Next two

Here are the next two things I just listed today.RESERVED for anita.
Regal Cobwebs.
But these are already reserved. Sorry. (Not sorry.)
Shinrin-yoku. Delicate rustic lariat necklace, handmade artisan jewelry.

And here's something super delicate with more work by Anna Chernykh.

Have you seen that etsy's changing their look? There's going to be a "shop icon" but no banner? I've had the same banner since I started and there might be some separation anxiety for me. At least I'll still have it here on me blag.
So I took three of my favorite images off my spirit board on pinterest and came up with: 
All very meaningful to me personally but I don't know if it reads visually so I might change it. I feel like I have my own symbolic alphabet but no one else necessarily even knows there's a language being spoken there.

I've been thinking about how lovely all my correspondences have been with all the wonderful people I've met through fanicifuldevices, and how similar we all are. Awkward nutty borderline shut-ins with messed up sleep cycles and more sincerity than we know what to do with. More creative and more sensitive than most, totally open, self-doubting, short on moola... part of me feels like, without pictures and voices/gestures/physical quirks to go by, you all blend in to one wonderful best friend... I l know many of you are shy to write or comment, and it's ok. Just know I'm rooting for you wherever you are.
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(Left- me meeting y'all in person.)


fancylinda said...

Hi, I am really attached to my shop banner, and discovered that if you go into edit your new shop, you can opt to keep it. It just won't show up on phones. I think that's already how it is now anyway. I like the new square picture you did though. It suits you!

Norma Conway said...

Yeah, I like the new graphic also Marina. It says a lot of things to me and in particular the ourboros is a strong not only symbol, but frame so to speak for the visual. I won't go into what else I see there, but it is a layered logo. I like it a lot. The figures at the bottom are a tinch small but recognizable. I haven't been to your etsy shop or blog for far too long. Been missing out. HA! Hope you are well, N, x

beadspy said...

Been shyly lurking for a long time but gotta send you back some love for all the artistic and spiritual inspiration you share - Thank You!

TheEuropeanMarina said...

Ok, I have to get this out of my chest! PLEASE write a book! I would be the first to run for it! haha So much inspiration, my heart lifts every time, thank you so much! Kisses from sunny Greece!