Finally got some sun today! Woooo-hooo!
 Looket this over-the-top piece of girl candy.
 And yeah, that's a little santa. Cellulose, from Uruguay. So yeah, that means I gotta try and sell it very soon/fast.
But come on! The santa had to go there.
I went to the gemshow last Friday, where I was overwhelmed with the urge to eat some pretties every time robert tried to point the camera at me.

 Here it says Amethyst (Uruguay). Now I've mentioned my goofy country twice in as many sentences.
Here I am drooling. These pix plus the heat-gun crunch inspired me to shave my head 2 nights ago.
Now I look like this:
So mom took some camera shots of me to show my niece Marcela cuz being the girly girl she is, she is going to hate it.
Here's another over-the-top baby:
And some shmearings.
 I've been really digging making ear posts lately.
 And embellishing kuchi bits.
 And some gold leafing.
 These titanium points and ruby jade are from the gemshow. 
 Some more leafing. Fishing spoons heave ear posts resined on them.
 Some more rainbow titanium body pierce barbells. Top circles have ear posts.
And here.
And a necklace.
I finally was able to finish up pix of the stuff I showed last time so now I just have to measure everything, figure out what needs describing, write it up, come up with some clever quotes from god knows where... upload photos, come up with titles, tag every flippedyfloppin' thing... 
Now I'm definitely just whining. 


Anonymous said...

Wooo! coolness. I love the purple blue/green necklace. And kuchi posts with bells & buddhas.
What are fishing spoons?- are they the parts that look like popsicle stix?
Can't wait to see your shaved Do! ;)

Sure Bets said...

I am in awe everytime I look at your work. I am so glad your mind works the way it does!!!

Juliette Williams said...

Ai yi yi....LOVE the second 'over the top' cosmic necklace. I want, please!!!

So show us your shaved head! You didn't do it really, did you?

xo Juliette

Jiorji said...

...so i went to art school for many years and thusly was exposed to many hours of art history talks *yawn* while some scholars analyzed and made some story about some artist's body of work throughout their life and it seemed that if they went through happy times, they'd use brighter and happier colours in their work. i disagree but is the pink in your necklace because you got SUN?? heheh

well either way...i like the blast of colour and gold leaf i've been seeing lately in your work :)

Kimberly said...

Now we know your secret. You eat gemstones for snacks. Cute haircut!
It's amazing the way your pieces glow and it looks like some photo trick but I know it's not.
I'm always a little thrilled to see how you used my little bits in your pieces. I knew I didn't beed to send matching pairs and that the orphans would find a happy home.

Spirited Earth said...

whoa..what's goin' on over here..there's soo much color being flung around i'm almost blinded..lol..
your work is fabulous.i especially love the earrings with the gold leaf touches.

Coffeefreek53 said...

Holy mackeral, look at those colors. You rock with making up those girlie stuffs.

patty said...

wait a minute here, you got your husband to go to a bead show with you. I was unable to focus after that.

betweenreader said...

Wantee needee girlee stuffs, post menopausal, living in a place that gets only a few hours of daylight, and that wet and gray. Vit. D won't do it, but these lovelies will!

Flotsam Tide said...

Gah these lovelies are like beautiful exotic birds... very welcome during this period of winter grey. That photo of you trying to eat beads is awesome.. Nom nom for the sparkylies. "G" says: "she's crazy" (in a loving way). Uh i don't get how your pix (love your profile in the second photo) inspired the "do" but you are teasing me, and I want to see a real pic somehow. I am picturing you looking really cute like tank girl. <3

13 said...

yeah with flotsam, love tank girl. It's really murky over here, smoggy,foggy and damp. Need this colour rush, especially the blue cosmic necklace.

sandi m said...

Ha - I worked at the show on Friday for a vendor. Now I'm mad I didn't go back to shop. Love those quartz points - or you call them titanium.
You never disappoint on creativity and the way you can combine elements - little works of art.

Jennifer Valentine said...

LOVE the gilded, the color, the bold...seemingly airbrushed subtleties and all around gorgeousness.