Couple more attempts

I got so much response on a post where I put up mediocre earrings, I should do it more often (ba-dum ching!). But no really, I'm SO GLAD some of you said meh, that way 1, I knew I wasn't going crazy and 2, the praise I get is all the more meaningful.
Look, I more thoroughly oxidized these:
This was the before:
If you can even see it.
I always felt the light I was using was too yellow, but now I see these photo bulbs really do give off, as altered archeology noted, all the warmth of a surgical suite.
I also took pix of these:
Which maybe they do need more grunge and gunk...
See, I've been thinking a lot about perceived value and all... Sometimes, adding something like :
Gold coated faceted pyrite nuggets 10-12mm 1/4 strand
really gives a special spark to my things. So I was wondering if I'd sell more if I made things... while not exactly mainstream... at least a bit blingier... I dunno. Turns out I don't know how to do so while retaining any of the specialness of my pieces...
Thank you guys though so so much for all the help and support. Especially the non-regular-commenters that seemed to pop out of the woodwork for this one. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
And OMG sparrow I lurve you. Of course I'll save those for you! Guuuurl, I been peeing myself over your I did it for the LOLs pinboard (Billboard Baggins!!!). As well as all your other gorgeous selections.


Anonymous said...

Didn't get round to saying how much I loved the yellow and red tin and lampwork earrings in the last post.
Light is a real pain, I use natural light, I've tried the tent thing and it killed my jewellery. Have you thought about bribing a proper photographer to do a look book of your best pieces. Seasonal greetings too and have a great 2013.

Anonymous said...

Personally, meditations on perceived value are odious and to be avoided: you're an artist. If you want to make things for different audiences- cool, but don't change to make sales. (I'm a musician...so these questions come up often for us.;)
On the question 'To Bling or not to Bling'- you already are! what with your cool gold foiling, and cosmic foil/glitter blobs. These things draw me to your designs: your work is unique with a balance of rustic/modern design, color, and bling. Not sure questions of bling/perceived value make sense in the rustic assemblage world.... But quality does. What influences my purchase isn't how valuable it looks; but how well it's made, and the balance btwn unique/odd, color (not so black with oxidation it dissapears in my dark hair...), and blingy bits for the stage lights. My .02- keep doing what you do. Expanding? Experimenting? Wheeeeeeee!