I'm a blogging fool

If the Stars Were Lower. RESERVED for dherrera6.
If the Stars Were Lower.

If the Stars Were Lower. RESERVED for dherrera6.
I've been blogging a lot- 3 posts in 2 days. But I have more to show. So here's 2 more things up in the shop. Check out those ear wires!!!!! SacredCake made them just for meeeee! They are the craziest fucking things ever and I LOVE THEM! Have you ever seen anything like that? Are they not just made for these earrings? The big secondary underloop was the perfect size to fit through the long crystal pierce.  The looooooooong ends reach the top of the lower crystal, bringing the whole design together awesomely. Yes, I just used 'awesome' to describe my own stuff. To malappropriate a South Park-ed Springerism, "It's my hot body! I do what I want!"
Was that last bit way too convoluted? It's because I'm freaking out about a special package I just got. I'll have to take pictures of it to share... damn having to go to work!
The Nine Worthies of Antiquities. Coin and Kutchi Neckpiece.
The Nine Worthies of Antiquity.
Oh, and then there's this. You've seen it, whatev. I'm freezing and it's grey out and I just wanna turn up the heat, make more coffee and just stay at home playing w/supplies.  Or figuring out the difference between filters, brushes, plug-ins and actions on photoshop. It's overwhelming.


Jennifer Valentine said...

Thank you so much Fanci, for the compliments! (and the mention!) You're the best. Seriously. I love your work and the earwires I made were just to show of your brilliance.
I swear I love everything you make!
That Nine Worthies necklace is amazing. You put so much work into your jewelry and so much love in what you do and it shows. It shows...

~Debi said...

Loving all the new stuff Fanci.

Can't wait to see pics of the new stuff (the special package)! I'm getting ready to order a buncha new (old) stuff. Nothing like a good mail day with goodies in the mailbox!

stregata said...

The chandelier crystal earrings are so lovely - poetry for the ears.

romantic decay said...

Your earrings are wonderful . . . every piece perfect.

fanciful devices said...