What did I tell you

About looking at our crotches?

This is exactly the kind of ridiculousness that hangs out in my head. I wonder sometimes if etsy shoppers, enticed by my store, ever come here looking for the source of the je-ne-sais-quoi in my pieces,  and then... here they find... me.
But!! There are some out there finding magical eye candy in my stead. Like this one who does so for the goth girl in all of us. And there's certainly a little goth girl in me. I actually used to be goth in high school- can we say combat boots with antique black lace tops? and hot pants? with funky black tights?  and Egyptian eyes? Yeah.
ANYWAYS- She Walks Softly, fun for the whole family (of voices in your head). Like this:

Gorgeous group shows including like for example:

Artists who I can dig:
(Sorry Penny/Sparrow)

And things that make me feel I'm not alone among humans:
And much more than can fit here. Because I gotta pee. And some of you could care less and just wanna see my jewelry.

I did post these two today:Blood of the Vine II. Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Grape Chandelier Earrings with Labradorite.

Blue Belles. Rustic Gypsy Victorian Tribal Hoops.
But etsy stopped letting me upload photos. But wait, now it is letting me. Well, maybe I'll list more later, I gotta get to making already.

  But-and-plus-also, I have a whole new sale section. Maybe take a peek, I dunno. And-also-also, for the next couple purchases, I'm including ephemera packs with a nice variety of items, if I say so myself. Cuz I found myself with tons again, and I've already been destashing beads and bits via purchases, so now I'mna sneeze paper all over you. I always feel like destash is somehow like sneezing on someone. Tho I don't destash crap, of course. I'm brave enough to realize when things need to be tossed or given to Goodwill. Thus shall you never see me on an episode of Hoarders.

Still, yo, Imna destash all over yo face!


13 said...

YeaHHHHHH I love the Regular Show, the hello governor taxi and the unicorns rocked my world. There is always room for the darkness of goth, it's needed to stop our girly side getting too syrupy.

Boot ~C said...

& I can testify that your paper destashes rock!!

alteredarcheology said...

We musta been walking around in that Goth get-up at the same time, I'm 37...absolutely adore the art you featured, so bizarro.

Tami said...

Blood-of-the-vine II! I wish I wore ear rings-these might make me start to!
Incrediblenous (new word for ya)!

betweenreader said...

I'm too old to have gone goth, but I try it every now and then, however, I don't go out when I do; it's just for me, not WalMart. AND I BIN DESTASHED!! My barbary pirate earrings arrived today in a box load of theengs that required brewing a cup of tea before opening and perusing. Now I have the Marine Corps song ("from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli) as a brain worm, because the leathernecks went after the barbary pirates. The more things change, the more they are the same ... Gotta vermifuge for songs that go round and around in your skull and won't quit? I LOVE those little coppery teapots and speckly beads and the purpleness of the array!

Jennifer Valentine said...

the teeth purse is completely EW.
I was asking money to send my destash, and it prolly 'aint as good as yers!
Your jewels rock, as always.