So much stuuuuuff.

OK, thank you guys so much for all the supportive comments. This is why I love the online crafty community, so much awesomesauce.

 Second, let me apologize for three pix of the same thing, but I honestly felt each one gave a different piece of necessary info. Assuming anything related to necklaces can be considered necessary.
(The top half of this prayer vessel is treated with fine emblozzling powder. You can almost see it!)

 Here three slightly graduated memory wires have been wrapped in banana fiber and just coated in a zillion tiny stitches. And I used white rub-n-buff on the metals. Wait, lemme show you the other end. Which brings me to Sharon Driscoll's request, "How about listing a few ways us more anal retentive people can "grime" up our work. I need some guck and cant get it." OK, unless anal means actually rubbing it in your... I mean, you gotta get grimy... Like here I rubbed the fibers with paste wax mixed with dirt (straight from outside, not sifted or nuthin'.) Then that wasn't enough so I also rubbed a very grimy paintbrush I'd been using to oxidize a million things. It was still wet and covered in rust particles. Since I oxidize so very much, the stuff gets everywhere and I really like the effect on fabrics and leather.
Here's a crazy bright piece. I still have a mini boner for crazy bright things. There are TWO pieces of body piercing jewelry in this baby. And these electric chartreuse gems from the gemshow- no idea what they are.
Yeah, another prayer vessel with the bottom half in variegated coppery leaf! I swear, if I had a nickel for every time I've seen one of those...
But this one has these dots on top. I haven't taken the close ups yet, but it's pretty cool. What the hell kinda paint is it you ask? It's Japanese gel for that miniature food, meant to look like raspberry drizzle stuff.
Here's this. A geode with pigment powder.
Here's from my faux mercury glass series.
Oh and some more with the teardrop findings that turned out to be ten times more trouble than they were worth.
Don't know if you can tell, but I'm always looking for shortcuts because I'm so impatient. 
The colorful polymers here under the leafed star findings, as well as the bottom dangles on the red ones above and the dangle bead in the crazy bright necklace way above, those are all from the awesome and totally unique Grubbi. I won them in a giveaway! And I couldn't stop myself from writing "I never win these things." Just like all y'all do when I tell you you've won a giveaway. Circle of life.
These were a tiny star flower cookie cutter for fondant that I sliced into 2 and opened up, oxidized, leafed, etc. Coin and medal from Uruguay.
Oh! I fixed these. Reshaped the findings, re-oxidized and lengthened the link to the whistles so the beads no longer obscure them.
These just needed more oxidizing. And I just needed to slow down and breathe.
Check out these babies. Started with two tiny fondant cookie cutters, then continued it with some brass strips from the hardware store.
What am I forgetting? Oh! this guy:

Huge ass cuff. And I showed it to you before but now the leafing makes it all better.  Didn't expect this new leaf to be so coppery but it's quite gorgeously bright.
So wait what else  is going on? Oh yeah! It's New Years Eve. I should proly be doing something else with myself.... 
Happy New Years you awesome bitches.



I forgot to share these earrings. These were with my batch of yucky pictures, but they're not looking all that yucky to me now.
 But that's not the point of this post. The point is this sorta new-found peace I gots with my makings.

Lemme tell you. Two days ago for no apparent reason I did something I haven't ever done. I started looking through my blog. I kept clicking further and further back through my posts and it was like a revelation.
The The Garden of All Hope. Cosmic Rustic White Found Object Necklacer with Gold Leaf, Buffalo Tooth.
Random thing found clicking through blog.
And what was revealed? That I've made a shit ton of stuff! Like masses of things. Moreover, despite my worries, I've actually sold the vast majority of it. I always focus on what doesn't sell because, well, it's there in my shop staring at me every day, but in fact, that is not the norm.
The Strange Pull. Rustic Victorian Cosmic Iridescent Earrings with Roman Glass, Micromosaic and Gemstones.
Random sold thing.
And realizing this filled me with such amazement. I've been fretting so much about these bits I buy and why isn't everything sold... but good lord. If I go to my listings and look at the 'sold out' section, I can see my sales minus the tutes and it says 1532. Which my mind can't even play Boggle with.
Sold way fast.
 Although that counts listings that were paid in installments or times when the tutes did momentarily sell out.  But still! And as I look through and remember each element... I realize that I do use the supplies I buy, duh. I use tons of supplies and my oversupply panic is nuts.
True Alchemy.
All this with the interference film I think I sold to the same person.
And I don't know if I'm still trying to prove to my family that I can do this or what... Cuz it's pretty obvious I was born for this and it's not like I'm sitting around watching cartoons. I mean, I am, but only as background.... And even if I did starve doing this- which I'm not- this would SO be worth starving for!
Oh, hey, I remember you!
So as much as I hate New Years resolutions- because if you want to do something, do it, and if you can't force yourself (ie, me and exercise) making a resolution isn't gonna help- I will nevertheless resolve to stress less and enjoy more in 2013.
This one was a surprising fan fave.
A re-work of a bracelet from forever ago.
Specifically, stress less about shit not selling and about buying supplies. And I even know how- just click back through my blog. In fact, I've felt more peaceful about my biznass in the past two days than ever before. So I just wanted to share because my world was so rocked.
As a Sta IIr. Cosmic Tribal Talisman Earrings with Rainbow Titanium Iridescent Stones and Faux Raku..
Should make more of these...

Also niece and neph came for christmas and my gift of a huge bag of craft supplies was quite the hit. When my sister asked Marcela what she was holding-it was a baggie of googlie eyes- she said "This is eyeballs for my humans."


Juliette, since I have no clue how to contact you, I just listed the earrings on reserve in hopes that you'd find them. Well, you haven't. So now this redonk mini blogpost.
Here, guys, look at some cuddling aminals:
And why not enjoy a slow loris getting tickled:



So shipwreck gave me the brilliant idea of using the old papers I used to photograph on to combat the antiseptic photolights. It may have worked!
Here's some resin tarots with ruby jade faceted rondelles.
Here's some resin tarots with gold leaf kutchi studs.
Here's just some resins. Note the fancy ear wires. 
 If you look close you can see I embedded these golden particles that's actually fine embossing powder in gold.
 Blingy tribal. I'm doing a happy dance about these functional pictures.
 Look at these fancies! With tin, pyrite and leaf. Again, continuing the fancy ear finding theme.
Tourmaline, old shanks, fancy lampwork and fancy ear wires.Here's a Cosmic Victorian Tribal piece with more body piercing jewelry. 
Some of these papers got dirty when I put all my freshly made stuff on them and rust and crap would come off, and I was sick of spending time cleaning the background in photoshop. So a lot of the grimy bits I just left. Though I did still clean them up a bit. Still, way worth it. Oh and I found this piece that the listing just disappeared on me somehow:
Now I wonder if I took the listing down intending to fix the broken bit on that geode... But it's not like I have the piece I can glue back on or nuthin.

Oh I also made a ring! That's a labret- a lip pierce stud. Now we do the pleased-with-ourselves dance. I had to find elements of just the right height though, is the flaw with this set-up. Maybe I can try hammering the next labret stud to make it taller. 

And now you get a buncha pix of the same thing because because because I wanna make sure you can see the faux mercury glass effect I got going.  
Can ya see can ya see?

This is mounted on folded finding but I have a series of these coming up all folded tin.

Yeah, folded tin like my tute! And as I made them I was like, "This IS a good idea. What a clever tute I'm selling." Cuz I'd sorta forgotten about it. Good thing it wasn't otherwise. 
Check out the cute tiny clasp:
What else? I added copery gold leaf to scorpionweiner cuff:
Anyways, that's all. Thanks for putting up with the self-indulgent multiple images.