Missives from the future

So I'm not writing right now, I'm talking these words right into my iPad. How cool is that? If only I had something to say. 
 I've listed some earring pair sets. (okay the iPad heard that as 'hearing impaired sex,' so I guess it's not really the future yet.)
Okay I do have one bit of maybe exciting news. 
I joined a gym and I'm taking Zumba classes. 
I've already been to two classes and every last little bit of me hurts. 
The first class was extremely traumatic what with the big mirrors and my awkward self. 
So the second class I wore make up and already it was much less traumatizing. That's right I put on make up to go exercise.
 Oh and my mom took me to buy exercise clothes. (Cuz I'm 40 and my mommy takes me to buy clothes.) 
She was so excited she took a picture of me at the checkout to text to her friend.  And the cashier guy was like are you not from around here? That you'd feel the need to commemorate shopping at target?
Now here's Mom with Blanquito. 


darlene said...

zumba is so much fun! enjoy!

Miss R said...

Pretty pretties!!

But we need to know...what kind of music do they play at zumba?? I'm scared, I want to, but reggaeton. RAGGAETON. (So I took bellydance and totes suck at it.)

Your audience needs to know. Blanquito and your mom are adorbs.

Chris said...

Blanquito and your Mom...and the pink curlers. Darling~ And you are rockin' the Zumba! Positive changes just rock.