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No Happiness Like Mine. Mixed Media Talisman.
No Happiness Like Mine.
So I've been making some simpler things. Cuz my things have been getting evermore complex and maybe evermore unwearable on a day-to-day basis for your average gal, as well as the complexity leading to ever higher prices. 
No Happiness Like Mine. Mixed Media Talisman.The Sphere Of Human Thought. Soldered Quartz Neckpiece.It was a suggestion made to me by Sparrow (had to mention her, right?) and I realized that she had a point. I don't know why I felt that every detail had to be so elaborate. These simple pieces are very satisfying. And pricing things under $70 has been such a pleasure.
The Sphere Of Human Thought. Soldered Quartz Neckpiece.
The Sphere Of Human Thought.
(I should mention that this dark piece above, the tag-looking thing was blank. I wanted to make sure the cord would stay put so I riveted a cut piece of tin to the back. While I was at it, I flattened an oval crown-setting bezel to put under the front part of the rivet. Sparrow asked me if I'd made that eye, and that's when I noticed it looks like an eye!)
Protoplanetary. Antique Clay Pipe with Rifle Cartridge Stem.
Here's a pipe to which I attached a rifle bullet cartridge as a stem.  I do so like it.Protoplanetary. Antique Clay Pipe with Rifle Cartridge Stem.In fact I made a 5th one. Mostly completed during a very intense 2-day period... though parts were already made from other times.
I even forgot to photograph the 5th one. 
Lemme put it on the ol' scanner...
(And yes, these are all Uruguayan coins. I made 2 holes in each, then put pinch bails in the holes, jump ringing the bails together. That was the whole of my inspiration. Though, to be fair to my inspiration, I haven't seen pinch bails in coins before, especially not in a chain-like length.  Needless to say, I heavily oxidized all the coins and bails, then smeared them and the fabric with wax. Like I do to everything within my reach.)


stregata said...

Magical, just magical! Love the last piece - those are coins, I think?

Spirited Earth said...

Hey...what's goin' on..there's color in that first necklace..
just kidding..i love all your work.
these simpler pieces are especially beautiful..

Little Brown Sparrow said...


That scanner fodder...I think I need it. Seriously. We'll talk- etsy won't let me log in!

stregata said...

I haven't seen pinch bails in coins either. I still think it is magical.
BTW - whatcha jealous about?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for good news!