My new most precious possession(s)

Set of Five Vintage Circa 1932 Lands and People Encyclopedias With Great Embossed Covers from RustysecretsAll the graphics in my banner, avatar and some of the images on my sidebar and footer come from a book I found in the depths of my grandmother's cupboards. Like an ass, I tore it up, used the images for shitty, failed collages and god knows what. The other day I recognized it's same cover on this item I quickly snapped up:

The whole set of 5 huge tomes were just $15, plus $15 shipping, they were very heavy.

They arrived today and I've been breathless ever since. Turns out my grandmas book was a Reader's Digest version, these have much much more to them. I took some quick, sloppy scans to give you an idea.
But I want to scan every single page and share them with the world! Aren't these so... me?  Or what I aspire to?

I took these all from the Asia and Middle East books. There's a Europe book, one for the Americas one for Africa.  

I'm having thoughts of opening another shop to sell images of these. Like some shops do. I'd like to offer full-sized images, one that the buyer could size as they want. Is that possible? Because images on etsy are always offered in precise sizes. Is that for convenience? Or because pdfs work that way? 
Also, why all the pdfs and no jpegs? 

Here you see a group of Tibetan nuns. They save their heads then don gigantic wigs!

Anywhoo, where was I? Oh, yeah. I could offer them real cheap b/c there's so many! Though, who'd want these? I mean, some folks might, but prolly not as much as want the ones of the friggin' Eiffel Tower and Victorian babies.
The only work I guess is the time it takes to scan the damn things.  I guess that could be while I'm on the internets. They'll have to be much more carefully done, one page at a times so we don't see that dark center crease.  
And not all wonky like this one. But these are so gorgeous to me! 
Doncha luv? If I have millions of these on-line, they could be a source of income. Since there not limited to one of each like my jewelry gig.
So, anyone sell images?
Any tips? How should I size or crop these? Square in on the pretty girl's faces, I suppose...


stregata said...

Such extraordinary pictures!
Well, I do know (I think) that images are usually sold as pdf files, because they offer better quality in print. jpg have already reduced the amount of information in the files, which reduces the quality. Then there is the issue that some people buy images and just print out as is, because they don't want to be bothered with adjusting sizes (or are, perhaps, computer challenged).

Spirited Earth said...

in hindsight..
so glad you were able to find these fabulous books..
the images are stunning

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, how old are you anyway???? You sound like an "old soul" with layers and layers of depth! I'm the one who sold you the books and I'm blown away that you are so happy with them! It was "meant to be" that you got these books. Someone else told me that they were planning on purchasing them before you did, but alas...they were meant for you alone!
I love your Etsy shop, by the way, it has been one of my "favorite shops" for quite a while.

Have fun and keep that enthusiasm, it's refreshing!!!!

Gina XO (Rustysecrets)

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