And now for something completely different.

Aw, shucks guys! I luuuurv you all so much. Now I remember why. We're a buncha goofs we are. All affectionate over the webs. I'm feeling much better, thank you all. However, I can't seem to locate the camera battery charger anywhere so instead I located the scanner. See, I made a little travel journal. And for some reason I just thought I'd scan each and every page. Um, if you're not into random paper stuff, skip this whole thing.



Some stuff I stuck on before the trip, most during. Mostly from out the newspapers. 

Also doodles.

This is a picture of my dad!!!! OMG the bangs. Oh and a big fight on the soccer field that was all up in the news. I'm sure y'all care.

Here I made a little pocket for tape. And I wrote down tidbits I heard that I liked, and words I wanted the definitions for. I mean in Spanish. Like, to improve my vocab, duh. Oh and that's our prez bottom right. Well, a cartoon rendition of our prez. Well, a newspaper print of a cartoon rendition. Well, a scan of a newspaper print of a cartoon rendition. Well, your monitor's display of a scan of a newspaper print of a cartoon rendition of our prez....

And things that happened, stuff we saw. Yeah, the book has this elastic you can keep pens in, that's why there's pens in each damned scan.

Here's a buncha definitions.

And a buncha papers I found on the streets. Wrappers and crap- such a spaztic page I won't even.

 Below, cows. Lotsa cows down there. Raggedy Jesus is amazed.
 Highlights. We got them capibaras, but we call 'em carpinchos. They're cute. Always look a little grumpy.
Yeah, toilet issues, you read right.

This notebook is the mini 'Smashbook' by K and Co which I liked b/c it came with a pen that had a glue stick and because the pages weren't blank. Tho some seriously needed to be glued over.
That little beach scene was a part of a hand painted bookmark and all dimensional with the paint strokes. And exploding virgin of guadalupe! Exploding over a pigeon!

Here's a little card that opens, and in it you find a fold-out map of- you guessed it- Texas. Oh wait no.

I should proly explain that my thumbnail is bright red because of drinking red juice then biting it.
 My pink girlie page.

 That's a card on top and it folds out for more ramblings. And a little baggie with changes we noticed. And a llama.
Here you can read about the corner shop lady declaring herself to my husband.

And then the card got flipped on to this page. Not that it's at all important, but it should look like this on the left. 
A similar card and all the funny things the family babies are saying on the left there.

The card, as I translated w/in, sez: Fantasy is the Origin of All Things.

It was mother's day. Can you read any of my deep philosophical musings? You can if you're a real stalker.

This lady came from a newspaper article about France's new lefty prez. Lots more news about the wider world. Being a tiny country, it's harder to forget it exists.
  If you see above it sez "I  Potato Dog, Leaf Pile Dog." 
<--Here's leaf-pile dog.
And Potato:
With hubs. Who never smiles in pictures b/c he hates his teeth. But he always smiles in real life.

Here's all 3 of my favorite boys. The dogs belonged to the corner shop and in a way, so did my hubs.

 Oh this reminds me. Assemblage artist there called Francisca Rosas. Makes these shadow boxes that just about make me pee myself. (Yougotta click on the pix to see that magical pee-yourself quality...)

 So much for sharing deep insights. You really can't read shit, hu? But that's good because a lot of it's in 'Spinole or is only interesting to fambilee members... Or makes no sense...

This one's mostly vocab. The glued-in page from an old Reader's Digest, an illustration I liked. And when I had a minute, I'd doodle all over everything. Nervous habit because of having finished my book waaaaay too soon. Always  gotta bring a long-ass book.

 All the cigarette packaging foil got glued right in. Funny song lyrics, sexy Jesus w/heart nips.

Things that Uruguayans say. Wacky mens I draw... Oh, that there is the least terrifying of all the cigarette packaging. Philip Morris sued the entire country over this in fact. Guess we won. 

Aaaaand cover! 
Man, journaling is fun yo.


Chelsea said...

Wow. You have been busy. These are gorgeous. If you ever get tired of theengs, mebbe you can just work with paper . . .

Beatnheart said...

your crazey.

Bead and Needle said...

Man, reading about it is fun yo! This is INCREDIBLE!!! What a remembrance. Happy Hump Day - Tanya

Juliette Williams said...

LOVE your top 10.
Have you seen the Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project? I joined it last year, and yours would be PERFECT for it. Here's the link:


xoxo Juliette

Jennifer Valentine said...

I think you need more old papers n stuff. I'm giving it away on mi blag.well for the cost of shipping a ton of it anyway...I have poundage.
glad you had a safe and wonderful trip Deary!
Feel better soon lovey.

stregata said...

LOVE your journal... drool, slurp.

Louise said...

You are a bona fide fine character Ms Marina. Love this gritty stuff. Thanks for sharing your life with us greedy eyed nosey parkers. We love it! (well I do) ;)

Rosie Moceri said...

You are quite the creative soul Miz Fanci. Glad you are back! I love the creepy cig packages and I totally laughed at the cartoon scan of the computer monitor... blah blah. Hooray, our Fanci is back!

Kimberly said...

I'm all about the paper stuff, except when I'm doing the glass stuff. Super pages , this is just a blissful post for me to peruse. Some of the pics wouldn't load for me so I have something to come back to later. Love!

☮Bohemian Mamaw☮ said...

love your art/travel journal...way coolio!

Tami said...

Hello, Marina! I love your blog! I'm glad that you are feeling better too. I loved looking in your travel journal-thanks so much for sharing.

alek said...

you really are extraordinarily prolific - i'm blown away - as usual

Flotsam Tide said...

Your journal is amazing.. so much content that you packed in there. This is one of my favorite posts that you've put together, and it kind of snuck in there underneath all the glorious theengs!