What I'm up to

Matching-ish spoon bracelets for the lovely lady I made these for:
Synesthetic Perceptions. Custom Order for Shessoweird.The Lost Legion. Custom Spoon Bracelet for Shessoweird.
Ave Adonai. Custom Necklace for Shessoweird.
Book-board fun:
Finally something good to do w/those coin tiger-eye. Anyone else have issues when some beads lay flat and some are bulbous? Like, they lay at different distances from the wearer's chest-surface? 
Or is it just me?
My completed milagro from embossing copper and book board. And a little tiger-eye and bronzite dangle. 
And this cutie frommostly yukidesignsbeads. Not like me to just use a bunch of un-adulterated beads. Feels like cheating.
Of course, I did solder and darken the crystals to attach, cut of the strange base of the square stone there, and put it in a bezel , and make the little fabric bit... I also made 5 hammered hooks last night. 
I also have some news that has me sorta bouncing off the walls. Two huge rock stars of the jewelry world are FOLLOWING MY FRIGGIN' BLOG!!!! 
->Ruth Rae of let the beauty we love be what we do blog and Charming Exchange book (huge influence on my necklaces), to name just two things.
->Deryn Mentock of Something Sublime blog and a million workshops and publications (huge influence on my earrings and use of gem heishi).
If you've been hiding under a rock, go check them out. 
I'm going to interpret this to mean I'M FAMOUS!  Please don't disabuse me of this conclusion.


stregata said...

Now I can say I knew you before you were famous!
The milagro and the crystal pieces are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

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