soooo knackered

OK, I'm not 100% sure what knackered means, but I hardly slept last night and I feel like shit. Yesterday, I was kinda bummed because I took a late nap and was still groggy at 7. I felt like I was having another inefficient day. But then I found myself up at 4 AM, still making.
Partial white thing:
Sparrow's talk of bridal items got me in the mood to make something romantic:
These are awaiting ear wires:
They could be bridal.
I fixed the minty green hearts:
The right one ended up telling me it wanted to be crimson.  Just plain blackened, it was indistinguishable from the base. Who knows how it'll end up, though.
On this sliced woodblock stamp, I put 2 different lines of text- both upside down. D'oh!
The prevailing theme of this necklace is lack of color. 
It's a-chromatic.
"Sunlight falls on us and it is day."  
 All these bits of text I've been using are from the same children's book with one story in it called  "Tell Me About the Sky." Score! Out of context any talk of the sky is so evocative. 

Now, did y'all think I was gonna leave these all shiny w/the UTEE? Hells no. I waxed them w/wax medium.  My hands are so gunky w/wax and oxidation, a cut and a cuticle seem to be mildly infected.  (I should state I wash my hands many times a day.)  My mission for today is to get some neosporin or bactine (which one's better?) and band-aids. Or liquid band-aids. And coffee. 

Finally, I think I should do something with this lovely old thing (from Uruguay) full of pyrite.  But for now, I think it's nap time.


stregata said...

Well, I've never heard of the word before - but I know exactly what kind of feeling you're talking about.
That white necklace in process looks fantastic.

Chelsea (TangoPig) said...

Neosporin's better -- it softens the skin as well as disinfecting. Oh, god, I LOVE those crystal earrings, I'd totally wear those to a wedding.

fanciful devices said...

yeah- i ended up getting neosporin, it's helping a lot. but, lol, i thought bridal jewelry meant its for the bride! either way...