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The Warmth of Embers.
The next two listings I'm putting up are all about warmy-warmz. I've tried calling this color amber, topaz and just plain brown- even yellow!- but I can't shake the feeling there's a better word for it I'm forgetting.
Lately blogger isn't letting me see my cursor and it's really hard to do anything without it... But anyways, look at that pretty-ass coin. It's from Brazil, 1927. The only time I polish to bring out the details instead of leaving something dark and oxidized is with coins. The intricacy of the designs is just delicious.
 The biwa and rhinestone drops below, I tinted with alcohol ink to get them that golden color. (That's another word I've tried in tags and titles- golden.) Always seal your alcohol ink work! Also your alcohol probably.
Cwtch (Welsh): "to hug, a safe welcoming place."
I used the same two colors of ink on the mop button and rhinestones here. I think the colors were called ginger and mushroom?
Image result for mopI always feel like mop should be MOP, but then it seems like I'm yelling cuz I think mother of pearl is so important. But if you just write mop, I always think=====>>
Sparrow wrote a funny comment:
"Oh also maybe I have a brain tumor as well because the other day I was watching wheel of fortune and the puzzle revealed and I read "rousing applesauce" and I went on a huge rant about how wtf does that even mean and basically it wasn't until I googled it 5 min later and goog said "did you mean applause?" Yes I did."
And I liked it not only because "rousing applesauce" is just the kind of nonsense that will make me laugh for days, holy christ, but also cuz I know that when she says she "went on a rant", it was just her ranting to herself.  
I too have very spirited discussions with the audience in my head.cat funny cute cute cat funny cat
Here's me gesticulating wildly while I talk to the imaginary people.


richelle said...

I use "ochre" sometimes for this amber color range because it covers a lot of bases but I don't think it's a super search term. I just saw the beads below and I'm so happy they were fun to color; they look great. I'm going to try out selling a plain white strand for people to color & embellish! Thanks for showing them off.

Anvil Artifacts said...

Whatever you end up calling it, that necklace is fantastic. And another great bracelet with (and this is no small feat) good bracelet pictures! Kudos.

Penelope said...

I beg your pardon, I will have you know I do NOT rant to myself. It is aimed squarely at the television because they can hear me. Also that invisible audience you mentioned.

Citrine? Goldenrod? Butterscotch? Honeycomb? Pumpkin? Butterbeer? ok now I'm hungry.

Cindy L said...

I'm LOVING your new approach to blog updates. These shorter entries actually seem to encourage a closer look at things, which is so enjoyable.

Thank you for giving your faithful followers incredible inspiration and sharing in such a beautiful (and fun!) presentation. Making your "makies" is one thing--but I can only imagine the time and effort involved in getting them photographed and writing down your thoughts about each one. It's always exciting to click and see what's been going on in your workroom. It would be incredible to just hang out there and watch your process, enjoying all the stream-of-conscious dialogue you probably carry on with yourself. ;)

You probably have no idea how much joy your blog brings.