Some Actual Jewelry.

Feels like forever!
So actually, I made a buncha stuff with a buncha stuff I already had before the trip. I realize I did this after last trip, too. Like, I feel bad starting on the new stash without finishing the old. The above reverse teardrops I cut out of a small crusty plate. I put up two photos because I just can't seem to get the color of the beads right.

But yeah, I seem to be seeing any little pendant charm's possibility as a post. Just flip them upside down and E600 a post finding on those suckers. 'Member these leaves from my Germany haul?

I made these posts with old fishing spoons! Below, some gorgeous charms I gold foiled a while back. The dude is Cervantes. After rolling around on my floor with all my rusty dirty things, the foil got even crustier and I decided to like it.

And these teeny charms below actually were from this trip. All very Victorian tribal. Or trying to be.

The round ornate piece below was from last trip, just never quite felt ballsy enough to use it. Now that I feel like I have to use the stuff from last trip I'm like, toss that baby on there! And the weird hardware piece I just showed y'all. Remember I thought bending the arms there would make it look like an anchor? Ummm. It looks like an arrow.
Aw, crap. Just realized that the whole focal taken together looks like a flower. Crap, crap. Here I thought it was all serious and dramatic...

This, too from last trip. It's a fountain. How is this a fountain? I dunno, it's what I was told by my aunt who gave it to me.
It was intended for a wall and has like a pocket... Oh wait, yeah- like one of those wall fountains you might see in Italy from the Renaissance or sumpin.

I'm making a concerted effort to balance the very Euro style theengs one finds in Uruguay with the rustic/tribal vibe I've been developing for the last year or so.
One way to do this is to mix the Euro theeng focal with tribal beads/cords as the necklace section.
This one has that particular formula in full display, maybe because of the brown coloring that especially brings it out.

Thick, simple- I'm all about chokers too. Best, simplest way to display a special theeng. All the focals are so interesting on their own, they don't need too much more. So my artistic work in this case is getting my ass to Uruguay and buying up the place.

This one in particular happened to be a lighter. I took out the insert to show where you soak the fiber inner part with butane. That gets tucked back into the lid, actually- the half circle part, which in turn gets tucked back into the medallion. The little screw on the bottom adjusts the tightness of the round sparky wheel that you flick your thumb on, whatever that's called.

This is a mini frame a lady might put on her nightstand. I took out the insert, flipped the picture upside down and drilled holes in the feet of the frame. That actually took forever. Y'all who have flex-shafts- what are they attached to? Surely something stronger than a dremel, right?

Those weird springy links are actually bicycle parts. Or so the guy told me.

Here the old coral Grandma gave me. I hammered the crap out of a bell to form a bezel for it. Didn't quite go as flat as I wanted so I drilled the sides to allow room for the coral 'shoulders'. I tried heating up the bronze bell with my torch and then hammering and with the first strike it cracked into 3 pieces which all went flying.

So next I actually looked up how to work with bronze. Helps to have a forge. Here's an interesting story on how folk in Africa use what they have (including donkey poop and an old door handle) to make bronze figurines. 

Does this lampworked nail look familiar? It was part of a piece that got bought then return because it didn't fit well. Instead of re-listing it, I seem to have cannibalized the necklace. 

Long hangy piece was from last trip; ceramic ring from scorched earth, previously jewel identity; cording from this trip to U, and I used little bullet casings as cord end caps. I'm cultivating a minor obsession with long or tubular bezels. The bullet casings are one manifestation, and below is another.

I showed you those silver salt-shakers, yes? Well, I shaped one to just fit the crystal point and- instant bezel!

On second glance, now I notice the crystal looks like glass, which makes the whole thing look even more like a little salt shaker... hmm...
It feels like the good ol' days before tutes - huge batches of jewelry coming atcha! And I actually have two more pieces juuuust about done. Plus I ordered a whole slew of fresh new tools as all mine are haggard and broken. And if I'm going to invest in theengs, should also have decent tools to work on them with.
I can't go without thanking you guys for all the sweet, sweet comments that made me smile so much. Now that you all think I'm so cute, I can share this baby:
I guess I was describing something extremely painful. And now we must never speak of this again.


Unknown said...

that toggle from the retutned necklace is crazy awesomesauce! I'm digging the chikers too, they just seem easier to wear IMO. the 5th earring are pretty sweet too btw

Palimpa Lim said...

:D Guess you said: "This is not the English lawn I ordered." Or: "Lama poop wherever I go."
Love the coral neckpiece!!Incredible! The 4th pair of earrings is too cute!! And the Numinosity toggle... simply genious.

Roberta Warshaw said...

I love the way you connect things.....if you ever need to make another tute, why not something about the way you make those cool wire connections, twirly ones and all! Love the corkscrew-y ones!

Alice said...

Ohhh, I love all the fun crusty stuff you find! That crystal pendant with the salt shaker bezel is gorgeous!!!

And I still think you're cute. But what I want to know is what the other woman is drinking....

Beatnheart said...

Yeah me too.. What's that stuff lady is drinkin in a coconut or something... You shoulda saved that coco nut and put it on a chain with some beads.
? How do you string yer beads besides connecting with wire? Do you ever like use beading wire and crimping? To me it seems so unsafe as I did it once and beads went flying all over the place as it came undone...
You have outdid yourself here with even more cool unique ideas.

alek said...

great work as always,
vis a vis this -
? Surely something stronger than a dremel, right?
its not about the strength, a dremel does not go slow enough to drill metal, you would be better off using an ordinary drill, you have to go very slow - like slow motion and the lowest speed on a dremel is 10,000 rpm
sorry if thats teaching my grandmother to suck eggs and is useless information

Anvilartifacts said...

Wow-you're back! Fabulous new work, fanci. Each and every piece is fantastic. Love them!

Anonymous said...

Amazing work especially love the cream our lady necklace-may need to do big teary eyes and lay away talk with you. I think the fountain necklace may have been a font in a former life. My Nan had one that was always full with holy water.

Rosie Moceri said...

Gorgeous work! I think that fountain may be a holy water holder thingy. Your own personal blessing fountain or something? I love it.

Also, I'm curious about your statement about something being returned. I had some things that I had to repair because they had come apart. I felt so horrible about it.

Anonymous said...

I love all the new stuff. It seems less complicated than what you have been doing in the recent past, and I like that, personally. The coral necklace is spectacular... Wow!

richelle said...

ayahuasca, yerba mate, or tomatillo gazpacho? I feel like you're a telling her about a really bad storm. Or thugs.

beadybaby said...

So...I was looking for those cool black striped seed beads in the victorian tribal earrings in this post (in Fanci's etsy favorite shop list, starting from the LAST page) and I found these, who are from one of MY favorite seller's of vintage glass that I also buy from whenever I can...


and these

and a few others. After recovering from the vapors, I purchased several lots. There are some left, and some intact antique seed bead belts that are to DIE for (striped, greasies, micros).

Check 'em out...if you dare!

betweenreader said...

Okay, I think that's a little holy water fountain, so now we can wear holy water around our necks in case someone wants to do the sign of the cross before kissing, or after. As usual, I am inspired by your unique vision, with jealousy and awe! It is way more special than any theeng found anywhere in the whole wide world!

Tribalis said...

Fanci, even with that sour face, you are beautiful..you know everybody here love you!

That coral necklace..Oh! Magnifico! Magnificent!..

Flotsam Tide said...

Tell Robert that my better bearded half says that you are singing "Hallowed be thy name" at the end where Bruce is belting it out for a diet coke commercial. (Hallowed be thy naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamme!!!) :)