Unproductive Sunday

Oh, boy I thought I was gonna do so much today. Somehow, waking up at 3 pm doesn't make for a really productive Sunday.
So, here's a picture of another piece I'm working on featuring an ethically harvested crystal from littlebrownmagpie, aka, Sparrow, who has no recollection of having sent me these, lol! The prayer hands are from my awesome oft-mentioned gal who sends me random things and wants me to make stuff special for her all the time. They were actually already on a necklace, it was meant to be a thank-you gift. Thanking me for accepting her free supplies and for my taking payment for the pleasure of playing with aforementioned goodies. Anywhoo, I had to take it apart and use it for other things. Had to.

Also, I got so many nice comments and convos about my sacred heart doodles, I had to scan in another one, below. Folks seems surprised I can draw(ish).  Made me think it wasn't clear when I showed the collage growing on my wall that the drawings were by me:

Oh, in this doodle I had an idea of the heart floating over an open hand. then as the fingers started to look like toes, I remembered I can't do fore-shortening. So I added a crow of peace. And a banner w/a line in a poem I found forever ago and really can't remember any more of...

(Note- found it. John Keats.)

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stregata said...

Can't wait to see this sacred heart take shape.