[Seals, letterheads, and allegorical imagery.][Product labels.]This collection of images is the commercial work of Alexander Anderson.

[Business seals and buildings.]
[Business seals and letterheads.][Business seals.][Seals and letterheads.]You know how sometimes you find things by just clicking one link after anther until you can't remember how you even got there? Well, my journey started in the brand-new updated link list on Sparrow's blog[Product labels and letterheads.]
School Mixed Paper Journal - 50 PagesWhich is also how I happened upon this lovely mixed paper journal I'd hate to alter in any way.
School Mixed Paper Journal - 50 Pages
It's been just 1 day away from my studio and I'm having withdrawal. I did manage to sneak in several times, and to bring some pyrite and random things downstairs to wire together while my folks and my in-laws were chatting. They're so quiet compared to us. We in my family are perhaps a very cultured version of your Jersey-Shore Italians. I hate to say it. Mind you, we certainly don't look or live like them, but we all start yelling at each other all at once for any little thing. Then 1 minute later it's over and everything's fine. But it's embarrassing around such sweet, simple people as my Southern  relatives. They'd never do that in a million years. Everyone yelling at once because they all have a different version of some anecdote....

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