To address a question that's come up over and again in the comments~ I do sleep. Boy do I sleep. I need nine hours a night. I remember hearing my students with their two factory jobs, three kids and four spouses (see, that last one's a joke) hearing them talk of their four hours sleep and it would hurt just to contemplate. Mind-blogging.
What I don't do is change my clothes after waking. Or clean/cook/take care of offspring/go outside/maintain dayjob. I'm repeating myself here, we've discussed this previously, it's even in my sidebar FAQs. I just make a lot all at once. Here's what I listed today.
Full of Poetry. Rustic Alchemy, Pale Gypsy Victorian Tribal Assemblage necklace. Eternal.  Rustic Alchemy, Pale Gypsy Victorian Tribal Assemblage necklace.Love's Vast Green Feild. Salvaged tin rustic blade hoops.
Full of Poetry.                                  Eternal.                                         Love's Vast Green Feild. 
The Call to Love. Pale white button rustic assemblage earrings.Drop of Dew. Iridescent button labradorite lampwork cosmic assemblage earrings.The Gift of Transmutation. Cosmic alchemy resin pendant with Victorian cut steel shank buttons.
The Call to Love.                               Drop of Dew.                              The Gift of Transmutation.
A Perfect Harmony. Bottle resin pendant with miniature flowers and tiny metal mary saint.
A Perfect Harmony.

Also, I don't use jewelry pliers. I use pliers from the hardware store which are tons stronger. Don't get how anyone gets anything done with those delicate little wussy things.
Also, I don't make my own beads, I buy stuff. Then maybe alter it. Also, all the ephemera 'decoupage' I've been doing lately? CHEATING! They're ... oh should I admit? They're rub-ons! But, like with the eyeshadow/pigment powder, you do need a good matte spray to keep it on. Or glue layer or whatev. Now somebody buy something other than tutes, there's too much crap in my shop!
Also, I liked this treasury so look at it.

Between stimulus and response...


Flotsam Tide said...

I am looking and I love it. Such pretty pale and tinted tones in your work lately... really beautiful.

Beatnheart said...

well that makes me feel better...not.

I sleep about 6 hours of waking, peeing, waking , peeing, sweating, peeing, sweating...helicopter buzzing overhead, raccoons running back and forth over our roof, dogs barking...ahhh. bliss.

Sparrow said...

See I think that's the clincher- you have nothing else distracting your life when you're awake. I have people getting at me, with their needs and wants. Damn people.

alteredarcheology said...

Wanted to comment on your last post, this sleep thing is so silly. By seeing the amount of crap (and by crap I mean total awesomeness) that you produce, it's obvious you must collapse in a frenzied sweaty mess by nights end.
I'm learning to not sweat these so called mistakes, mishaps, etc. That happen during the building process. I LOVE imperfection, it's what makes an item HANDMADE! I made a resin pendant the other day ala Fanci style tin bezel, the whole deal. Some of the resin leaked under my image making all this staining and such, I ended up loving the piece! I plan on doing a shit job of sealing my images from now on to get that look on purpose. Again, thanks for your unending inspiration!!!

Anonymous said...

Not a sign of crap in your shop. As for buying one of your great pieces, I am hoping you will go through a phase of making shorter earrings one of these days...
And please don't give up on making more tutes! I love those and am waiting for the next.

Louise said...

You get to wear what you like do what you like when you like. Sounds like damn fun to me! We are a bit similar but I shower and change. ;) I make a hellofamess and make all sorts of stuff all the time. Your new pieces are STUNNING. :) x