To address a question that's come up over and again in the comments~ I do sleep. Boy do I sleep. I need nine hours a night. I remember hearing my students with their two factory jobs, three kids and four spouses (see, that last one's a joke) hearing them talk of their four hours sleep and it would hurt just to contemplate. Mind-blogging.
What I don't do is change my clothes after waking. Or clean/cook/take care of offspring/go outside/maintain dayjob. I'm repeating myself here, we've discussed this previously, it's even in my sidebar FAQs. I just make a lot all at once. Here's what I listed today.
Full of Poetry. Rustic Alchemy, Pale Gypsy Victorian Tribal Assemblage necklace. Eternal.  Rustic Alchemy, Pale Gypsy Victorian Tribal Assemblage necklace.Love's Vast Green Feild. Salvaged tin rustic blade hoops.
Full of Poetry.                                  Eternal.                                         Love's Vast Green Feild. 
The Call to Love. Pale white button rustic assemblage earrings.Drop of Dew. Iridescent button labradorite lampwork cosmic assemblage earrings.The Gift of Transmutation. Cosmic alchemy resin pendant with Victorian cut steel shank buttons.
The Call to Love.                               Drop of Dew.                              The Gift of Transmutation.
A Perfect Harmony. Bottle resin pendant with miniature flowers and tiny metal mary saint.
A Perfect Harmony.

Also, I don't use jewelry pliers. I use pliers from the hardware store which are tons stronger. Don't get how anyone gets anything done with those delicate little wussy things.
Also, I don't make my own beads, I buy stuff. Then maybe alter it. Also, all the ephemera 'decoupage' I've been doing lately? CHEATING! They're ... oh should I admit? They're rub-ons! But, like with the eyeshadow/pigment powder, you do need a good matte spray to keep it on. Or glue layer or whatev. Now somebody buy something other than tutes, there's too much crap in my shop!
Also, I liked this treasury so look at it.

Between stimulus and response...


In Progress

 I thought you might enjoy some photos of the millions of in-progress bits around here. Instead of PerfectPearls here I used some fancy eyeshadow from etsy, layer of resin over that. The resin sorta disappeared the silvery blue- despite my discovery that eyeshadow is much more pigment-rich-  so more of that over the rez and a layer of matte spray which I've finally realized is the perfect and only way to un-shine the resin.
Here a little photo halved for maybe earrings, resined, then utee'd. Oy what a mess, you guys don't even know.

Here we see some heavy sanding happening. But I do like this one.

Old book, cut outs, layer of resin, layer of utee. The utee was my attempt to do something faster and thicker than resin without having to build a bezel for each of them. It bubbled and was a huge mess, made the items curl and curve. And then I remembered utee isn't as hardy as resin so I have to make some kind of support anyways. But at least it can just be a backing of some sort.

I'm starting to think just a temporary aluminum foil bezel to pour the resin into might do the trick.

Hey look! With lots of shimmery powders and matte spray. I dunno if I love these but they're certainly... there.

Again with the powders and mattes. Here, a button from my massive stash, which I've managed to cut down to handle-able proportions, and a geode from Uruguay.

Is this too silly? Yeah, but maybe I can still make it good.

Love this one. Still needs some backing. But, but, just so's you know, the right hand twin Jebus was already cut down that much. I mean, that was literally the edge of the image in the book. The cover of that book was this:

RESERVED for Dawn. Pain So Deep.
'Uh-member? Yay books. Another Uru-haul.
Also this. Though this one was all resin, since it went on a tin lid. Not really, a bottom but that the sides came right off of without having to cut it. But then I matte sprayed it and a chunk of something got trapped there by her nose. There's always chunks of something getting caught in everything! Ugh.

Like here, on the foot one on top there's bubbles. Aw, who cares. I made myself crazy with the heat gun trying to pop the bubbles without the heat creating more bubbles.  While meanwhile trying to keep the utee flat on the surface without big warpages of the whole piece. And minimal finger burning.

Look at how perfect this one came out. Except suddenly, what's that black blob by mom's face up top? Always something.

This wood was a gorgeous smooth thing then when I tried to resin it to the corded ring, the resin flowed down (it was curing upside-down) and the dark blotches of resin formed over the wood. Yuck.

Dunno what these will be.

Here's a thing.

See, pre-resin, these were on a cool sort of metallic coppery paper. Now it just looks brown.

Oh and this guy. Look at all the globs of crap all over the top.

Whereas whatever this is that's barely worth having resined is perfect!

'The Third Fable'- It had a bezel but then I decided it sucked and was lopsided, pulled and yanked it off, cut off the extra resin all around then sanded the crap out of it. While still not being 100% sure that I love it all that much. I'm wondering if I should pierce and sand the inner negative space between the ruffles. I dunno. Who knows.

Here's the top of this, full of bubbles and imperfections-->                                          

Whereas the inside is flippin' perfect-->
Whatevs, lets look at some finished stuff, shall we?
I dunno, the big glass cabs make these somewhat heavy, so I used niobium wires with those fat, stabilizing back posts, so they won't swing and the weight is distributed throughout the whole lobe. But now the ear wires sorta stick out funny. And what are those red blotches on his chest? Ugh. Don't even know if I like these. Anywho, they guy's from the alchemy book. Maybe they don't even need the buttons and I just put them on because I'm allergic to simple. Yeah, I think I have to remove those...
These are all about iridescence. Hadn't made utee headpins in a while.
More headpins and dirty whites. Used some mop shanks with the pretty ephemera on top. Been using lots of that stuff lately, haven't I? Well, I have it on hand, so...
More alchemy goodies. Back:
Lookit this!

And these from a tea-tin lid I had forever before the ol' light clicked on telling me to cut out the oval then cut it in half~
An actual complete necklace:
I used one of my alchemy rez pendants, some buttons with ephemera and without, a piece of mandible from my amazing German Haul...
A question about this following one.
So the inside is cool, but the outside? Is it interesting enough as-is?
Does it need something? Proly, hu? But what?
Here's something super simple but cool. The stamp sez... Fuck. What's it say? Kindness. Nice. How awesome is it that we can search our purchases?
I'm all about cording lately. What's better than a fat leather cord? And a buncha little crusty crap hanging off it just right?
And with that I bid you adieu. 
 Hugs and kisses to all.