said...

You are most wekkum~! although it should be noted that I popped the box in the mail on Monday morning and really, really did not mean
for your head to explode. (Please come out from under the bed, child. s’ok. )
The roses are cold porcelain recipes+design tests, thoroughly sealed w polycrylic. you’d need a hammer to crush them.
(--cue old post note to Richelle here.) The orange rings are partially de-alloyed brass —they were plated w/ silver; the silver was stripped testing the sacred pickle juice
(6:2:1 peroxide/vinegar/salt; it’s a highly effective head start for anyone who loves to oxidize). The big orangey glass-like bead is UTEE, acrylics, & epoxy.
There may still be some surprises in there…somewhere in one of dem l’il baggies are a few old microscope lenses…

Alice said...

How fun to get such a fabulous surprise in the mail!!!! There's so much in that box and I can see why you would want to go hide from the intensity of it all.

I just love the earrings you made.

Petra Carpreau said...

Oh good grief - I think this mail love has knackered up my computer again! Just the pics of the beginnings of it were too much, and it gave up the ghost after that!! Looked like a mammoth package though. Yeah, 'cos you're short of stuff right now 'ain'tcha??

IsAug said...

"Sexy" Portuguese olive oil lol