Final nexts

Oh boy finally.

Winding Path.
Here's a sweet double wrap in feminine whites with all kinds of connectors.

Thing is by now I don't feel much like talking about these, I feel like complaining about myself again.

All of last week I've been wandering around like a zombie unable to get descent sleep and I haven't gone to the gym the whole time.

Mountain Sky
Ugh I can't even listen to myself. Anyways, look at this lariat.
I quite like the coin rimmed in solder, it really adds a nice frame.
That gorgeous lariat cab, along with two others, was given to me by RomAntiqueSoul... except that now she has a new shop but I can't remember the name to pimp it, I'm useless! Whaaaa.....

Oh guys thanks so much for snapping up all those destash lots! Actually right now there's still three two one none left-
Black Lot 1---------- $38              SOLD

Black Lot 2---------- $55       SOLD
White Lot 2-------------$59         SOLD

And people have been getting tons of extra stuff in those priority boxes... in fact I may not have anything left to stuff them with... Well, I'll find something.
But after these are gone there's no more.
funny animals funny animalsanimals funny dog funny animals funny things
Now I need to cheer my groggy self up with some cuteness.
animals funny animals funny things


3 more lots.

Yay for getting rid of stuff and regaining my sanity! It's like showering after crawling through a jungle for days or something.
Just so y'all know, Black Lot 1 from last post is still available. Here's three more, click for bigs.

BLACK LOT 2---------- $55    SOLD

On the left you see a ceramic raku chest piece made by wonderousstrange.
It's on a section of thick leather that would work for a cuff. There's some woven leather behind that but I recommend cutting the closer end off and making another end for it, that one's a glue-y mess. At the back is an oxidized cuff blank.

At the bottom you see those tilted findings with hammered brass? I was making earrings and then... Maybe if I cut the wire emerging from the higher side of the finding... There's also star and moon ear studs with loops at the bottom back to connect the rest of the earring to.

Pretty book chain. Lightly dapped scrap tin necklace base, amber nugget, cast bronze drawer hardware from Uruguay. To the right of it is a strange triangular big rhinestone. To the right of that is an odd Uruguayan bit of something. Open at one end, hollow and pierced through the middle. Upper right is an archeological find.

Scrap silk and this crazy eye piece with a 3D eye hologram inside which you can't see at all but is creepy realistic. Below on the right is a cool paisley piece with lots of holes. On the other side, vintage African Bone bead and double link silver colored chain. Also black bicycle chain.

Microscope slides with frosted end. Teeny nailheads. Two star cookie cutters with holes at all the angles, this one already wired to connect. An octagonal coin from Chile.

WHITE LOT 1 --------$54        SOLD

This one is packed with earring bead pairs which I've put on memory wire just to keep the pairs together. Also a big flourish stamp idk.

Tons of pearls. Including two pairs of spun cotton pearls, which are actually quite valuable. I think the bone tabs look better on the plain side. Bone screw clasp.

Antique enamel plaque from Uruguay, a bunch of laundry pins. Brooch with missing stones.

Moose tooth? Buffalo tooth? Huge faceted rose quartz, clay pipe piece from the Thames probably, 2 iridescent shells... banana fiber yarn. Mala 'mother' bead.  A big nut, that 'vegetable ivory' for carving.
A Strand of coco wood heishi and findings. Vintage celluloid floral wreath with rhinestones. In there is another faux pearl, nut and lucite. The long thing is a clay pipe stem. Vintage millinerym huge cast bronze chain section, oversized rhinestone... what do they call those? Ravioli?
Watch frame that could hold a big cab for a bracelet. Ceramic flower cab. Broken beach stone you might be able to do something with, two long mystery sticks with not the same number of holes on either side (?!?!?!) A mini plastic figure, Uruguay coin, mountain lion claw, huge mop button.

WHITE LOT 2-----$59

I feel like I described the first white lot enough so that I don't have to describe this one.

Antique pig comb.

Tube beads by Golem Studios.

Any time I try to write "destash lot" it autocorrects to "death lots". Which sounds much more dangerous.

Two thin bone pieces from a decorative antique folding fan. Little coke bottle.

Etcetera. Which means "and the leftovers" in Latin.
Niece and nephew coming in and I have them to myself tomorrow. Were going to do this:
3 Ways to Play:  Apple Crumble Dough, Apple Gak, and Apple Oobleck! from Fun at Home with Kids3 Ways to Play:  Apple Crumble Dough, Apple Gak, and Apple Oobleck! from Fun at Home with Kids
Because I'm the aunt with the activities. Last time I visited we made bottled nebulas.


Next x 4 ... and a little something more

Yo homies. Time for another mini update.
Pentimento - visible traces of earlier paintings under layers of more recent paintings on canvas. Traces of time

Sheesh I'm sorry to hear about all y'all's health problems. I hope my little creations distract you from the ugliness of life or something.

If not what are you doing here. Speaking of the ugliness of life, my studio is a disaster area. As it turns out the just-hit-by-a-hurricane aesthetic is not conducive to creativity (despite what the Wizard of Oz would have you believe)

So this week has been all about throwing things out and making destash lots.

You heard me- destash lots. AKA, your favorite things ever. It's been years since I've done this and boy was it overdue. I made eight lots but already gave one away. These are organized by color and I only have four sets of photos complete.

Note: These will have to go out in small priority boxes ($7) so any space left will be packed with more stuff of equal value/quality.

COPPER LOT #1  ------- $48 plus shipping      SOLD

That lovely beaded purse is a bit frayed. If any of you do resin, I think that resin would be a great way to keep it from unraveling.

Beads, charms, findings. I'll probably stuff a bunch more in there.

The rhinestone chain already has connectors at the ends. That's a miniature copper platter under that raku skull. Always meant to resin an assortment of stones in there but I never did. There's also an adjustable bangle, coco wood heishi, hand-dyed silk, coins, leather cord, a variety of chain...

Stamped brass banding. Can we all stop to admire my nails which I stopped biting for the first time since I was a wee child just because I thought I might do another tute and photoshopping my nails to not make you puke is the ass-pain-in-est part of making tutes!

And here's stuff opened. That dance card holder has a little place for a pencil. You can cut a little pad out of vintage papers and slot it in there.

COPPER LOT #2 ----------------- $55 plus shipping      SOLD

This one even has a little mini frame with a lovely pre-Raphaelite painting in there.

That owl is an original by bronze artist Anna Chernykh, it's double-sided. The finding along the bottom I had one that I cut and filled with solder to make a couple toggles with. Rhinestone chain, ceramic connector, beach pottery, medallion, buttons, coins, antique pen nib.

Pale gold leafing pen, copper Middle Eastern prayer vessel, mini ladel, weird heavy brass findings up top. Tiny tin container, Virgin Mary locket, wood beads, lucite beads... slab of orange stone...
Also thick brass cuff base. Hand-dyed silk and leather cord, raku skull, coco wood heishi. Screw-bezel, stamped brass banding....oh look at that ornate filigree cockroach. And the lid with the clear top.
Heavy dapped copper suns... An ancient ammonite fossil.
Here's the three container-type things opened up.
SILVER LOT--------------------$66            SOLD

That huge medallion was once a sort of pocket watch cover. I think you can connect it via the hinge.

Warning- that huge pearl has a large hole drilled through but in it is glued a leather cord. If you have a drill, that should be easy to remove. Hinged sterling locket.

There's a sweet little salt shaker but I unscrewed the cap to show how well it fits as a finding for this huge crystal. Also cast metal baby spoon from Uruguay, shells with iridescence,

That stone is drilled, it's not a cab. You get a tube of silver Rub-n-Buff.

Strips of salvaged tin, polymer clay earring connectors, kuchi dangles, smokey quartz crystal points... gun charm!...

Two adjustable bangles, champaign stamp pad, silk, and an experiment of mine in copper and solder. It might be salvageable maybe if you have a tumbler. Or it's just an odd artifact. There's a fake Indian head coin shank and two authentic Indian head coin dapped buttons. Also a ton of filigree bead caps.

Eternity Transcending. Rustic Buddhist assemblage necklace with sacred relic. Now this strange thing was the top of the Buddhist reliquary that broke off. I made it into this piece on the right.
This hinge things are to hold a piece of glass.

BLACK LOT #1---------- $38 plus shipping.     SOLD
This lot includes a thick strip of leather the perfect size for a cuff.

The cross on the right is a button. The rhinestone chain can be connected poking hole sin the brass bit. Black coco wood heishi.

Bottom right by the kuchi connectors there's some black rosary chain and in that is a weird long thing- it's actually polymer clay back from my over-cooking fiasco. It might make a neat pendant. Also a finger rosary (that circle with the little bubbles all around the edge).
Inside the shears finger circles are glass pony beads and teeeeny nail heads. If you sew you can do something with that. Mop button, horn pipe beads, antique african bone beads, die cast finding, dapped shank buttons from authentic Indian head nickels. Trade beads, findings...
And this wacky antique Russian stamp with violet ink stains and a bottom which I've painted with this green/gold color, as seen in first image. Aaand I added some handles there. So you can make a strange necklace.

Phew! So that's it for now.
If you want any of these, you must leave a comment here saying which lot you want and your email address. I don't wanna be inundated with etsy convos so sorry ladies, but that's the only way.