2-Year Anniversary

GUYS! I just realized that my 2 year etsy anniversary is coming up!!! This whole time I've been thinking it's been 3 years, that's how time-confused I am. But, damn! This is awesome. My dad actually was the one who noticed, he said he wants us all to go out and celebrate it. Awwww.
Actually, I've been wanting to get a celebratory tattoo. My 1st. Thing is, I'm crazy picky about every last detail. My husband (whose arms are covered with 'em) doesn't want me to get one cuz he say I'll never be happy with it. But If I design the damn thing I will be! It's gonna be based on yr classic gypsy gal with just a touch of the ol' calavera thrown in:
traditional gypsy girl 
But just a touch! Just the ornamentation. In these stylized pictures it always looks like the teeth and jaw area are stitches and a random black glob.  I gotta try my hand at it...
My dream is a royal blue and red one with the skull-esque ornamentation barely there in a pale aqua.... And maybe instead of a gypsy scarf she'll sport one of these wacky Spanish headdresses, since I have Spaniard in me but not Roma/gypsy.

I mean, what are these things? Europe is so weird.

Oh, so I went to fix this listing because I'd forgotten to add the measurements:
Edible Poetry. Vintage Glass Berry Drops.
I was laughing about it when the hubs came to look. He was all impressed but then read the title:
Edible Poetry. Vintage Glass Berry Dangles.
         "But 'berry dangles' makes me think of 'dingleberries,'" was his comment. Which made me just about crap myself. And the crazy thing is that I wouldn't have thought of it in a million years but he hadn't even finished saying 'dangles' when right away I knew and was already crapping myself. So I changed it to berry drops.
School was cancelled tonight because of these crazy storms that blacked out the whole block around the building. Yay.
And, I just spent a year looking up images and messing with them on my old photo editing program and got this far-->
But then it should have tons of scrolling banners everywhere, maybe saying something like, 'Otherworldly' over top and 'Beloved' curving under?


stregata said...

So - weird, are we? chuckle
So, you want to know what the lovely Spanish ladies are wearing?
Go take a look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peineta_(comb)

steufel said...

I'm excited to see what the whole thing will look like! Let us now.

fanciful devices said...

HAHA- stregata, i just had to re-read that entire post wondering what you meant by 'weird, are we?' I was thinking 'did i write that my blog readers were weird? why would i have written that?' when i found 'europe is so weird.' LOL!
so in response to you...
well, you're from germany, right? one word: lederhosen! (that is to say, yes. yes you are weird)

Desirée said...

I think they look like dangling grenades, but I'm a little strange (or so I've been told...) so you are welcome to take my opinion with a grain of salt ;)

I would love to see a version of the classic gypsy tattoo with those ornate Spanish comb/veil thingies!