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I'm kinda digging this way of posting just a couple pieces at a time. Whadday'all think?

All the Lights.
And maybe it means I can blog a ton of pictures of each without feeling like I'm spamming you.

Cuz I'm friggin' head-over-heels about these beads I made with shipwreckdandy and I'm not ashamed to shout it from the rooftops! 
In all honesty I don't even know how to get on my rooftop.
But I spent such a long, fun time coloring in those babies, I internally squee whenever I look at them. The whole necklace is very unusual for me- what with the rubber cord and the color and the lack of old stuff.

Now, Sparrow will chide me for this mannequin pic, saying it should be head-on to really give you an idea of how it looks worn, but I just love my action angles! It gives it such an energy... But I am weaning myself off them, slowly. This one crept up on me.

I forgot to mention when I was saying all the similarities me and my online art friends share, most of us have some terrible medical problems. The serotonin that regulates your brain balance also regulates your whole bod balance so, yeah. We're a mess.

But there used to be no internet to share your woes and realize how unoriginal you were. I used to think I was an alien among humans, so finding myself to perfectly fit a stereotype is just fine with me.

Look, this mannequin pic is almost exactly head-on. OK, there's a tiny tilt to the left...

I got this sweet comment last post that started, "Been shyly lurking for a long time..." and the person who wrote it was called beadspy, which cracked me up. Like are you shyly lurking or are you spying on my beads? *Grabs stash possessively*
I entertain myself with really dumb things for hours.

There was an online IQ test and I was like, "Hell, I'm super smart, I can totally rock this." The first question started something like, "A train leaves..." And  I smash my iPad into the wall trying to shut it down in a state of panic. Phew! That was close. I fully embrace the title of complete idiot if it means I never have to do math again. My heart is racing just remembering all that word-problem nonsense.
Earlier today all dizzy from Zumba I took forever to remember what 5+4 equals. I was literally, in my head going, "Well, 5+3 is eight, so..." I'm pretty sure my dad would take that as a sign of a brain tumor.
Team Giphy cat funny cute keyboard


Ann Schroeder said...

I ike this way of posting a couple of things at a time. That means more days with blog posts, and a day with a blog post is a good day.

big mamabird said...

I agree, plus more animal gifs.

Penelope said...

Guess what miss fanci smarty - I have no problem with that action shot so NYEH. I just don't like it when you can see a bunch of stuff or when it's so angled I think you must've been drunk.

I find it so interesting how many of us are mentally broken. My PTSD has messed me up so bad I only leave the house twice a week, and it's messed up my adrenal glands so they are in stage 2 fatigue, and because of that my thyroid has crashed and now I'm not losing weight and my face is getting all not looking like me any more. Which makes me want to go outside even less. I can't even blog right now because my brain is all 'no one cares, why do you even'.

Also how could you ever think your blog posts are spam?!?!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! *over uses punctuation*

Penelope said...

oh also maybe I have a brain tumor as well because the other day I was watching wheel of fortune and the puzzle revealed and I read 'rousing applesauce' and I went on a huge rant about how wtf does that even mean and basically it wasn't until I googled it 5 min later and goog said 'did you mean 'applause'. Yes I did.

Juliette Williams said...

I just love getting my fanci fix, so post as much as you like! Plus, that cat looks just like my Esme. She will do the same thing as well - must be an Abyssinian thing. (not sure what kind that cat is, but looks like one!)
xoxo Juliette

Juliette Williams said...

oops, forgot to add about being sick - I'm really sorry to hear we are a bunch of sickies. I was hoping I was in the minority. Not emotionally, though (but sorry to all of you who are), but physically. I relapsed (Multiple Sclerosis) the middle of February, and on top of the insane toxic amounts of prednisone, I caught a nasty case of bronchitis. Can't seem to shake it. So another weekend of couch sitting, dreaming of the studio time I want so much!! XOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Did I read, 'mousing mapleboss'? Wait a minute, got to grab my walker...hate being the cripple that I am, but what the heck...back to making that European-style watchamacallit.

Anonymous said...

Hey, misery loves company and yes, so many of us are dealing with a host of health issues! We are not alone! Yippeeeee!