Missives from the future

So I'm not writing right now, I'm talking these words right into my iPad. How cool is that? If only I had something to say. 
 I've listed some earring pair sets. (okay the iPad heard that as 'hearing impaired sex,' so I guess it's not really the future yet.)
Okay I do have one bit of maybe exciting news. 
I joined a gym and I'm taking Zumba classes. 
I've already been to two classes and every last little bit of me hurts. 
The first class was extremely traumatic what with the big mirrors and my awkward self. 
So the second class I wore make up and already it was much less traumatizing. That's right I put on make up to go exercise.
 Oh and my mom took me to buy exercise clothes. (Cuz I'm 40 and my mommy takes me to buy clothes.) 
She was so excited she took a picture of me at the checkout to text to her friend.  And the cashier guy was like are you not from around here? That you'd feel the need to commemorate shopping at target?
Now here's Mom with Blanquito. 


This thing on?

Hello my sexy bitches, remember me? Where've I been? Sick! This whole time! Not very sick just a mild virus that sucked out my will to do anything but netflix. So yeah I'm back, here's some stuff.

Some more brooches.

When I say some I mean tons.

Do you know I was about to be stressed about not blogging or listing new things for so long but since several commenters said don't sweat, just take care of yourself, I was like 'nah, I got permission.'

Check out the pattern on this ammonite.


Here's this very dark one.

But I dont know if I'll be listing today, taking all these pix was enough.

Oh so guess what y'all?

I turned 40!!!!!

I feel so accomplished, just from being 40. Like, good for me to have sat around and allowed time to elapse.
And Mr. Devices and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. We decided it felt more like 4 years than 9 though.
   I still have nightmares that I'm back with my exes. Shit. What a handful of... handfuls.

What else happened?
Got so used to reading on the kindle app that the other day I was reading an actual paperback and I found myself tapping on a word to get the definition to pop up.

It's like the times I've found myself in front of my house clicking the car unlock button on the keychain and wondering why the front door's not opening.

Is this just me?

Also my mom's cat Blanquito taught himself how to use the toilet.

Dad just caught him on it today.

Here's a couple bracelets, haven't made those in ages.

Very victorian tribal in the mix of elements.

This one uses a long section from a kutchi hair ornament.

And this big ol' rhinestone buckle I curved for braceletness.

Also some beads.

And these earring pair thingies.

Someone asked me how I managed to drill a hole through the glass in these.

It's very thin glass and the layers of resin sort of protect it. I don't know.

I also made a couple necklaces I haven't yet fully photographed.

And I have some bead soups and earring pair collections to photo as well... but I think the next couple hours are gonna be dedicated to a nice nap.
Check out this dog guilt-tripping after stealing a baby's toy.


I Couldn't Love You More.

You guys cheered me up so much! I don't know why just having people tell you it's ok makes all the difference.
Soft and Slow. Grungy Pink Victorian Tribal Assemblage art statement necklace.
Soft and Slow.
I don't know what to say. Other than, yes, Anvil, his nose certainly was that horrifying but as soon as he washed up he was fine.

He also got a big bruise on his cheek the other day. He was so proud but by the time I he got home I couldn't see anything. I had to be all, "Oh yeah, baby, that looks swollen! Wow, you're so ... um, tough? Yeah. I'm super impressed and not rolling my eyes at all."
The Despair. Victorian tribal cluster assemblage necklace in ivory cream.
The Despair.
Aaaaanywho, you know how sometimes you have bits that are good but maybe once you try them out on something they just don't wow you? Well, how about if they're just one in a whole cluster of bits?

I always loved a layered cluster but drove myself nuts making sure each bit was visible- I couldn't imagine being willing to let something become covered and no longer visible. But then I realized if the elements were good but not strong enough to stand alone, that's perfect for a layered pendant, duh.
Oh I found out what these teeth are!
 They're sea lion teeth! There's a ton of them living on an island off the Uruguayan coast so people find these gnarly teeth here and there. I was so confused because people kept telling me they were wolf teeth. But in Spanish sea lion is sea wolf. So they were telling me they were sea lions and I was hearing wolf and yeah... No wolves in Uruguay.
If anyone has any clue what that long straight stick is, I'd love to know. It feels like no material I've ever come upon.

Cluster brooches.
Guided by Stars. Victorian Tribal dangle cluster assemblage art brooch.
Guided by Stars.
OK, I've always wanted to make brooches that use simple little safety pins as the connection and I wasn't previously brave enough. But phuquet, it makes sense here. And it makes more sense as a pin to me than as a pendant. It just does! So I'm selling it as a brooch not as a pendant so there.
A Revolution. Victorian Tribal dangle cluster assemblage art brooch.
A Revolution.
Like everyone asked to have their brooches converted to pendants who bought these previously but I don't care. It's my hot body I do what I want.

Look at this amazing medal. And click the link if you wanna read why I called this one A Revolution. It's about how each element represents a different moment in human history or sumpin.
Dwell in Your Own Enchantment. Purple Victorian Tribal dangle cluster assemblage art brooch.
Dwell in Your Own Enchantment.
Wanna know a great mood lifter when you're feeling crappy? Bob's Burgers, the animated show. It's the best thing ever. So clever and surprising. Go watch it now.
Mapuche. Victorian Tribal dangle cluster assemblage art brooch.
Mapuche. Wait, this one sold already? Wha? Honestly I can never tell.
How much better are these than ipad pix, hu? Damn a nice clean black paper makes the best background ever and the fastest to edit.
Neptune's Daughter. Victorian Tribal dangle cluster assemblage art brooch.
Neptune's Daughter.
I actually had to solder links to the back of the medal so they'd drop right and not just be a tangled mess, speaking of layered clusters and not wanting them to overlap. Which we were. Speaking of. Previously.
Techtonic. Rustic assemblage earrings with Roman glass, salvaged tin, polymer art beads.
Hadn't done a layered Roman glass/poly/tin pair in a while. It occurred to me I could make them with the double drilled glass I have and that somehow in this case less layers worked best. See the dark crackle corn flake polys? Yeah you do.
Ordered. Rustic assemblage art earrings with enameled plaques biwa pearls and crackle dangles.
Oh I made another pair of these cuz the last pair sold, yay.
The Waiting Darkness. Rustic assemblage earrings with African prayer beads and art polymer.
The Waiting Darkness.
And these with stillpointworks drops.
Ocean Foam. Ancient glass in caged rustic assemblage earrings with apatite gemstones.
Ocean Foam.
And finally finished and listed the last caged pair. Well, last for now.
The Travelers. Resin charm pair.
The Travelers.
Oh so I had a breakthrough with these.
People Long Gone. Resin charm trio.
Those Long Gone.
Cuz in real life they look cool but in photographs the camera focuses on the surface of the charm and you can't see the picture underneath.
The Argument. Resin charm pendant.
The Argument.
Plus the best thing about these is how the light goes through them.
The Mourners. Resin charm pendant.
The Mourners.
So duh, I just held them up when shooting so the light could shine through and they look completely different!
Hands. Resin charm connector.
I should go back to the other listings and take pix like these.
Man I forgot how much I like blogging once everything's already listed so I can drag the pix and links directly from the shop.

I havent' listed these yet cuz I'm afraid they're too insane:
They're celluloid buttons... Maybe if they hung over a bunch ivory mop rounds or something more similar to the buttons... What do you think? Do they look just too random or would any of you purchase such things?

One cool thing though is that I found out that Wildfire thread I told y'all about earlier is how it reacts to a hot soldering iron, turning these dangle knots into sort of ball pins. Can you see that? Eeehh?

Oh finally I have these crazy guys I just need to pass along. They're from Patroness but she no longer wants them and they're way too big for me to make something affordable with. They actually house pieces from sacred statues, blessed by Tibetan monks, which are cradled in fabric. They open from the back. The bigger yellow one is 61 by 45 by 20mm not counting side handles.
 How much should I sell these for? I've seen them from 60 to 200 bucks, what do you guys think?