I happened upon my overview page on blogger and say i had a total of 3728 published comments from you crazy people! Time to celebrate them.

Spirited Earth: uncloaking to ask...What Book?
I did mention it before guys, I wasn't trying to be mysterious. Seth Apter asked me to be in his next book about mixed media artists and it's kind of a huge deal in my little life.

Vintajia AdornmentsOh-wow-oh-wow me thinks taking off all the clothes and rolling nekked in the stash could be the next step
You'll just end up dirty and covered in dog hair and little snipped-off pieces of wire. Also rust. I mean, other than that it's a fantastic idea.

Juliette Williams.... By the way, those Visconti earrings? LOVE. That was my first tarot deck (yeah, I"m that old). ...
You're over 600 years old? Shit.

SparrowOhyeahhere'ssomejunkimade. All crushed at the bottom like that half a candy bar in the bottom of a school bag.
That was because it was stuff I'd already showed. Just wanted to update that it was listed. Other bloggers don't seem to do these play-by-play postings like I do. Oh now I posted! Oh now I scratched my butt! Why do I do everything weird?

Flotsam Tide: ... they resemble a miniature metal art installation.
This is one of those comments that stays with you and echoes in your head at random moments. And makes you all happy.

CarrieI declare Weeping to be the most beautiful pair of earrings ever made. That is all.
OMG I love you.

La Fileuse ... there's an inner force in every innocent object you use. ^^
Not sure what that means- am I stealing their innocence? - but another one of those that pops into your head randomly to make smiles.

SparrowYeah. I'm just gunna go ahead and give up making jewelry, since nothing I can do will get this good.
My mom thought this comment was hilarious.

Star of the East: Your cuffs don't look at all like that other one. The problem with the ephemera is more that they are a story in themselves. Like, 'Christ, why is Jesus in stereo?' or 'oh, a weenis, long time no see'....
I'm going along reading this comment hoping to hear someone say how they love that mine are totally messy, next thing I know I'm rofl-ing.

SparrowD'you know when I was in hospital I actually DID cough up a lung.
Dear Lord. 

Cate: just like stepping inside a good story, your blog is!
Just like a warm hug from an old friend, your comments are!

13: Lol weenis!!! Makes me want to run around my daughter's playground yelling weenis at the top of my voice.  
I think we need to keep 13 away from children, y'all.

gretchen: with all the weirdly wonderful and completely inventive art-jewelry you create, has there been any you just could not part with? at least for a while? thanks for sharing ~
Heeeeeell Naw! Nope. Once in a while I'd be like "I should've charged more..." I think it's just that I don't wear jewelry on the one hand and I make so much of it on the other. Like a story I'm telling that has nothing to do with me physically. There's this whole duality between me who I am in person, goofy Marina, and me who I am in my superhero identity, non-goofy fancifuldevices... and never the twain shall meet. Except they sorta do, in this blog. By the way, I get into that in the written part of this book about mixed media art by Seth Apter I've been invited to take part it.

Jackie: Okay, I'll be your slave and sleep in your closet, I'll be bringing my hubby and 3 cats. :) ...
When can you get here?

There are ever so many more, but I gotta run. Doing some more aunt-ing for the next two days.

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gretchen said...

thanks for answering my question and all the others... way cool about the book! it is a very big deal and i bet he's just as excited he found your talented self to share in the next book, too.