Stregata FTW!

Damn, girl! You got it!
It was liquid in the spoon - I'd been heating it over the stove- and I was tired of waiting for it to cool before going upstairs to work.  So I dribbled water slooooowly from the sink, wondering if I was gonna make it explode or something. And when I was done, that happened! I ran up to take pictures right away.
Now I'mna convo Stregata. I'm so excited someone guessed it!

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swopemelmel said...

I can't stop laughing because you said you needed a biscuit after reading my guess.
If that is hardened into the bowl of the spoon, can the handle be bent or removed and filed down? This would be a super cool pendant. If it's gooey not so much. LOL swopemelmel@aol.com