To respond to some recent comments-
Yes, Rosie Moceri, that's a holy water fountain thingy. I remember now. And yes Rosie, I've had things come apart after the buyer got it and I felt like the shittiest slime residue of putrefaction to ever stink up the world.
Yes, Beatnheart, I sometimes use beading wire and crimping. Here are some examples:
Blood Beggars. RESERVED for SusanSM.I've never had any problem with it, though Kim said she had your exact same problem. I don't know how but you both seem to have come across the worst crimping beads I've ever heard of.
The Wraith. Victorian Tribal dollhouse assemblage.
The only thing you have to do is hold it firmly just before you crimp, making absolute sure the 2 wires aren't crossing each other.
diagram of a crimp beads being used to attach a clasp to a necklace or braceletThe Laying Down of the Foot. Sacred Heart Shrine in Red Violet.The Vagabond. Victorian Tribal Cowbell with gemstone rondelles.
That way you can assure a nice, flat crimp. After, secure it with some:Jewelry Craft Adhesive Glue G-S Hypo cement 1/3-ounce tube
 When the Child was a Child. Frozen Charlotte Long White Victorian Assemblage necklace.Dark my Light and Darker my Desire.  Victorian tribal beaded hoops with kuchi.Quintessence of Joy. Pink Box Locket Assemblage.Pale Shoulder Duster Dangles with Moonstone Gems and Ceramic Art Beads.Mammon. RESERVED for nikinoo.
Yes, fancylinda, this stuff is simpler, since the focals are doing so much of the heavy lifting, design-wise.
Yes, 13, we can have a layaway talk. Tho that one is sold.
What else? Yes, richelle you smarty-pants, that's yerba mate she's drinking. It is the defining ... icon of Uruguay, Alice. Just like here we always see people with their coffee, there you always see people with their mate. They're all addicted to it. But it's green so it has more healthy things.
And it's a gourd not a coconut, Beatnheart, you goofball!
And Robert my wannabe-Uruguayan husband drinks it every day. Several thermos fulls. Cuz it's accompanied by a thermos of hot water... And he drinks it at his work... and he's converted a couple of his coworkers to its bitter, bitter ways. Really, it tastes like... boiled dry grass.
Folks pass it around in a circle like a bong. And it doesn't matter if they have cooties or nuthin'! Between the kissing and the mate everyones' sharing germs. We're selfless like that.
One thing I realized on this trip is just how goofy Uruguayans are. In what way? In the exact same way that I am goofy. And just crazy friendly and never shy. And spend all day chatting with everyone and getting nothing done. Always ready to tell an anecdote or hear one, always ready to laugh, especially at themselves.... It was a big revelation since I've lived here since I was 5 and consider myself 100% American. And yes that means United States-ian Dad! I still do but it's weird to realize just how much of a Uruguayan I am. Identity-paradigm shifting, is what.
And what else? Roberta, those twirlies were just here:
The Thinker. Rustic Gypsy Bronze and Lampwork Assemblage Earrings.

The Wanderer. Victorian Tribal Rustic Gypsy Found Object Assemblage Dangles with leaves.
<--These were already part of the leaf theeng. Do your honestly want me to describe how I made them? I twirlied one wire and sproingied the other. As for other connections, toss me a link and I'll tell you how I made it. Cuz I don't know what you mean by "all your cool connections." I mean, I absolutely accept the compliment -no takesies backsies- but I don't specifically know which you're talking about.
Palimpa Lim, you guessed it! In the picture I was saying, "This is not the English lawn I ordered (?) because there's lama poop wherever I go."
And last but not least- Boot~C!!! Did you not realize you won the crane scissors? I have them (And an entire priority box filled with oversupplypanic odds and ends) ready to go so you besta convo me lady.


Roberta Warshaw said...

twirlied and sproingied! I love your made up words! You are so funny!

Jackie said...

Oh thank you for that leeetle lesson!! I've had beads flying before and I'm sure the problem must have been CROSSED WIRES and no GLUE. I'ma gonna fix that situation and give it a try again. Any ole bead wire work...any favorites? You are so generous with your knowledge! I can't wait till you come to Virginia...I plan to be there. Any new news concerning that awesomesauce class or classes??

...Jackie xo

Unknown said...

Yay, Thanks~ I still haven't used up the last goodie box I got from you. I'll get in touch w/ you!

PipnMolly said...

Che mate?
Endorsed by revolutionaries everywhere.

Beatnheart said...

1. thanks for generous drawing of uncrossed wires
cause of course my wires were/are prob crossed...short circuted wha eva.

2. if Roberto can drink herb mate and you pass it around like a bong well sign me up.

3. so i wanna know what kind of wire string thing you do use if your so smarty pantz that yours don’t break...


5. thanks for blogging cause ya alwaays make me smile no matter how bitchy/sad/drepressed/angry
i felt before i read it.

6. me and Kim Numiosity share a lot of similar problems

Jackie said...

Yeppers, wire type would be awesome!

owlparty said...

love what you did with the little dollhouse plate: mounting it on the filigree thingy. great way to hang it without having to either drill or glue it. so clever you are.

Tribalis said...

hey Fanci, in Brazil the Southerners drink a lot the matte, they call: CHIMARRAO.
(there is an accent on the last "a"), I don't know how to use in my computer.
The same than in Uruguai...

I never tried. I came from Northeast..I would never leave my sweet water coconut or sugarcane juice for this bitter drink..for God!